Front Range League Volleyball All Conference

1st Team

Sam Anthony, Fairview, L; Erika Jones, Fort Collins, L; Trinity Corney, Fort Collins, MB; Sabrina Vandelist, Fort Collins, S; Riley Zuhn, Fossil Ridge, OH; Mataya Megson, Fossil Ridge, MB; Charlie Durbin, Fossil Ridge, L; Catie Semadeni, Fossil Ridge, OH; Camden Strain, Horizon, OH; Jaxin Melby, Loveland, OH/MB; Myles Hilbert, Rocky Mountain, OH; Annika Larson, Rocky Mountain, L.

2nd Team

Kristina Consbruck, Broomfield, S; Vicki Fankell, Broomfield, OH; Hope Hanak-Harper, Broomfield, RS; Grace Anderson, Fairview, OH; Hannah Serbousek, Fort Collins, OH; Lauren Strain, Horizon, MB; Emma Quarles, Legacy, S; Bailee Newham, MB; Maddie Kinney, Loveland, OH; Racquel Roybal, Loveland, S; Evelyn Haskins, Monarch; OH; Kiki Mayes, Rocky Mountain, S.

Honorable Mention

Gabby Rucker, Boudler, MB; Abby Aschbacher, Boulder, OH; Calli Fuller, Fairview, MB; Sarah Huang, Fairview, S; Maura Sharp, Fairview, RS/MB; Devon Walsh, Fairview, OH; Taylor Gallimore, Fort Collins, RS; Peyton Dunn, Fossil Ridge, S; Grace Whyrick, Greeley West, S; Katie Martin, Horizon, OH; Jenna Wehrly, Legacy, OH; Lacy Carson, Legacy, L; McKinlee Foley, Loveland, L; Laura Stricker, Monarch, MB; Savannah Cook, Monarch, RS; Hannah Sprinklin, Monarch, OH; Lexi Lukela, Mountain Range, L; Julia Darnell, Mountain Range, RS; Suzy Cordova, Poudre, MB; Libby Couture, Poudre, MB; Lexi Drager, Poudre, L.

Coach of the year: Glenn Gainley, Rocky Mountain

Athlete of the year: Annika Larson, Rocky Mountain

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