Boys swimming: Harrison Lierz nabs three state titles for Broomfield

Silver Creek finishes third at state meet

Broomfield’s Harrison Lierz swims the butterfly portion of the 200 individual medley at the Class 4A state meet on Saturday, May 18, 2019 in Thornton. Lierz went on to win the event for his third career state title. (Brandon Boles/

THORNTON — Harrison Lierz has accomplished just as much as you could in his first two seasons with the Broomfield Eagles.

So what motivates him to come back to the state meet even stronger to the state meet for a third time?

“The motivation for me is just the team,” Lierz explained. “High school is way different than club. Club swimming is usually more individual but high school is more about the team.”

With blue dyed hair and big hats to wear with his teammates walking to the final blocks, Lierz showed up for Broomfield and helped win all three individual state titles in the Class 4A state swimming finals on Saturday.

Lierz won the first title in the 200 IM with a time of 1:49.54, improving by five seconds from his preliminary run and winning by the same margin in the finals.

“My cap fell off yesterday, so my breaststroke was a bit slower than what I wanted it to be,” Lierz said of his run Friday. “I knew I still had to race today.”

Lierz followed up in the anchor leg of the 200 freestyle relay with teammates Sam Hahn, Jon Kim and Sam Anderson. With a strong finish, Lierz made up the ground necessary to pass Mullen down the stretch to narrowly win. He would finish the day by winning the 100 backstroke with a time of 48.59, barely missing the mark to break the Class 4A state record.

Anderson was the other individual to place in the top 10 for Broomfield with a fourth-place finish in the 100 freestyle and a fifth-place time in the 100 breaststroke.

“We are a really close family and support each other’s accomplishments,” Anderson said. “When others are doing well, the whole team does well. Having great guys like Harrison is influential for our whole team to do really well.”

Broomfield would finish ninth in the team standings and accomplished its goal of cracking the top 10 at state.

The other local team in the meet placed in every event to run up their team score and finish in third place. While Silver Creek did not have anyone finish higher than fifth place in an event or relay, the number of times they did place was enough to put them in the running for a team trophy at the meet.

Daily Camera file photo
Pierce Bigelow of Silver Creek catches a breath during the 200 freestyle finals of the Class 4A state swim meet on Saturday, May 18, 2019 in Thornton. (Brandon Boles/

“We haven’t really thought about it as a team,” Silver Creek’s Pierce Bigelow said. “Over the last few years we have finished in the top 10, but I think this is one of the first couple of years that we have a chance to really win this meet.”

Bigelow had the top individual performances as he finished fifth in the 200 and 500 freestyle races. He also swam on the 400 freestyle relay team that finished in fifth place.

One area Silver Creek was helped in the team scores was in the diving competition from Matthew Teta and Jacob Dowlin. Both qualified for the finals, and with a strong final round from each, both placed in the top 10 in the final standings.

“It feels really good,” Teta said. “It felt good to finish senior year off strong. I’m a little sad to be done with high school diving, but I’m glad I finally made the top eight.”

CHSAA Class 4A State Championships

At Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center

Team scores — Greeley West 323, Discovery Canyon 307, Silver Creek 263.5, Mullen 236, Windsor 225, Montrose 186, Broomfield 185, Cheyenne Mountain 161, Wheat Ridge 156, Golden 151, Air Academy 140, Pine Creek 132, Pueblo County 132, George Washington 130.5, Glenwood Springs 128, Coronado 119, Thompson Valley 83, Evergreen 75, Estes Park 67, Littleton 48, D’Evelyn 47, Pueblo South 44, Denver South 43, Denver North 31, Standley Lake 16, Northfield 14, Liberty 9, Green Mountain 9, Pueblo East 8, Mountain View 8, Mesa Ridge-Widefield 5, Littleton 1.

200 medley relay — 1. Discovery Canyon (Andrew McGill, Braden Whitmarsh, Tommy Rauchut, Quintin McCarty), 1:33.62; 2. Windsor (Riley Miller, Caiden Peterson, Josh Dodrill, Andrew Scroggin), 1:34.28; 3. Broomfield (Harrison Lierz, Sam Anderson, Sam Hahn, Jon Kim), 1:34.54; 11. Silver Creek (Jake Gutru, Andrew Wu, Carson Simon, Ian Curd), 1:39.58.

