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First team
Aaron Brakel, Broomfield
Adam Moser, Fairview
Luke Silverman, Fairview
Greysen Carter, Fairview
Joe Killian, Loveland
Chris Wallace, Poudre
Gabe Springer, Fairview
Justin Gines, Horizon
Macully Sehr, Legacy
Garrett Harstad, Loveland
Cooper Axe, Rocky Mountain
Will Vasseur, Rocky Mountain
First Baseman
Evan Johnson, Rocky Mountain
Tommy Valdez, Broomfield
Matthew Oberlander, Fort Collins
Tim Abercrombie, Fossil Ridge
Brady Wiesinger, Horizon
Landon Sehr, Legacy
Mike Acierno, Mountain Range
Bryce Coy, Poudre
Camden Ross, Broomfield
JD Jones, Fairview
Designated Hitter
Cale Claridge, Legacy
Jace Valdez, Mountain Range

Second team
Jackson Woolwine, Boulder
Brenden Fry, Fort Collins
Jack Maunsel, Fossil Ridge
Jacob Olguin Pacheco, Horizon
Seth Beals, Rocky Mountain
Derek Woolwine, Boulder
Gavin Speirs, Broomfield
Will Togher, Fort Collins
Brandon Sanchez, Legacy
Aidan Cauley, Monarch
First Baseman
Danny Sullivan, Horizon
Garrett Klein, Broomfield
Cole Walker, Legacy
Connor Murray, Legacy
Braiden McCann, Loveland
Jack Lee, Monarch
Jarett Pitts, Poudre
Dominic Domenico, Mountain Range
Reilly Olson, Rocky Mountain
Designated Hitter
Travis Rasmussen, Fairview
Kieran Gaffney, Legacy

Honorable Mention
Justin Spencer, Broomfield
Caden English, Broomfield
Dillon Souignier, Fairview
Ryan Sunderland, Boulder
Marcus Orlando, Fairview
Johnny Reed, Fossil Ridge
First Baseman
Ryan Anderson, Broomfield
Finley Daecher, Fairview
Designated Hitter
Jadon Moore, Poudre

Coach of the year — David Castillo, Fairview
Player of the year — Greysen Carter, Fairview

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