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Boulder football hires Casey Geiger as new head coach

Geiger: ‘There’s no reason that we can’t be successful here’

BOULDER, CO, March 2, 2022: Casey Geiger, the new football coach at Boulder High School.
 (Cliff Grassmick/Staff Photographer)
BOULDER, CO, March 2, 2022: Casey Geiger, the new football coach at Boulder High School. (Cliff Grassmick/Staff Photographer)

When Boulder High School first introduced Casey Geiger to its players last week, the buzz for what the football program could bring under his leadership immediately bubbled over. The boys, still in their everyday clothes, wasted no time enacting his head coaching vision for the Panthers.

“They were excited,” athletic director Ryan Bishop said. “The thing I loved about him is he challenged them day one. He challenged them to step up and told them that his level of expectation is going to remain high. We were excited for that. After the meeting was over, they went straight over to the weight room and kids were up there. They weren’t expecting to lift, and the kids were up there in their jeans lifting. The energy was good.”

Geiger brings quite the experienced background to a squad that’s seen a lot of turnover over the past two years after Bishop stepped down as head coach to claim the athletic director position and assistant Craig Van Patten took over for a year as the interim head coach. Although this will be Geiger’s first time fully in charge of a program, he’s specialized in both defense and offense as a member of the staffs at Green Mountain, Wheat Ridge and Riverdale Ridge coaching linebackers, the secondary, running backs, receivers and quarterbacks as well as serving as an offensive coordinator.

He’s a jack of all trades.

“All the experience leads to where you are right now,” Geiger said. “I’ve been wanting to be a head coach for a while and just kind of waiting for the right opportunity. I’ll use all the experience on both sides of the ball but also communicate with the kids and the coaches and allow the coaches to coach what they need to and be there when they need help. I think the whole package kind of comes together with the head coach job and using that experience is going to be key to success.”

As it turned out, the Boulder High job was exactly what he was looking for, and it couldn’t have come at a better time for him.

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic began, Geiger moved his wife and four kids into the Boulder Valley School District from Arvada. As a social studies teacher of 11 years, working at Green Mountain High School, he valued the level of education and opportunities that the district provided to the students and wanted that for his own kids.

Now, he’s hoping to apply for a staff position within Boulder High, if one should open up, so that he can begin the culture construction of his budding program from within the building.

As Geiger works to hire his staff over the next few months, he’ll begin creating relationships with the community he strived to be a part of before accepting the head coaching position. Over the summer, he wants to focus on an off-season lifting program, strength and conditioning, speed and agility, as well as getting his boys involved in 7-on-7 programs.

He’s excited to hit the ground running, and he believes that “there’s no reason that we can’t be successful here in Boulder.”

“There are a lot of things that we obviously want to accomplish and we can talk about wins and that kind of stuff, but first and foremost, there has to be some consistency,” Geiger said. “Boulder’s had some changes regularly for the last several years and I think we need to get consistency in the staff and consistency with the vision of the program as far as the culture. It needs to be more based around culture and what we expect the standards are, set the bar where we need it to be as far as in the classroom, on the campus, in the community.”

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