• Matthew Jonas/Staff Photographer

    Head coach Brian McGee leads the Silver Creek football team through its paces during practice on Aug. 6. McGee takes over after spending 13 years as a defensive coordinator.

  • Matthew Jonas / Staff Photographer

    Silver Creek coach Brian McGee gives instructions to the Raptors football team during practice on Aug. 6.



New head coaches in BoCo area for 2018

Boulder: Ryan Bishop replaced Vincent Smith (two years)

Centaurus: Andy Hampton replaced Bob Carskie (three years)

Legacy: Corey Heinz replaced Wayne Voorhess (15 years)

Silver Creek: Brian McGee replaced Mike Apodaca (15 years)

Prospect Ridge: Mike Storer replaced John Roberts (four years)

LONGMONT — When a coach has been with a football team for any lengthy period of time, the way things are done can become ingrained in a program’s identity.

That can be a good thing. It also has the potential to slow things down when a new coach arrives at a program and begins to do things their own way.

Mike Apodaca, for example, was the head football coach for the past 15 years at Silver Creek, where he won 100 games and led the Raptors to a Class 3A state championship in 2012. That’s a long time and a lot of expectations to meet.

Incoming head coach Brian McGee, however, is not overly concerned about taking over for such a successful and longstanding coach. After all, he worked shoulder to shoulder with Apodaca as the Raptors’ defensive coordinator for the past 13 years.

“To be honest, it’s probably the same challenge that any coach coming into a program faces, regardless of how long the coach was there before,” said McGee, who has been with the program since 2002. “I’m in a different situation because I’ve been an assistant with the program for so long and I’ve spent so much time with Apodaca. Coming in, my goals are about building on what we did in the past and understanding what got Silver Creek the successes we had. A lot of it is about getting the commitment from the kids and getting them to understand where we’ve been and where we come from, and the hard work it takes to get back there.”

While a lot of things will remain the same with McGee taking over at Silver Creek, he was also clear that there definitely will be some changes.

The Raptors will run more of a west-coast type of offense this year with more run-pass options that will require different blocking schemes and route-tree work. Since Apodaca was both head coach and offensive coordinator, there will likely be some differences in terms of play calling. But overall, McGee said the transition has felt like a pretty smooth one, which is what most incoming head coaches hope for when taking over a locker room.

“I think it’s going pretty well,” McGee said. “We had some good seniors last year that graduated and we’ve got some spots to fill. But I’m impressed with the young kids who are coming in. We have an experienced offensive coordinator in coach (David) May, so that helps a lot. There are some new things that the kids are learning but we’re getting on the same page. It’s a good change and a change that our kids have embraced.”

After just three new head coaches took over in the area last season, there are five new faces that will lead football programs this fall including McGee.

At Legacy, Corey Heinz takes the reins from Wayne Voorhees, who was also a 15-year tenured head coach. Ryan Bishop is the new leader of the program at Boulder, Andy Hampton will coach Centaurus and Prospect Ridge has a new coach in Mike Storer this season.

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