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First team
Kenlee Durrill, Flatirons Academy
Bryn Durrill, Flatirons Academy
Anela Dixon, Mile High Academy
Lola Conaway, Shining Mountain
Kalea Zeener, Shining Mountain

Second team
Savana Kascak, Flatirons Academy
Frances Hilliard, Shining Mountain
Elaizha Nelson, Belleview Christian
Sara Torres, Belleview Christian
Jocelyn Curiel, Mile High Academy

Honorable mention
Sydney Folkenberg, Mile High Academy
Bethany Long, Belleview Christian
Amber Bates, Front Range Baptist
Sophia Matarrese, Shining Mountain
Olivia Jabari, Shining Mountain
Jessica Aldstadt, Belleview Christian

Player of the year — Kenlee Durrill, Flatirons Academy
Coach of the year — Josh Polson, Belleview Christian