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Dawson’s Day sisters working to get protective masks to hospital workers

Seniors have uncle working in ICU unit during coronavirus pandemic

Dawson School's Madison Day has teamed up with her sister Kaitlyn on the basketball court for years, but now the duo is trying to organize a mask drive to help the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.
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Dawson School’s Madison Day has teamed up with her sister Kaitlyn on the basketball court for years, but now the duo is trying to organize a mask drive to help the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

Those fighting COVID-19 on the frontlines in the United States face tough measures for protection as masks and other protective gear run scarce during the ongoing pandemic.

The situation has hit home for Dawson School seniors Kaitlyn and Madison Day. The sisters have an uncle who works in an ICU unit at a Fort Collins hospital and knows firsthand how the coronavirus is impacting him and others working there with limited supplies.

“It’s helped us understand why we have to be away from school, why we have to be away from sports,” Kaitlyn said. “We can see that there is more to the picture than us losing what means a lot to us.”

The Day sisters remain at home getting their education remotely with their school shut down, doing at-home workouts for their senior soccer season, though it appears more and more unlikely to happen. Other memorable moments are slipping away, too. Meanwhile, they are also trying to help their uncle and the rest of the staff at the hospital he works at by trying to collect protective gear for them as coronavirus cases continue to climb in Colorado.

“We want to make sure that people are aware of it,” Madison said. “If anybody does have anything, we want to help those people on the frontlines. Hopefully they can get supplies, but unfortunately it’s so low right now.”

Since the coronavirus forced their school to close and halted the spring sports season, the two have been working to find medical masks to donate to the hospital. The main objective is getting a supply of N95-type masks to give, but any medical masks would be taken to help.

“We’ve been putting the word out on social media about it,” Kaitlyn said. “Our coach also put something out about getting some things.”

It has become a critical but tough task to accomplish so far. Even at the highest levels, it has been a struggle to get necessary personal protective equipment into the hands of doctors, nurses and others facing things head-on.

That includes Madison and Kaitlyn with their current drive to help their uncle and his hospital.

“So far, we haven’t gotten much,” Kaitlyn said.

Though they have yet to receive much to donate, the two are determined to keep trying, especially at a time when many health experts predict the United States is getting close to reaching the peak of the pandemic period.

Their final semester of high school was supposed to be filled with more memories made with friends at school and on the soccer field, but the two hope to turn this period into a positive and help in an important fight that is much bigger.

“I think everyone is disappointed, but when you look at it, especially with a personal perspective we have of our uncle working in the ICU, this is bigger than just losing some things our senior year,” Madison said. “This is bigger than that with people going through this.”

Those wishing to donate or provide help getting masks can reach the Day sisters by email at and

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