200 freestyle — 1. Ryan Peterson (Wheat Ridge), 1:39.35; 2. Nathan Kenigsberg (Greeley West), 1:41.05; 3. Ben Freeman (Mullen), 1:41.98; 5. Pierce Bigelow (Silver Creek), 1:44.27; 8. Hayden Dickinson (Silver Creek), 1:47.75; 19. Dakota Casey (Silver Creek), 1:52.08.

200 IM — 1. Harrison Lierz (Broomfield), 1:49.54; 2. Cayden Christianson (Montrose), 1:54.21; Benjamin Smith (Thomas Jefferson), 1:55.49; 14. Connor Hassert (Silver Creek), 2:00.71.

50 freestyle — 1. Quintin McCarty (Discovery Canyon), 20.90; 2. John Plutt (Pueblo County), 21.10; 3. William Chavez (Mullen), 21.35; 11. Ian Curd (Silver Creek), 22.14.

Diving — 1. Jack Ryan (Denver South), 581.554; 2. Jack Elbert (Air Academy), 458.20; 3. Jack Arnold (Denver North), 431.30; 5. Matthew Teta (Silver Creek), 401.55; 10. Jacob Dowlin (Silver Creek), 361.90.

100 butterfly — 1. John Plutt (Pueblo County), 49.51; 2. Josh Dodrill (Windsor), 50.67; 3. Tommy Rauchut (Discovery Canyon), 51.36; 13. Jake Gutru (Silver Creek), 53.76; 17. Carson Simon (Silver Creek), 54.37.

100 freestyle — 1. Ryan Peterson (Wheat Ridge), 45.05; 2. Nathan Kenigsberg (Greeley West), 46.31; 3. William Chavez (Mullen), 46.40; 4. Sam Anderson (Broomfield), 46.78; 10. Hayden Dickinson (Silver Creek), 49.39; 11. Ian Curd (Silver Creek), 50.50; 18. Jon Kim (Broomfield), 50.61; 19. Dakota Casey (Silver Creek), 50.70.

500 freestyle — 1. Ryan King (Montrose), 4:33.74; 2. Braden Whitmarsh (Discovery Canyon), 4:45.31; 3. Cory Leidich (Golden), 4:47.38; 5. Pierce Bigelow (Silver Creek), 4:49.28; 17. Connor Hassert (Silver Creek), 5:06.82.

200 free relay — 1. Broomfield (Harrison Lierz, Sam Hahn, Jon Kim, Sam Anderson), 1:27.08; 2. Mullen (William Chavez, Noah Maestas, Cameron Smooke, Ben Freeman), 1:27.30; 3. Greeley West (Nathan Kenigsberg, Cade Branum, Baylor Cobb, Owen Spooner), 1:28.14; Silver Creek (Hayden Dickinson, Connor Hassert, Pierce Bigelow, Ian Curd), 1:29.27.

100 backstroke — 1. Harrison Lierz (Broomfield), 48.59; 2. Quintin McCarty (Discovery Canyon), 50.70; 3. Andrew Scoggin (Windsor), 51.00; 8. Jake Gutru (Silver Creek), 54.38; 17. Weston Call (Silver Creek), 56.75; 20. Sam Hahn (Broomfield), 57.63.

100 breaststroke — 1. Joshua-Ryan Lujan (Pine Creek), 56.99; 2. Gabe Grauvogel (Cheyenne Mountain), 58.07; 3. Baylor Lewis (Greeley West), 58.85; 5. Sam Anderson (Broomfield), 59.79; 12. Andrew Wu (Silver Creek), 1:01.32.

400 free relay — 1. Discovery Canyon (Braden Whitmarsh, Andrew McGill, Tommy Rauchut, Quintin McCarty), 3:08.64; 2. Mullen (William Chavez, Charlie Baker, Cameron Smooke, Ben Freeman), 3:10.84; 3. Windsor (Josh Dodrill, Bryce Humphrey, Riley Miller, Andrew Scoggin), 3:14.11; 5. Silver Creek (Dakota Casey, Connor Hassert, Pierce Bigelow, Hayden Dickinson), 3:16.14; 15. Broomfield (Stephen Gately, Arya Nandyal, Henry Kuhna, Nathan Cote), 3:30.16.