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Football: Frederick holds on to defeat Silver Creek

Raptors come storming back, but Golden Eagles prevail


LONGMONT — Frederick exited Everly-Montgomery Field feeling very lucky on Thursday night.

After holding a 29-7 second-quarter lead, Silver Creek scored 20 unanswered points and had two opportunities to either tie or take the lead. The Golden Eagles successfully defended a fourth-quarter two-point conversion attempt and with under two minutes in regulation, Raptors senior Cole Riters couldn’t knock in a lengthy 45-yard field goal.

Golden Eagles senior River Lakey then rushed for a first down to bring Frederick into victory formation, preserving a 29-27 win.

First-year head coach Matt Loyd improved to 2-2 but not without his Golden Eagles learning a few things.

“We played decently here and there, but we just didn’t play the whole game,” Lloyd said. “The defense responded to the last turnover, that was good, but offensively we got to be better. You can’t come out and not score any points in the second half. That’s not going to work.”

The turnover Lloyd was referring to came in what was a hectic final six minutes. Silver Creek senior Cole Rogers scored a 4-yard touchdown to bring the score to 29-27 and after that failed two-point conversion, the Raptors’ squib on the kickoff landed out of bounds. But Frederick gave the ball right back when Lakey coughed it up at midfield.

As Lloyd acknowledged, Frederick’s defense held strong enough to force a lengthy and ultimately unsuccessful field goal attempt.

The near comeback for Silver Creek, which dropped to 2-2, was orchestrated by senior quarterback Eli Mires and his offensive playmakers of Riters, Rogers, senior wide receiver Birch Neeld and junior wideout Bubba Fisk. Mires spread the field much better in the second half and found a few big plays on running back screens.

Frederick senior defensive tackle Will Triplett was complimentary of both Riters and Rogers.

“It was tough,” Triplett said. “They’re good players and I’m excited to see how they how they run (moving forward).”

Offensively for the Golden Eagles, the game plan was primarily to get Lakey and senior Cruz Zamudio the ball as often as possible. Zamudio set the tone early with a 6-yard rushing TD on Frederick’s first drive of the game and Lakey scored a 13-yarder in the second quarter.

Silver Creek, down 15-0 early in the second quarter, got its first taste of momentum when Riters recovered a Golden Eagles fumble that Mires turned into the first of two second-quarter rushing TDs.

After the game, Triplett addressed his team and reminded them to cherish a lead, no matter how big.

“My message for the team there was once we get up like that, there’s no excuses, and it should not have been that close,” Triplett said. “Silver Creek is a good team, but in my heart and in my mind, we practice way too hard for it to be that close. We should have shut them out.”

Next week, Frederick will look for revenge on Friday against Fort Morgan, which knocked the Golden Eagles out of last year’s state playoffs. The Raptors, meanwhile, host Greeley West on the same day.

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