Wrestling regionals: Legacy sends eight to Class 5A state tournament

Class 5A, Region 4

The Legacy Lightning doled out a little home cooking on Saturday afternoon, finishing second as a team to upstart Rocky Mountain but more importantly seeing eight of their wrestlers earn the opportunity to wrestle at the Pepsi Center on Thursday as the state tournament gets underway. Kevin Luker had two major decisions among his three victories to earn a regional title at 138 pounds, and Jason Bynarowicz added a second regional champ at 170s with two pins mixed in his results. Grady Funk, Dakota Key, Adam Lynch and Joey Joiner all made championship matches.

Class 5A, Region 1

The trip across the Rocky Mountains to Fruita Monument was well worth it for Boulder and Monarch. The Coyotes placed second to powerhouse Pomona, but more importantly had three regional champions (Vince Cornella, Nathan Fitzpatrick and Will Ponder) and will send nine wrestlers to state. Dillon Roman and Ryan Kuykendall each placed second, reaching the regional title match.

For the Panthers, 106-pounder Joey Airola can call himself a regional champ, as he beat Roman by major decision in the championship match. Theron Sovndal, at 170 pounds, had a great tournament and finished third.

Class 4A, Region 1

Longmont’s Engelking brothers, Brayden and Drake, led the way on Saturday at Thomas Jefferson by claiming their respective weight regional titles — Brayden secured two pins and a major decision before winning a close championship match by a 5-4 score over Ethan Davis (Evergreen), while Drake had a pair of pins and won his title match by 7-3 decision over Cody Eaton (Windsor). The Trojans will also see Logan Novara, John Nicholas and Gio Wilson get high seeds after making regional championship matches, and LHS has six overall wrestling next week.

Class 3A, Region 2

The holy Family Tigers expected Hunter Branson to excel — and he certainly did by winning the 170-pound bracket up in a tough regional hosted by Platte Valley — but HFHS also saw a surprise candidate emerge as heavyweight Jacob Barry won a third-place match in fall fashion over Sterling’s Austin Garcia. Barry, a freshman, will get a chance to introduce himself to the big stage on Thursday

Class 2A, Region 3

Lyons flexed its muscles and will send seven wrestlers to state, certainly a solid contingent for the area’s smallest program. Winning regional titles were Karson Bean, Oran Huff and Christian Keller — the latter in dominating fashion with a first-period fall, a major decision and a 9-2 decision in the title match. Likewise, Huff totaled 2:06 of wrestling time in two pins before locking down the title with a 12-0 major decision against Merino’s Matthew Frank.

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Class 5A, Region 4

At Legacy HS

Team scores — Rocky Mountain 235.5, Legacy 192, Castle View 159, Eaglecrest 135, Fossil Ridge 124.5, Northglenn 123, Fountain Fort Carson 96, Mountain Range 95, Fort Collins 79, Regis Jesuit 56, Prairie View 52.5, Far Northeast 33, Rock Canyon 33.


State qualifiers

106 — Lance Johnson, Rocky Mountain, 1st; Ronnie Ortiz, Mountain Range, 2nd; Bohdan Salcido, Fort Collins, 3rd; Jaime Olivares, Northglenn, 4th.

113 — Josiah Alvarado, Prairie View, 1st; Kyle Lewis, Mountain Range, 2nd; Johnathon Herrera, Northglenn, 3rd; Marshal Scott, Fossil Ridge, 4th.

120 — Caeleb Knoll, Eaglecrest, 1st; Adrian Marquez, Castle View, 2nd; Keegan Hoffman, Legacy, 3rd; Zak Aweida, Rocky Mountain, 4th.

126 — Taylor Vasquez, Fountain Fort Carson, 1st; Christian DeHerrera, Rocky Mountain, 2nd; Noah Fitzgerald, Castle View, 3rd; Michael Bolduc, Fossil Ridge, 4th.

132 — Randy Myers, Castle View, 1st; Kolten Strait, Rocky Mountain, 2nd; Kyle MacCagnan, Eaglecrest, 3rd; Joe Barela, Fountain Fort Carson, 4th.

138 — Kevin Luker, Legacty, 1st; Max Brabson, Fort Collins, 2nd; Rider Anderson, Rocky Mountain, 3rd; Angel Alvidrez, Northglenn, 4th.

145 — Antonio Segura, Regis Jesuit, 1st; Joey Joiner, Legacy, 2nd; Cody Ginther, Fossil Ridge, 3rd; Khalid Peters, Fountain Fort Carson, 4th.

