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From left: Fairview High School's Lizzy ...
Daily Camera file photo
From left: Fairview High School’s Lizzy Roth and Virginia Gomulka celebrate a point in a No. 1 doubles match against Boulder High School on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. (Matthew Jonas/Staff Photographer)

Class 5A (Gates Tennis Center in Denver, May 12-14)
Lily Chitambar, Boulder (No. 1 singles)
Quinn Bernthal, Fairview (1S)
Sidney Kuhl, Monarch (1S)
Eileen Tran, Legacy (1S)
Stella Laird, Fairview (No. 2 singles)
Sandra Redak, Boulder (2S)
Elle Middleton, Fairview (No. 3 singles)
Mandarava Kawaguchi, Boulder (3S)
Penny Jensen/Mara Nguyen, Boulder (No. 1 doubles)
Megan Mari/Gracie Stapleton, Legacy (1D)
Lizzy Roth/Virginia Gomulka, Fairview (1D)
Jane Roth/Maya Brakhage, Fairview (No. 2 doubles)
Emma Nguyen/Ava Klein, Legacy (2D)
Izze Barsch/Evie Paul, Boulder (2D)
Kady Vu/Emily Smith, Legacy (No. 3 doubles)
Gretchen Metz/Amanda Miller, Broomfield (3D)
Mia Grayson/Emily Hao, Fairview (3D)
Sydney Williams/Megan Anthony, Legacy (No. 4 doubles)
Judy Appel/Finley Wheeler, Boulder (4D)
Rose Aweida/Clara Kursinski, Fairview (4D)

Class 4A (Pueblo City Park in Pueblo, May 12-14)
Lauren Pavot, Longmont (1S)
Alys Pop, Niwot (1S)
Anna Sallee, Niwot (No. 2 singles)
Katie Reitz, Silver Creek (2S)
Georgia Lang, Niwot (No. 3 singles)
Liana Kelly, Silver Creek (3S)
Allison Brause/Stella Rulon, Longmont (No. 1 doubles)
Samantha Zacky/Anne Haley, Niwot (1D)
Cassie Chen/Tracy Yu, Niwot (No. 2 doubles)
Savannah Vennard/Josephine Orona, Erie (2D)
Harper Behmer/Julia Price, Niwot (No. 3 doubles)
Francie Mueller/Danika Bahehsky, Erie (3D)
Logan Shafter/Kendall Wachoniak, Erie (4D)
Kaila Patterson/Emma Schaub, Longmont (4D)

Class 3A (Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, May 12-14)
Annabelle Kenny, Holy Family (No 1 singles)
Omi McGee, Prospect Ridge (1S)
Lena Crotty, Peak to Peak (1S)
Lila Travis, Dawson (1S)
Mia Jones, Dawson (No. 2 singles)
Laura Baker, Holy Family (2S)
Quin Burns, Peak to Peak (2S)
Sydney Lewis, Peak to Peak (No. 3 singles)
Audrey Brower, Holy Family (3S)
Hope Smith/Kegan Reeves, Prospect Ridge (No. 1 doubles)
Kate Aldworth/Kathleen Donohue, Dawson (1D)
Kendyl Fanger/Ranye Ezenekwe, Peak to Peak (1D)
Clara Meisner/Sarah Stonehocker, Holy Family (1D)
Avery Alderman/Raelynn Pickup, Holy Family (No. 2 doubles)
Maya Natarajan/Peyton Larsen, Peak to Peak (2D)
Josie Adams/Kate Miller, Peak to Peak (No. 3 doubles)
Ava Silverstein/Katelyn Morris, Holy Family (3D)
Ava Berger/Mia Stein, Dawson (3D)
Malaika Burkholder/JoJo Jenkins, Dawson (No. 4 doubles)
Rory West/Krystyna Ostaszewski, Peak to Peak (4D)
Maddy Abramson/Lauren Sherrets, Prospect Ridge (4D)
Kylie Horning/Alesandra Wise, Holy Family (4D)

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