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First team

Laxmi Humagia, Manual

Reid Diamond, Peak to Peak

Abdul Bonaize, Manual

Matias Alberola, Kent Denver

Charlie Parham, Colorado Academy

Max Hewitt, Kent Denver

Karl Gjerapic, SkyView Academy

Silas Best, Faith Christian

John Randall, Faith Christian

Paddy Bins, Jefferson Academy

Bryson Cuss, Prospect Ridge Academy

Second team

Chris Kemp, Stargate Academy

Whit, Winset, Lutheran

Conner Brook, Colorado Academy

Michael Mote, Prospect Ridge Academy

Martin Maung Ling, Bishop Machebeuf

Rawson Welch, Kent Denver

Peter Carpenter, Colorado Academy

Matt Farris, Faith Christian

Jonathan Gruener, Peak to Peak

Christian Johnson, Lutheran

Colton Ingalls, Jefferson Academy

Honorable Mention:

Paul Sri, Bishop Machebeuf; Omar Lemus, Peak to Peak; Spencer Thomas, Kent Denver; Micah Allan, Faith Christian; Yan Zambrano, Lutheran; Peyton Boyals, Jefferson Academy; Christian Lopez, SkyView Academy; Michael Ungacta, Prospect Ridge; Nick Maffei, Colorado Academy; Jared Miranda, Colorado Academy; Nick Spykstra, Lutheran; Daniel Orbidan, SkyView Academy; Abel Reyes, Bishop Machebeuf; Davis Evans, Kent Denver; Garrett Jackson, Peak to Peak; Ian Coen, Jefferson Academy; Jonathan Schoene, Lutheran.

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