152 — Austin McFadden, Prairie View, 1st; Dakota Key, Legacy, 2nd; Tyler MacCagnan, Eaglecrest, 3rd; Hudson Cropp, Fort Collins, 4th.

160 — Trey Hardy, Rocky Mountain, 1st; Grady Funk, Legacy, 2nd; Ben Parker, Fossil Ridge, 3rd; Adam Escobedo, Far Northeast, 4th.

170 — Jason Bynarowicz, Legacy, 1st; Wyatt Price, Fountain Fort Carson, 2nd; Mike Pinkerton, 3rd; Ashton Romero, Rocky Mountain, 4th.

182 — Matt Kinerson, Rocky Mountain, 1st; Kenny Fenton, Mountain Range, 2nd; Thomas Maldonado, Northglenn, 3rd; Antonio Sandora, Regis Jesuit, 4th.

195 — Alec Hargreaves, Rocky Mountain, 1st; Adam Lynch, Legacy, 2nd; Jack Smith, Castle View, 3rd; Micah Sterling, Eaglecrest, 4th.

220 — Carlos Flores, Northglenn, 1st; Osman Yigit Topuz, Eaglecrest, 2nd; Ryan Joas, Castle View, 3rd; Brune Armstrong, Mountain Range, 4th.

285 — Adam Sepan, Castle View, 1st; Trenton Suazo, Northglenn, 2nd; Jason Reyes, Far Northeast, 3rd; Aron Baugh, Legacy, 4th.

Class 5A, Region 1

At Fruita Monument HS

Team scores — Pomona 264.5, Monarch 212, Fruita Monument 173.5, Columbine 122.5, Chaparral 106.5, Rampart 102, Arvada West 86.5, Mountain Vista 84, Thornton 83, Boulder 72, Denver East 53.5, Aurora Central 28.5, Highlands Ranch 19, Gateway 0


State qualifiers

106 — Joey Airola, Boulder, 1st; Dillon Roman, Monarch, 2nd; Elijah Olguin, Pomona, 3rd; Andrew Peltier, Rampart, 4th.

113 — Vince Cornella, Monarch, 1st; Armando Garcia, Denver East, 2nd; Trea Fantin, Fruita Monument, 3rd; Jacob Judd, Pomona, 4th.

120 — Daniel Cardenas, Pomona, 1st; Ryan Kuykendall, Monarch, 2nd; Jose Cerda, Denver East, 3rd; Jace Stubbs, Chaparral, 4th.

126 — Wyatt Yapoujian, Pomona, 1st; Trey Johnson, Chaparral, 2nd; Aiden Cartwright, Mountain Vista, 3rd; Zach Hacker, Monarch, 4th.

132 — Justin Pacheco, Pomona, 1st; Abram Bell, Chaparral, 2nd; Cole Carlucci, Monarch, 3rd; Jacob Kiefer, Fruita Monument, 4th.

138 — Ben Bancroft, Rampart, 1st; Adin Weaver, Mountain Vista, 2nd; Max Fredricksmeyer, Monarch, 3rd; Brandan Taylor, Pomona, 4th.

145 — Theorius Robinson, Pomona, 1st; Joseph Valdez, Thornton, 2nd; Ben Smith, Fruita Monument, 3rd; Werals Niyongabo, Aurora Central, 4th.

152 — Gage Bernall, Pomona, 1st; Jeremiah Williams, Fruita Monument, 2nd; Cameron Klein, Chaparral, 3rd; Aisden Quinn, Monarch, 4th.

160 — Nathan Fitzpatrick, Monarch, 1st; Anthony Stack, Arvada West, 2nd; Ashenafi Cunningham, Columbine, 3rd; Roman Cruz, Pomona, 4th.

170 — Jack Forbes, Columbine, 1st; Angelo Romero, Thornton, 2nd; Theron Sovndal, Boulder, 3rd; Vance Betts, Mountain Vista, 4th.

182 — Franklin Cruz, Pomoona, 1st; Delson Pyland, Fruita Monument, 2nd; Geoffrey Freeman, Chaparral, 3rd; Cameron Flores, Mountain Vista, 4th.

195 — Keegan Bailey, Fruita Monument, 1st; Elijah Olson, Arvada West, 2nd; Ed Delva, Columbine, 3rd; Samuel Bruno, Pomona, 4th.

220 — Will Ponder, Monarch, 1st; Dalton Slaughter, Rampart, 2nd; Christian Buchholz, Pomona, 3rd; Kyle Hanson, Highlands Ranch, 4th.

