Football: Local games allowed to host 175 fans

Schools exploring options for live streaming football games

Niwot High School quarterback Ayden Bartko ...
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Niwot High School quarterback Ayden Bartko passes the ball under pressure by David Grassi during a CHSAA football game against Erie on Friday in Longmont. More photos:

The good news for SVVSD and BVSD high school football fans this fall is they will be allowed in the stadium, but those spots will be hard to come by.

Both local school districts submitted a variance request to Boulder County Public Health that would have allowed two fans per active participant, including home and away players, dance and cheer. That request was denied.

Instead, a total of just 175 fans will be allowed in the stands for local football games throughout what promises to be an unusual fall, to say the least.

“We were told that we can only have 175 fans in attendance,” SVVSD athletic director Chase McBride said. “How that is going to work will be up to each of our schools and what they think is best for them. We’re meeting tomorrow as athletic directors to see if we can figure it out and find some commonalities.”

McBride added that he and BVSD athletic director Michele DeBerry have weekly meetings and are in constant contact with Boulder County Public Health, which has also said it will continue to reevaluate variances

As it currently stands, the maximum roster number for each football team is 50 players. Both cheer and dance have a max roster number of 28 each. Participation numbers vary from school to school when it comes to cheer and dance, so each BVSD and SVVSD school will now how to come up with its own creative solution for how to allocate tickets for spectators.

McBride said the schools in his district are exploring options for live streaming football games, including student media or Facebook Live. Another idea for how to split up tickets would be to allow just parents of seniors to attend. Yet another idea that has been tossed around is to have designated senior nights for different groups, whether that be split by graduating class or activity, and distribute tickets based on whose turn it is.

“It’s a little bit of a juggle right now,” McBride said. “We’re also trying to be good hosts to the away teams. We have to make sure that each of our schools are in the best position to take care of the students in their building. While the variance is still 175, we’re trying our best to take care of our community.”