Allen Howlett taking over as athletic director at Fairview

Howlett has worked in variety of roles for nearly 30 years in Colorado

For Allen Howlett, Colorado is and always has been home.

The former Buena Vista graduate and member of the Colorado State football team has bounced around the state working in a variety of roles with local schools. It began with an athletic role at Elizabeth High School and then moved into assistant principal and superintendent roles with JeffCo, Chaparral and most recently, Resurrection Christian.

Now, Howlett is ready to take on a new role in the schools as he was named the next athletic director at Fairview High School, taking over for Terrin Kelly who departed from the role after the last school year.

“I’m honored and excited,” Howlett said. “Fairivew is one of the best (Class) 5A schools in the state, so to have this opportunity and the trust with the school is exciting.”

For some time, Howlett has looked at the Boulder region as a potential area to move and continue his work in education. One of the things that brought him out of his superintendent role at Resurrection Christian to Fairview was getting back into the public education spectrum.

“I never thought I would be in a private school very long. My passion is in public education,” Howlett said. “I took the previous job as a project to get into public education. I saw an opportunity at Fairview and jumped on it. It’s great for me and family to give it a shot.”

Since being named the new athletic director, Howlett has spent time getting to know the coaches at his school and filling some of the final coaching positions that were open when he took over. It’s a process he says will help him get a feel for the environment and what’s going on at the school before coming in with any new ideas overseeing the athletics department.

“I think my first job is figuring out the climate and relationships at Fairview right now,” Howlett said. “There are no grand things in my mind to change. I do know we’ll be competitive on the field and courts, we’re going to have great sportsmanship and we will continue to gain a reputation. Beyond that, we’ll see. I want to learn the culture of Boulder and Fairview and make some better decisions.”

Howlett added that his versatility working in a variety of roles, as well as small and large schools in his near 30-year career, will help him have a feel for what’s to come at Fairview.

Expectations are always high for athletics at Fairview and Howlett believes that trend will continue under his new leadership moving forward.

“I know what high-level athletics looks like,” Howlett said. “I know the work it takes to go from being OK to being great. I know how to get from point A to point B. I work hard and I’ll bring that with me.”

The only negative for the people in Boulder: he may not be on the same side in terms of which team to root for in the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

“You’re going to get me in trouble for that,” the former CSU Ram joked.