285 — Zach Schraeder, Columbine, 1st; Casey Hudson, Fruita Monument, 2nd; Diego Paredes, Thornton, 3rd; Antonio Cordova, Pomona, 4th.

Class 4A, Region 1

At Thomas Jefferson HS

Team scores — Windsor 258.5, Grand Junction Central 242, Longmont 156, Thomas Jefferson 147, Montrose 121, Palisade 112, John F. Kennedy 76, Evergreen 61, Battle Mountain 54.5, Standley Lake 53, Summit 33, Wheat Ridge 26.5, Silver Creek 21, Abraham Lincoln.


State qualifiers

106 — Brady Parker, Windsor, 1st; Logan Novara, Longmont, 2nd; Davian Sandoval, GJ Central, 3rd; Jacob Padilla, Montrose, 4th.

113 — Bobby Macias, Thomas Jefferson, 1st; Luke Pleasant, GJ Central, 2nd; Judah Guajardo, Palisade, 3rd; Alex Barela, Summit, 4th.

120 — Will Vombaur, Windsor, 1st; John Nicholas, Longmont, 2nd; Izayah Baca, Kennedy, 3rd; Grady Nickolaus, Montrose, 4th.

126 — Jagger Wade, GJ Central, 1st; Gio Wilson, Longmont, 2nd; Boden Baker, Windsor, 3rd; Brandon Daniel, Summit, 4th.

132 — Dominck Serrano, Windsor, 1st; Jason Pollard, GJ Central, 2nd; Fabian Lujan, Montrose, 3rd; Mason Bond, Kennedy, 4th.

138 — Dre Martinez, GJ Central, 1st; Ronny Minjarez, Windsor, 2nd; Joseph Fisher, Standley Lake, 3rd; Franklin Barks, Palisade, 4th.

145 — Isaias Estrada, Thomas Jefferson, 1st; Tiga Lundin, GJ Central, 2nd; Brennan Todd, Windsor, 3rd; James Sandoval, Kennedy, 4th.

152 — Brayden Engelking, Longmont, 1st; Ethan Davis, Evergreen, 2nd; Josh Willis, Windsor, 3rd; Anthony Sanchez, Battle Mountain, 4th.

160 — Tristan Perez, Windsor, 1st; Josh Barela, GJ Central, 2nd; Victor Ortiz, Battle Mountain, 3rd; Audie Herrera, Longmont, 4th.

170 — Drake Engelking, Longmont, 1st; Cody Eaton, Windsor, 2nd; Ben Robuck, Montrose, 3rd; Tanner Hickey, GJ Central, 4th.

182 — Isaiah Salazar, Windsor, 1st; Shaun Stepisnik, GJ Central, 2nd; Cole Simmons, Montrose, 3rd; Ahmed Khattab, Thomas Jefferson, 4th.

195 — Tyler Grasmick, Windsor, 1st; Same Cole, Thomas Jefferson, 2nd; Jay McCoy, Standley Lake, 3rd; Raul Martinez, Montrose, 4th.

220 — Conner Shenk, GJ Central, 1st; Ricardo Valenzuela, Palisade, 2nd; Wesley Buford, Thomas Jefferson, 3rd; Reese Gibson, Evergreen, 4th.

285 — Thomas Garnica, Thomas Jefferson, 1st; Isreal Lima, GJ Central, 2nd; Jeremiah Vasquez, Battle Mountain, 3rd; Colten Brueggeman, Montrose, 4th.

Class 3A, Region 2

At Platte Valley HS

Team scores — Berthoud 200, Sterling 200, Fort Morgan 189.5, Valley 177, Platte Valley 140, Bennett 107.5, University 101, Holy Family 64, Denver West 55, Fort Lupton 51, Riverdale Ridge 34, Estes Park 29, Resurrection Christian 28, Faith Christian 16.


State qualifiers

106 — Angel Rios, Valley, 1st; Casteus Combs, Sterling, 2nd; Elijah Kitchen, Estes Park, 3rd; Nicholas Dill, Platte Valley, 4th.

113 — Moises Rivas, Sterling, 1st; Dalton Williams, Berthoud, 2nd; Javan Valdez, Valley, 3rd; Carlos Sanchez, Denver West, 4th.

120 — Colton Williams, Berthoud, 1st; Daniel Matthews, Valley, 2nd; Orrin Jackson, Platte Valley, 3rd; Drake Kiefer, Riverdale Ridge, 4th.

