Football: Uniform and equipment rules will be an emphasis of enforcement this season

Matthew Jonas / Staff Photographer
Uniform and equipment rules will be a point of emphasis for officials this upcoming football season, according to CHSAA officials.

AURORA — There will be an emphasis on enforcement of uniform and equipment rules during the 2018 football season.

The renewed focus has already been evident during clinics for officials which have started to take place this summer. Coaches will also be heavily informed of the emphasis during mandatory rules meetings before the season. In addition the topic will be discussed between officials and coaches during pregame meetings.

The uniform and equipment rules have been part of the NFHS rules, but “it has been enforced inconsistently,” said CHSAA associate commissioner Tom Robinson, who oversees officials. “This season, those rules will be enforced consistently.”

In addition — and this is new for the 2018 season — any player using improper equipment will be removed from play for one down. That was a rule change announced by the NFHS in February. A team can call a timeout, but the player still must miss a down.

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