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Swimming: 25 local swimmers recognized as All-Americans

18 girls, 7 boys made list

Fairview High School's Edith Simecek swims ...
Fairview High School’s Edith Simecek swims in the 100 Yard Backstroke during the 5A State Swimming and Diving Championships at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center in Thornton on Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2022. (Matthew Jonas/Staff Photographer)

The All-American list is out for high school swimming with swimmers of the year Mary Codevilla of Niwot and Kyle Raskay of Legacy leading the way for local talent.

Recognizing the fastest 100 swimmers and top 100 divers in the country, the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association’s final ballot included seven boys and 18 girls from the coverage area.

Codevilla was named in six events, including the 100-yard breaststroke where her time of 1 minute, 0.70 seconds landed her eighth in the country. The Notre Dame commit finished her high school career with seven individual state titles and three Class 4A records.

Raskay, meanwhile, made it in three events and was the only local boys swimmer on the list in an individual event. His 50-yard freestyle time of 20.60 was good for 77th.

Fairview’s girls team, which took second at the 5A state meet in the winter, had representatives in 10 of the 12 events.

The Knights’ 400 free relay (Morgan Lukinac, Julia Urbanowski, Edie Simecek, Karolina Bank) and 200 medley relay (Ella Ziegert, Bank, Simecek, Amelia Mason) had the sixth-fastest times. Their 200 free relay (Lukinac, Urbanowski, Julianne Jones, Mason) was 11th.

Legacy’s boys team had two relays in the top 20, with its 200 medley (Jack Tran, Max Kulbida, Raskay, Tegan Barrier) and 200 free (Raskay, Aidan Shepston, Sam White, Barrier) finishing 18th and 14th, respectively.

The other two swimmers inside the top 25 in times were Lukinac in 22nd in the 50 freestyle (22.74) and Legacy’s Sydney Bales 24th in the 100 backstroke (53.99).

Below is a full list of area swimmers/divers on the All-American list presented by the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association.


200 medley relay: Legacy, 18th, 1:31.02. Swimmers Jack Tran (12), Max Kulbida (12), Kyle Raskay (12), Tegan Barrier (11).

50 freestyle: Legacy’s Kyle Raskay, 77th, 20.60.

200 freestyle relay: Legacy, 14th, 1:23.02. Swimmers Kyle Raskay (12), Aidan Shepston (12), Sam White (11), Tegan Barrier (11).

400 Free relay: Legacy, 89th, 3:07.56. Swimmers Sam White (11), Thomas Nguyen (11), Jack Tran (12), Aidan Shepston (12).


200 medley relay: Fairview, sixth, 1:41.02. Swimmers Ella Ziegert (11), Karolina Bank (12), Edie Simecek (11), Amelia Mason (9). Legacy, 30th, 1:43.41. Swimmers Abbie Kehmeier (11), Sabrina Rachjaibun (11), Sydney Bales (12), Isabella Forsman (10).

200 freestyle: Fairview’s Karolina Bank, 30th, 1:47.76.

200 IM: Niwot’s Mary Codevilla, 40th, 2:01.06. Fairview’s Julianne Jones, 87th, 2:02.85. Legacy’s Sabrina Rachjaibun, 88th, 2:02.92.

50 freestyle: Fairview’s Morgan Lukinac, 22nd, 22.74. Niwot’s Mary Codevilla, 48th, 23.07. Legacy’s Indigo Armon, 85th, 23.36.

Diving (no ranks provided): Holy Family’s Mary Kate Cavanaugh.

100 butterfly: Fairview’s Edie Simecek, 33rd, 54.06, Legacy’s Sydney Bales, 69th, 54,67. Fairview’s Amelia Mason, 74th, 54.78.

100 freestyle: Niwot’s Mary Codevilla, 81st, 50.59. Fairview’s Morgan Lukinac, 90th, 50:67. Legacy’s Indigo Armon, 96th, 50.83.

500 freestyle: Legacy’s Sabrina Rachjaibun, 34th, 4:51.34. Fairview’s Amelia Mason, 94th, 4:56.04.

200 freestyle relay: Fairview, 11th, 1:33.46. Swimmers Morgan Lukinac (12), Julia Urbanowski (12), Julianne Jones (12), Amelia Mason (9). Legacy. 32nd, 1:34.70. Swimmers Abby Zadorozny (12), Abbie Kehmeier (11), Isabella Forsman (10), Indigo Armon (12). Niwot, 52nd, 1:35.46. Swimmers Jamieson Legh (11), Mary Codevilla (12), Charlotte Heuer (10), Stephanie Mow (11).

100 backstroke: Legacy’s Sydney Bales, 24th, 53.99.

100 breaststroke: Niwot’s Mary Codevilla, eight, 1:00.70. Fairview’s Karolina Bank, 69th, 1:02.91.

400 free relay: Fairview, sixth, 3:22.82. Swimmers Morgan Lukinac (12), Julia Urbanowski (11), Edie Simecek (11), Karolina Bank (12). Legacy, 26th, 3:25.46. Swimmers Sydney Bales (12), Sabrina Rachjaibun (11), Abby Zadorozny (12), Indigo Armon (12). Niwot, 72nd, 3:28.58. Swimmers Charlotte Heuer (10), Jamieson Legh (11), Stephanie Mow (11), Mary Codevilla (12).

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