126 — Zach Loft, Sterling, 1st; LT Torres, Berthoud, 2nd; Noah Damain, Valley, 3rd; Brendan Jones, Fort Morgan, 4th.

132 — Zach Brown, Valley, 1st; Riley Bornhoft, Sterling, 2nd; Talyn Massie, Berthoud, 3rd; Eddie Lemos, Resurrection Christian, 4th.

138 — Isaac Rios, Valley, 1st; Isaac De Leon, Sterling, 2nd; Cael Langford, Fort Morgan, 3rd; Brock Leypoldt, Berthoud, 4th.

145 — Austyn Binkly, Berthoud, 1st; Joe Jordan, Bennett, 2nd; Josh Anderson, University, 3rd; NaMarcus Williams, Denver West, 4th.

152 — Kase Givens, Fort Morgan, 1st; Colin Brown, Valley, 2nd; Kyle Conlon, Berthoud, 3rd; Traevonn Walton, Sterling, 4th.

160 — Jaziah Whaley, Valley, 1st, Josh Yancey, Platte Valley, 2nd; Mac Copeland, Bennett, 3rd; Koby Galicia, Fort Lupton, 4th.

170 — Hunter Branson, Holy Family, 1st; Cody DuBois, Bennett, 2nd; Brock Johnson, Berthoud, 3rd; AJ Garcia, Fort Lupton, 4th.

182 — Colton Moore, Platte Valley, 1st; Mason Wakeham, Bennett, 2nd; Brian Paxton, Fort Morgan, 3rd; Tate Green, Sterling, 4th.

195 — Jeremiah Garcia, Platte Valley, 1st; Rolando Perales, Denver West, 2nd; Chrisnel Akele, Fort Morgan, 3rd; Eleazer Chavez, Sterling, 4th.

220 — Drew Book, Sterling, 1st; James Hochanadel, Fort Morgan, 2nd; Casey Harvey, Bennett, 3rd; Sebastian Cortez, University, 4th.

285 — Emanual Munoz-Alcala, University, 1st; Jesus Juan Pablo, Fort Morgan, 2nd; Jacob Barry, Holy Family, 3rd; Austin Garcia, Sterling, 4th.

Class 2A, Region 3

At Akron HS

Team scores — Wray 283, Yuma 158, Lyons 147, Burlington 121, Sedgwick County 120, Akron 117, Fowler 106, Wiggins 65, Holyoke 50, Merino 42, Limon 35, Byers 24, Gilpin County 22.5, Clear Creek 7, Stratton 1, Loveland Classical 0.


State qualifiers

106 — Seth McFall, Fowler; Cole Rockwell, Wray; Marco Martinez, S. County; Marc Barkdoll, Wiggins.

113 — Cade Rockwell, Wray; Isaiah Martinez, S. County; Fernando Salazar, Fowler, Monte Pickering, Lyons.

120 — Christian Keller, Lyons; Hayden Burr, S. County; Alec Holtorf, Yuma; Jake Dickson, Wray.

126 — Oran Huff, Lyons; Matthew Frank, Merino; Braden Smith, Yuma; Reid Brown, Wray.

132 — Jesus Hernandez, Burlington; Blaze Brophy, Yuma; Seth Dorrenbacher, Akron; Derek Saffer, Wary.

138 — Tyler Collins, Wray; Michael Gutierrez, Burlington; Joey Ross, Yuma; David Salazar, Fowler.

145 — Justin Traxler, Akron; Jesus Trejo, Holyoke; David Gardner, Lyons; Javier Arambula, Wray.

152 — Louis Aguilar, Burlington; Emmanuel Huerta, Wray; Logan Odell, Lyons; Dylan Palomino, Fowler.

160 — Cade Hillman, Wray; Trent Elliott, Merino; Luis Chafino, Holyoke; Derrick Poss, Akron.

170 — Carlos Tarin, Wray; Braden Witzel, Burlington; Orin Carnes, Fowler; Jaden Hansen, Yuma.

182 — Carson Reese, Akron; Fabian Lopez, S. County; Ty Hardesty, Wray; Konner Mauck, Lyons.

195 — Karson Bean, Lyons; Carson Berghuis, Wray; Cayden Lynch, Yuma; Dillon Harshman, Wiggins.

220 — Devon Harshman, Wiggins,; Andrew Davis, S. County; JJ horn, Fowler; Jose Ruiz, Yuma

285 — Jeron Lippert, Wray; Shawn Bailey, S. County; Lars Sims, Yuma; Isaac Mantey, Burlington.