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State cross country: Dynamic duo leads Lyons girls to win in 2A

  • The Lyons boys and girls teams pose with their trophies...

    Isaiah J. Downing / For

    The Lyons boys and girls teams pose with their trophies at the state cross country meet in Colorado Springs in October.

  • Lyons junior Katie Fankhouser (692) and freshman Quin Gregg (693)...

    Isaiah J. Downing / For

    Lyons junior Katie Fankhouser (692) and freshman Quin Gregg (693) run durin te Class 2A girls race on Saturday in Colorado Springs.

  • Lyons junior Isaac Roberts runs during the Class 2A race...

    Isaiah J. Downing / For

    Lyons junior Isaac Roberts runs during the Class 2A race at the state cross country meet on Saturday.



COLORADO SPRINGS — Katie Fankhouser and Quin Gregg didn’t leave each other’s side for most of the state race on Saturday afternoon.

Same can be said for most of the year.

The terrific twosome worked off each other to finish one-two in the Class 2A race at Norris-Penrose Event Center, leading the Lions to their first girls’ title since 2014. The two stayed together — as they had all year — and were within a few meters of each other before Fankhouser pulled away with 600 meters to go.

Fankhouser finished in 19 minutes and 24 seconds, and Gregg came behind her in 19:36.

“Katie is the junior — she came back as our No. 1 runner from last year, and Quin came in as that talented freshman who really didn’t know any better,” Lyons coach Mark Roberts said. “And they just became a tandem .”

The teammates began running with each other after the first race of the season. Fankhouser laid down the pace and Gregg followed in stride.

They pushed each other in moments of fatigue. They reminded each other of good form, and even exchanged their fair share of encouraging running-isms.

In the end, it worked.

“It worked exactly as planned,” Fankhouser said.

At state, Fankhouser and Gregg stuck to the pacing they’d planned with their coach at the outset, and then slowly swept around all other contenders. They passed Dawson sophomore Lucca Fulkerson and South Routt’s Chloe Veilleux just after the 2-mile point to take the lead. Then, they pushed into the clear.

In the end, four of the top five runners in the 2A girls’ race were from the area. Defending champion Helen Cross of Nederland finished fourth in 20:17 and Fulkerson was fifth in 20:24. As a team, Dawson finished fourth and Nederland was 10th.

After receiving their medals on the podium, Fankhouser and Gregg embraced before joining the rest of their team in celebration.

“I wouldn’t be here without Katie,” Gregg said.

Fankhouser agreed, “100 percent.”

In 2A boys, the young Lions finished second to senior-heavy Heritage Christian. Isaac Roberts finished third after taking second at the state meet a year ago.

Looking back, the junior said his early pace was too slow and he could never quite catch up to the leaders.

“Next year I’ll just train a little bit harder and try and come out with the win,” he said.

Elsewhere in 3A boys, Twin Peaks Charter finished 11th on the strength of Andy Hernandez’s and John Morkunas’ top-40 finishes at 18:45.

For Lyons, the boys will be among the contenders next year with five of their top-six runners expected to return. The girls, meanwhile, look to bring back their top three and four of their top six.

“This is about as good as we could have envisioned,” Coach Roberts said. “I couldn’t be happier for (the girls’ team). And the boys will bounce, we’ll come back.”

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CHSAA State Cross Country Meet

At Norris-Penrose Event Center

5A Girls

Team scores — Mountain Vista 44, Cherry Creek 88, Cherokee Trail 107, Fossil Ridge 182, Monarch 199, Broomfield 216, Fairview 227, Rocky Mountain 233, Valor Christian 272, Boulder 285.

Top 10 individuals — 1. Jenna Fitzsimmons, Mountain Vista, 18:12; 2. Taylor Whitfield, Valor Christian, 18:25; 3. Cameron McConnell, Cherokee Trail, 18:26; 4. Caitlin McConnell, Cherokee Trail, 18:36; 5. Riley Stewart, Cherry Creek, 18:42; 6. Sarah O’Sullivan, Mountain Vista, 18:43; 7. Aidyn Woodall, Douglas County, 18:49; 8. Sydney Swanker, Broomfield, 18:50; 9. Carley Bennett, Lakewood, 18:50; 10. Madison Reed, Mountain Vista, 18:50.

Monarch finishers — Anna Wexler, 19:39, Julia Mainland, 19:46, Madelyn MacLaughlin, 19:52, Chloe Smith, 20:12, Ginger Harrington, 20:27, Arianna Le, 20:29, Vivian Johnson, 21:08.

Other Broomfield finishers — Lauren Felknor, 19:47, Allison Leister, 19:56, Sierra Parks, 20:07, Sarah Stussi, 21:14, Grace Higgins, 22:21, Sadie VanWagenen, 22:23.

Fairview finishers — Marlena Preigh, 19:42, Kinsey Hall, 19:45, Aloha Churchill, 20:02, Ellie Smith, 20:23, Tegan Bartholomew-Brown, 20:48, Amelia DiGiano, 20:52, Carina Helmig, 21:39.

Boulder finishers — Stella Vieth, 20:01, Kate Zacharias, 20:03, Izzy Heart, 20:17, Marist Wrenn, 20:41, Bettina Burgess, 20:52, Olivia Kurtz, 20:52, Lilly Chesher, 21:11.

Other local finishers — Abby Jones, Legacy, 19:38.

