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BROOMFIELD — Legacy’s Julianna Hayward gains ...
Brent W. New/
BROOMFIELD — Legacy’s Juliauna Hayward gains possession against Broomfield on Tuesday, May 25, 2021.

First team
Eve Bleam, Boulder
Reagan Kotschau, Broomfield
Taryn Rea, Broomfield
Maddie Brady, Broomfield
Blythe Sales, Fairview
Jordan Okada, Fairview
Stella Straubling, Fort Collins
Allie Ressler, Fossil Ridge
Amy Smith, Fossil Ridge
Maddy Allshouse, Legacy
Keily Hoffman, Legacy
Julianna Hayward, Legacy
Brae Cole, Monarch
Addie Lowrie, Monarch
Olivia Stutzman, Rocky Mountain
Taylor Brook, Rocky Mountain
Jace Holley, Rocky Mountain
Skylar Haase, Rocky Mountain

Second team
Katie McConnell, Boulder
Bailey Giddings, Broomfield
Macee McKenna, Broomfield
Bella Arreola, Broomfield
Michaela McGowan, Broomfield
Dylan Drennan, Broomfield
Claire Silverman, Fairview
Paige Fry, Fort Collins
Kiley Ballek, Fossil Ridge
Jordan Smith, Horizon
Shay Kercher-Pratt, Legacy
Paige Armstrong, Legacy
Kendall Rippley, Legacy
Parker Allshouse, Legacy
Katy Beaver, Legacy
Alisha Herremans, Monarch
Ellie Tall, Poudre
Izzy Pickford, Rocky Mountain
Sydney Romero, Rocky Mountain
Delaney Lou Schorr, Rocky Mountain
Torie Richie, Rocky Mountain

Honorable mention
Cate Sarinopoulos, Boulder
Kaia Holicky, Boulder
Alex Smith, Boulder
Ellie Miller, Boulder
Marisa Weygandt, Boulder
Ellory Jones, Boulder
Morgan Scheller, Broomfield
Nicky Choren, Broomfield
Emerson DeLuca, Broomfield
Imani Fernandez-Gorbea, Fairview
Greta Heinemann, Fairview
Sydney Boyd, Fairview
Kyla Stroker, Fairview
Ilise Ziebarth, Fairview
Alyson Campbell, Fairview
Erin Ervin, Fort Collins
Kate Grauberger, Fort Collins
Dana Leary, Fossil Ridge
Sydney Nelms, Fossil Ridge
Lily Simmons, Horizon
Kaslyn O’Gady, Horizon
Shoshanah Stukas, Horizon
Daryn Delescinkis, Legacy
Danielle Gonzales, Legacy
Sophia Stalter, Monarch
Anna Tucker, Monarch
Winter Woolley, Mountain Range
Piper Smith, Mountain Range
Mya Johnson, Rocky Mountain
Fiona Jenkins, Rocky Mountain
Riley Simpson, Rocky Mountain

Player of the year — Julianna Hayward, Legacy
Coach of the year — Jim Davidson, Brooomfield

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