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Fairview High School's Caden Bell in ...
Fairview’s Caden Bell is one of many locals who earned their way to the state tournaments after regional play this past week. (Matthew Jonas/Staff Photographer)

Over the past few days, boys tennis teams all across the state played various regional tournaments to determine who would qualify for their respective state tournaments. The top two placers in each line automatically punched their tickets to state, as the third-place finishers earned the alternate spots.

The upcoming state tournaments will be played at Denver City Park (Class 5A) and Pueblo City Park (Class 4A) beginning on Thursday. Finals will be conducted Saturday morning with individual champions being crowned. The state team tournaments are still ongoing, but no local teams remain alive.

Here’s a look at who qualified for state, by classification.

Class 5A

Despite a new format that separates individual play from team play this year — with team titles determined through team bracket play as opposed to the usual aggregation of individual points at state — Fairview showed up well as a team at their 5A Region 6 tournament.

Eight of the boys won their line outright — Caden Bell (No. 1 singles), Noah Bodner (3 singles), Jake Boston/Charlie Gomulka (2 doubles), Loic Masters/Theo Myers (3 doubles) and Cecil Carrol/Ian Schwartz — as Ben Mei Dan and Richie Boston earned their bid by placing second at 1 doubles.

Monarch put together a strong showing in its Region 8 tournament as well, led by Luke Jensen (first, 1 singles), Callum Conaghen (second, 2 singles), Clay Hafner (alternate, 3 singles), Garrett Winklebauer/Brodik Howe (first, 1 doubles), Tate Middleton/Kevin Vorlage (alternate, 2 doubles), Jackson DeAndre/Troy Gomez (first, 3 doubles) and Callaway Orr/Henry Webb (second, 4 doubles).

Legacy competed well in Region 2 as Noah Klein (second, 2 singles), Alex Anthony (second, 3 singles), David Tran/Sam Law (second, 1 doubles), David Johnson/Logan Livermore (alternate, 2 doubles), Jared Cullison/Karsen Barnes (alternate, 2 doubles) and Greg Waggoner/Navon Kulprathipanja (alternate, 4 doubles) all ensured their season wouldn’t end there.

Broomfield sifted through a tough Region 5 to secure four spots for the final competition as Kai Trujillo (second, 1 singles), Ryder Pierce (second, 2 singles), Cam McClennan/Holden Walker (alternate, 1 doubles) and Aaron Fink/Chris Ho (alternate 3 doubles) did what they needed to do.

Boulder’s squad did much of the same in Region 2, thanks to Danny Benjamin (alternate, 1 singles), Will Curl (alternate, 3 singles), Andre Parham/Chase Lewis (second, 1 doubles) and Hayden Cobb/Nick Watson (second, 4 doubles).

Erie’s Joe Green and David McCool punched their tickets by finishing second at 4 doubles in Region 1 as Centaurus’ Joey Hultgren (second, 3 singles) and Braden Walls/Cai Jaffe (alternate, 4 doubles) earned their spots in Region 5.

Class 4A

Niwot stole the show in its own Region 5 tournament, as every single line earned its spot at state: Luke Weber (first, 1 singles), LiChen Liao (first, 2 singles), Charlie Kirtland (first, 3 singles), Oskar Hansen/Sebastian Moy (first, 1 doubles), Kyle Davidson/Ryan Gray (alternate, 2 doubles), Oliver Jones/Tyler Chivukula (first, 3 doubles) and Lauritz Stranzenbach/Rex Wallington (first, 4 doubles).

At the same regional tournament, Dawson put on its own show thanks to Owen Leidich (second, 3 singles), Charlie McIlroy/Sebastian Wehner (second, 1 doubles), Trey Larsen/Bennet Opie (first, 2 doubles), Jack McCormack/Adam Fitzgerald (alternate, 3 doubles) and Leehman Wood/Kale Carlson (second, 4 doubles).

Longmont's Andrew Kujawa plays in the No. 1 doubles competition during the 4A Region 5 tournament at Niwot on Thursday. (Alissa Noe/
Longmont’s Andrew Kujawa plays in the No. 1 doubles competition during the 4A Region 5 tournament at Niwot on Thursday. (Alissa Noe/

Other local qualifiers from Region 5 include Longmont’s Wyatt Saunders (second, 2 singles), Andrew Kujawa/Andrew Brown (alternate, 1 doubles), Owen Jones/Jack Kujawa (second, 2 doubles), Miles Walcott/Lukas Selleck (second, 3 doubles), Jesse Arnt/Benjamin Champe (alternate, 4 doubles); and Frederick’s Matteo Tavagnacco (second, 1 singles), Josiah Brittenham (alternate, 2 singles) and Shawn Gippe (alternate, 3 singles).

Peak to Peak performed well at a tough Region 6 competition to secure spots for six lines, all of which placed second in their respective brackets: Ben Swartz (2 singles), Dhruv Shajikumar (3 singles), Caleb Harris/Bill Chang (1 doubles), Atticus Phillips/Copland LaBerge (2 doubles), Sam Mitchell/David Pyun (3 doubles) and Owen Kolachov/Devon Hamm (4 doubles).

Prospect Ridge even added a few names to the list through its Region 2 competition, thanks to Roee Sela (second, 1 singles) and Jackson Billings (alternate, 2 singles).