4A Girls

Team scores — Niwot 47, Battle Mountain 59, Air Academy 131, Centaurus 177, Cheyenne Mountain 178, Palmer Ridge 184, Durango 220, Eagle Valley 226, Thompson Valley 256, Discovery Canyon 293.

Top 10 individuals — 1. Layla Roebke, Niwot, 18:29; 2. Taylor James, Niwot, 18:35; 3. Naomi Harding, Battle Mountain, 18:41; 4. Tiya Chamberlin, Wheat Ridge, 18:48; 5. Kenadi Krueger, Thompson Valley, 18:51; 6. Joslin Blair, Eagle Valley, 18:54; 7. Liberty Ricca, Discovery Canyon, 18:56; 8. Grace Johnson, Battle Mountain, 18:57; 9. Samantha Blair, Eagle Valley, 18:58; 10. Avery Doan, Eagle Valley, 19:03.

Other Niwot finishers — Joelle McDonald, 19:09, Samrawit Dishon, 19:20, Maggie Smith, 19:31, Eva Klingbeil, 20:36, Mallory Finley, 22:23.

Centaurus finishers — Molly Maksin, 19:21, Maggie McCleskey, 19:44, Riley Geldean, 20:03, Grace Armstrong, 20:35, Natalie Kramer, 20:56, Katie Hooten, 20:57, Emma Sundberg, 21:36.

Silver Creek finishers — Cami Fischmann, 20:19, Alyssa Morgan, 21:10, Abby Fostveit, 21:16, Kylie Morgan, 21:57, Ashlynn Weaver, 22:03, Hanna Burns, 22:06, Lindsay Beckwith, 22:11.

Erie finishers — Emily Condon, 21:17, Emma Osborn, 21:38, Ashley Edwards, 21:38, Emmalee Fischer, 22:28, Audrey Joseph, 22:54, Isabel Sease, 23:15, Anais Garcia, 24:40.

Other local finishers — Kaitlyn Salazar, Mead, 21:17.

3A Girls

Team scores — The Classical Academy 34, Peak to Peak Charter 97, D’Evelyn 135, Elizabeth 202, Frontier Academy 202, Moffat County 214, Aspen 227, Pagosa Springs 234, Gunnison 275, Liberty Common 281.

Top 10 individuals — 1. Kaylee Thompson, The Classical Academy, 18:19; 2. Anna Shults, Peak to Peak, 18:37; 3. Quinn McConnell, Peak to Peak, 18:43; 4. Rachel Ingram, Colorado Springs Christian, 18:50; 5. Katie Flaherty, The Classical Academy, 19:02; 6. Kylie Simshauser, Florence, 19:03; 7. Kennedy McDonald, The Classical Academy, 19:10; 8. Ashten Loeks, Elizabeth, 19:10; 9. Rebecca Thompson, The Classical Academy, 19:14; 10. Eliana Thompson, D’Evelyn, 19:15.

Other Peak to Peak finishers — Allison Beasley, 19:24, Jenny Portillo, 20:49, Sydney Adams, 21:23, Jenna Howard, 21:34.

Holy Family finishers — Alyssa Wells, 20:18, Ashley Darrah, 21:46, Alyssa Jany, 21:46, Evie Boyd, 21:46, Elizabeth Boselli, 22:16, Julianne Geneser, 22:28, Nina Finocchiaro, 22:43.

Jefferson Academy finishers — Jocey Farhar, 21:52, Emma Wiley, 23:35, Bridget Lynch, 23:57, Makayla Kinard, 24:18, Caitlyn Martinez, 25:25, Maren Harding, 26:00.

Other local finishers — Isabella Rueda, Prospect Ridge Academy, 21:39.

2A Girls

Team scores — Lyons 15, Platte Canyon 43, South Routt 47, Dawson 70, Paonia 72, Buena Vista 76, Peyton 86, Shining Mountain Waldorf 89, Centauri 90, Nederland 96.

Top 10 individuals — 1. Katie Fankhouser, Lyons 19:24; 2. Quin Gregg, Lyons, 19:36; 3. Chloe Veilleux, South Routt, 19:46; 4. Helen Cross, Nederland, 20:17; 5. Lucca Fulkerson, Dawson, 20:24; 6. Emma Dikken, Platte Canyon, 20:29; 7. Audrey Maroney, Rye, 20:49; 8. Sophia Schuemann, Heritage Christian, 21:01; 9. Lisa Bezzant, Platte Canyon, 21:02; 10. Kendra Sears, Sargent, 21:03.

Other Lyons finishers — Hannah Thomas, 21:09, Kylee Udovich, 21:42, Alora Cross, 23:09, Jewel Thomas, 23:27.

Other Dawson finishers — Sophie Weiner, 21:37, Breck Dunbar, 23:29, Bridget Bell, 24:15, Helen Leon, 24:48, Nami Kaneko, 25:55.

Shining Mountain Waldorf finishers — Abby Leuchten, 21:56, Tess Leuchten, 22:24, Bodhi Mills, 23:25, Mira Saliman, 25:09, Izzi Manning, 26:18, Ella Steinbach, 26:22.

Other Nederland finishers — Meg Feeley, 22:37, Elysia Nitsch, 24:17, Alex Sorokach, 25:21, Meagan Figgins, 26:47, Sasha Godsil, 26:49.

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