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  • Tanner Garner

    Paul Aiken / Staff Photographer

    Tanner Garner

  • Jenna Baro

    Paul Aiken / Staff Photographer

    Jenna Baro

  • Luke Puchino

    Jonathan Castner / Daily Camera

    Luke Puchino

  • Jacob Williams

    Cliff Grassmick / Staff Photographer

    Jacob Williams

  • Makenna Goodard

    Brad Cochi / Staff Photographer

    Makenna Goodard




Matt Fete, John Carroll University, lacrosse

Lauren Neugeboren, University of Arizona, track & field

Ben Santos, Carleton College, track & field



Cameron Broadhurst, Laramie County Community College, boys soccer

Gavin Carlson, Western State University, football

Tanner Garner, Mesa State University, baseball

Ivy Gonzales, Colorado State University, track & cross country

Nicole Gonzales, Nebraska Wesleyan University, volleyball

Abby Holbrook, University of Wyoming, cheer

Lainey Hughes, University of Chicago, softball

Daisia Knowles, Finlandia University, soccer

Vanessa Kort, Metro State University, track & cross country

Emily Mitchem, Colorado College, track & cross country

Katelyn Mitchem, University of Wyoming, track & cross country

Madison Mooney, University of Wisconsin, track & cross country

Michael Mooney, Colorado State University, track & cross country

Preston Renner, Chadron State College-Nebraska, wrestling

Laura Thompson, University of Alabama Birmingham, track & cross country

Mason Watt, Chadron State College-Nebraska, wrestling


Delaney Pratt, University of New Hampshire, lacrosse

Bailey Carsten, Elizabethtown College, volleyball

Chase Fulkerson, Oberlin College, baseball

Tyler Yungeberg, Pennsylvania State University, fencing


Jenna Baro, Converse College, softball

Isabella Bowland, Georgia Institute of Technology, track & cross country



Erin Baum, Iowa Lakes Community College, golf

Jacob Cole, Chadron State College, football

Casey Elnicki, Western State, soccer

Makenna Goodard, Colby Junior College, softball

Lorenna Hernandez, Fisher College, softball

Lilliana Nieves-Martin, University of Wyoming, cheer



Will Brassil, University of New Mexico, baseball

Taylor Santangelo, College of St. Benedict and St. John’s, track & cross country

Avery Tellam, Loyola New Orleans, cheer

Austin Sasser, Augustana College, baseball



Makenna Gottschalk, Dayton State College, soccer

Drian Hays, Chadron State College, wrestling

Aidan Funk, Colorado School of Mines, wrestling

Julia Thompson, Occidental College, soccer



Luke Puchino, York College, basketball



Austen Clark, Augustana College, baseball

Gabe Paznokas, Western State, football

Field Soosloff, Montana State Northern, track & cross country

Sarah Stevelinck, California State University, East Bay, volleyball



Sam Rhodes, Assumption College, swimming

Sophia Maeda, Hillsdale College, cross country

Hannah Svendsen, St. Catherine University, swimming



Liz Hogan, Cal Poly, track & cross country



Madaline Callaway, Baylor University, equestrian

Tyler Feddema, Rhodes College, volleyball



Emma Schaefer, Grinnell College, track and cross country


Brandon Coder, Johnson & Wales University, soccer

Jake Feiner, University of Dayton, soccer

Abigail Gray, Azusa Pacific University, track & field

James Lee, University of Pennsylvania, track & cross country

Aven Risk, Adams State University, soccer

Nicole Schlegel, Grinnell College, swimming

Ben Willett, Pitzer College, diving

Jacob Williams, Western State, football & wrestling

• Several schools are waiting until late in the spring to hold ceremonies

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