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Monarch High School sophomore guard Natalie ...
Tim Hurst/Staff Photographer
Monarch High School sophomore guard Natalie Guanella (1) puts up a layup during a game against Poudre High School on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021, in Louisville, Colo.

First Team:
Courtney Wristen, Senior- Broomfield
Laura Davis, Junior- Fort Collins
Audra Vine, Junior- Horizon
Britta Cardenas, Junior- Horizon
Bela Voglund, Junior- Poudre
Natalie Guanella, Sophomore- Monarch
Sam Koeberer, Senior- Fossil Ridge
Kailey Page, Junior- Fairview
Abbie Gillach, Senior- Boulder
Brooke Bohlender, Senior- Poudre
Avery Buhler, Senior – Loveland
Hannah Chavez, Senior- Mountain Range

Second Team:
Maddie Kohler, Junior- Fossil Ridge
Chelin Isaacson, Senior- Monarch
Karly Larson, Senior- Fossil Ridge
Ella Bartsch, Junior- Boulder
Makena Englund, Senior- Fairview
Taylor Brook, Senior- Rocky Mountain
Laisha Armendariz-Lopez, Senior- Rocky Mountain
Emma Rich, Senior- Broomfield
Hailey Ventura, Senior- Broomfield
Shayne Young, Junior- Fort Collins
Delaney Matkin, Sophomore- Rocky Mountain
Kajsa Borrman, Junior- Loveland

Honorable Mention:
Penley Park, Freshmen- Fort Collins
Alyssa Temple, Junior- Horizon
Peyton Noles, Senior- Horizon
Westbrook Jensen, Junior- Legacy
Jadyn Luna, Senior- Poudre
Amelia Rosin, Sophomore- Monarch
Arezo Safi, Sophomore- Monarch
Livia McQuade, Junior- Loveland
Hannah Zink, Sophomore- Loveland
Hailey Alvarez, Junior- Mountain Range
Aaliyah Chavez, Sophomore- Mountain Range

Players of the Year:
Natalie Guanella, Sophomore- Monarch
Courtney Wristen, Senior- Broomfield

Coach of the Year:
Michael Blakely- Monarch

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