List of all local state qualifiers for cross country championships

Boulder's Lukas Haug crosses the finish ...
Brad Cochi/
Boulder’s Lukas Haug crosses the finish line during the Fairview Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020 at Fairview High School.

Class 2A girls
Hannah Thomas, Lyons
Quin Gregg, Lyons
Claire Lisse, Lyons
Emma Johnson, Lyons
Kate Roberts, Lyons
Olivia Jabari, Shining Mountain

Class 2A boys
Finn Carpenter, Dawson School
Cole Thomas, Lyons
Arjen Wynja, Lyons
Nick Parker, Lyons
Sage Wynja, Lyons
Bode Shiver, Lyons
Giorgio Spensieri, Twin Peaks Charter
Aaron Jenkins, Twin Peaks Charter
John UImer, Twin Peaks Charter
David Baker, Twin Peaks Charter
Erick Sickau, Twin Peaks Charter

Class 3A girls
Evelyn Boys, Holy Family
Summer Norwell, Holy Family
Alyssa Jany, Holy Family
Alyssa Wells, Holy Family
Elizabeth Boselli, Holy Family
Madeline Tapp, Holy Family
Maya Ross, Jefferson Academy
Sarah Welsch, Jefferson Academy
Grace Tomasko, Jefferson Academy
Jocelyn Farhar, Jefferson Academy
Jessica Beck, Jefferson Academy
Tessa Stadler, Jefferson Academy
Allison Beasley, Peak to Peak
Avery Marr, Prospect Ridge Academy
Elise Wheeler, Prospect Ridge Academy
Isabella Rueda, Prospect Ridge Academy
Kendall Kick, Prospect Ridge Academy
Mia Cosio, Prospect Ridge Academy
Riley Martin, Prospect Ridge Academy

Class 3A boys
Anthony Haberkorn, Holy Family
Jack Culp, Holy Family
Andrew Descalzo, Holy Family
Joseph Silva, Holy Family
Micah Munoz, Holy Family
Luke Hixson, Holy Family
Evan Mills, Jefferson Academy
Jacob Crookston, Jefferson Academy
Sean Beasley, Jefferson Academy
Noah Douglas, Jefferson Academy
Beau Noland, Jefferson Academy
Seth Nuncio-Cagle, Jefferson Academy
Ryan Kuykendall, Peak to Peak
Avin Singh, Prospect Ridge Academy
Carlos Howerton, Prospect Ridge Academy
Matt Yoho, Prospect Ridge Academy
Axel Fuentes, Prospect Ridge Academy
Christopher Rueda, Prospect Ridge Academy
Logan Goodman, Prospect Ridge Academy

Class 4A girls
Maggie McCleskey, Centaurus
Frances Hudson, Mead
Isabelle Mierau, Mead
Lauren Caldwell, Mead
Abigail Moore, Mead
Mary Fetters, Mead
Pamela Banuelos-Bonilla, Mead
Lucca Fulkerson, Niwot
Madison Shults, Niwot
Mia Prok, Niwot
Lex Bullen, Niwot
Sarah Perkins, Niwot
Taylor James, Niwot
Cruzie Dudley, Silver Creek
Kendall Madine, Silver Creek
Taylor Weiss, Silver Creek
Elle Murray, Silver Creek
Grace Moroney, Silver Creek
Olivia Hinklin, Silver Creek

Class 4A boys
James Overberg, Centaurus
Kailer Smith, Centaurus
Max Heins, Centaurus
John McGill, Centaurus
Kyle Berg, Centaurus
Jacob Schwarting, Centaurus
Evan Kraus, Erie
Jamis Schriner, Erie
Logan Maddox, Erie
Luke Fritsche, Erie
Cody Simonson, Erie
Nathan Raimo, Erie
Andreas O’Malley, Longmont
Connor McCormick, Longmont
Dominic Warner, Longmont
Jose Guevara, Longmont
Dacen Wach, Longmont
Gio Basile, Longmont
Keegan Caldwell, Mead
Curtis Volf, Niwot
Grayden Rauba, Niwot
Joey Hendershot, Niwot
Zane Bergen, Niwot
Carlos Kipkorir Cheruiyot, Niwot

Class 5A girls
Maelynn Higgins, Broomfield
Sierra Parks, Broomfield
Paisley Williamson, Broomfield
Caroline Daugherty, Broomfield
Gabriela Olson, Broomfield
Norah Powers, Broomfield
Gabriella Castellino, Fairview
Imani Fernandez-Gorbea, Fairview
Josephine Atkinson, Fairview
Allison Kirby, Fairview
Devin Murphy, Fairview
Monet Castellino, Fairview
Mia Mraz, Legacy

Class 5A boys
Lukas Haug, Boulder
James Thomas, Broomfield
Logan Stodden, Broomfield
Dylan Knoles, Broomfield
Ian Weich, Broomfield
Byron Nelson, Broomfield
Federico Fernandez, Broomfield
Henry Murphy, Fairview
Christian Castellino, Fairview
Eric Sankey, Fairview
Jack Brown, Fairview
Victor Lita, Fairview
Holden Krizek, Fairview
Ryan Montera, Legacy