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Dawson junior Tyler Burridge positons himself ...
Daily Camera file photo
Dawson’s Tyler Burridge during the Class 4A state tournament in Pueblo.


LiChen Liao, So., Niwot: Of the many players from the area that qualified for the state tournaments, only Liao managed to walk away with a state title at No. 2 singles. He never dropped a set during the Class 4A state tournament and finished his season with a 7-3 record.

Conner Smith, Sr., Monarch: Smith played his way to the semifinals of the Class 5A state tournament at No. 1 singles before being sent to the playbacks. He won his first playback before ultimately falling to Fossil Ridge’s John Shelby. Smith finished the season with a dominant 12-6 record.

Alan Wilcox, Sr., Niwot: Wilcox entered the 4A state tournament with a 7-2 record at No. 3 singles and rode it all the way to the state title match, where he finished runner-up to Cheyenne Mountain’s Steven Zhou after three sets. He defeated each of his other three state opponents in two sets.

Luke Weber, Jr., Niwot: Weber took quite the journey through the No. 1 singles bracket in 4A as he played his way to the semifinals, fell to D’Evelyn’s Aswaanth Karuppasamy, and won two playback matches before losing out in the third-place match by a tight 7-5, 6-4 score.

Tyler Burridge, Jr., Dawson: Burridge won his 4A Region 4 tournament outright in the 2 singles position and carried that momentum all the way to the semifinals of the 4A state tournament. He finished his state slate 3-2 after falling to Carter Smith of D’Evelyn in the third-place match.

Isaac Christensen, Sr., Fairview: Christensen won his 5A Region 4 tournament at 3 singles, and that set him up nicely for the 5A state tournament. He won his first state match against Fort Collins’ Grubby Hay-Arthur before falling to Valor Christian. He bounced back with a dominant 6-2, 6-0 playback win over Legacy’s Alex Anthony, but bowed out after the following match.

Rafa Volkamer-Pastor, Jr. and Ben Mei Dan, So., Fairview: Volkamer-Pastor and Mei Dan took charge of the 5A Region 4 tournament by winning the 1 doubles field outright before heading into the state tournament. They split their matches with an opening win over Liberty, a loss to Cherry Creek, a playback win over Castle View and a final loss to Regis Jesuit after that.

Danny Benjamin, Jr. and Andrew Schreiner, Sr., Boulder: Benjamin and Schreiner entered a tough 5A state tournament field and won their first 2 doubles match over Ralston Valley in a 6-2, 6-3 finish. The pair had put together a dominant season up to that point as they finished with an 18-4 record.

Kyle Davidson, So. and Sebastian Moy, Fr., Niwot: Davidson and Moy started off their postseason right when they won the 4A Region 5 No. 2 doubles field outright. That put them in a good position heading into the state tournament, where they saw split success by dominating their first match over Pueblo West (6-0, 6-1), losing their next match and winning their first playback. They bowed out after the next contest.

Isaac Ferayorni, Fr. and Chase Lewis, Jr., Boulder: Ferayorni and Lewis combined experience new and old as they played their way all the way to the third-place match of 4 doubles before falling to Fossil Ridge in a 7-6, 6-4 battle. That, as well as a 19-4 record, put together a dominant season for the two.

Coach of the Year — Aimee Keronen, Niwot: No other team managed to do what Niwot did in the Class 4A state tournament this fall, as the Cougars finished third behind the team championship winners in Kent Denver and Cheyenne Mountain, who tied with 57 points each. Keronen led a team that saw a state champion in 2 singles player LiChen Liao, as well as a runner-up in 3 singles player Alan Wilcox.


Singles: Roee Sela, Jr., Prospect Ridge; Kevin Patel, Sr., Dawson; Henry Burke, Sr., Fairview; Andre Parham, Fr., Boulder; Callum Conaghan, Jr., Monarch; Dexy Payne, So., Centaurus; Jackson Lewis, So., Boulder; Noah Klein, So., Legacy; Caden Bell, So., Fairview; Luke Jensen, Jr., Monarch; Luke Graboski, Sr., Silver Creek; Ian McLeod, Sr., Dawson; Mike Nold, Sr., Boulder; Alex Anthony, Jr., Legacy.

Doubles: Rufus Thompson (Fr.)/Samuel Law (Jr.), Legacy; Garret Winkelbauer (Jr.)/Clay Hafner  (So.), Monarch; Will Curl (Jr.)/Ezra Doherty (Jr.), Boulder; Trent Bowers (Sr.)/Samuel Stem (Sr.), Erie; Alfie Whitmore (Jr.)/Ryan Orris (Jr.), Dawson; Caleb Harris/Sartaj Singh, Peak to Peak; Davyn Walker (Sr.)/Ethan Graham (Fr.), Erie; Owen Leidich (Jr.)/Adam Schonbrun (Sr.), Richie Boston (So.)/Noah Bodner (So.), Fairview; Benjamin Wintraub/Atticus Phillips, Peak to Peak; Sawyer Walcott (Jr.)/Andrew Kujawa (Jr.), Longmont; David Johnson (So.)/Samuel Heuhalfen (So.), Legacy; Gabriel Mendoza Garcia (Sr.)/Loic Master (So.), Fairview; Abe Pomeroy (Fr.)/Blake Curl (Fr.), Boulder; Rex Wellington (Fr.)/Ollie Jones (Fr.), Niwot; Henry Harshbarger (Jr.)/Owen Jones (Fr.), Longmont; Jason Cui (Sr.)/Paul Masters (Sr.), Fairview.

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