Cochi: Five questions with Twin Peaks athletic director and boys basketball coach Cameron Wright

The newest school in the area, Twin Peaks Charter School in Longmont has had varsity athletics for five years now and its sports programs are picking up steam. With basketball season in full swing, that sport is developing into the school’s flagship program as it continues to plan to increase its athletic offerings in the future.

Cameron Wright is both the boys basketball coach and athletic director at Twin Peaks Charter, so I caught up with him on Wednesday to check in on the latest developments in the school’s athletic department.

Question: Your school has had varsity athletics for five years now. As all of the Timberwolves programs become more and more competitive, what are your thoughts on how things have progressed early in the school’s existence?

Wright: We’re super excited about the fact that we’re growing at a rapid pace. I think that we are growing faster than some other schools in terms of becoming competitive early on. Our cross country team qualified for state last year, we had our 4×800 boys relay qualify for state and last year we had our first all-conference selection in boys basketball. So it’s great to see our young athletes experience more and more success and it’s just really good for the school as a whole.

You guys have boys and girls basketball, track and field, cross country, volleyball and boys lacrosse. As the school continues to grow, what is the plan for adding new sports in the near and distant future?

Soccer is next for us. We’re going to add girls soccer in the spring of 2019. We plan to play a JV season in then and probably another year, but we also might go straight into varsity because that will be the first year of the two-year cycle and the Mile High League could need a new team to make its schedule better. If they say they want a new varsity team right away, we’ll go varsity and we’ll take our lumps. But we’ve got seniors and we’ve got juniors, so we’ll compete. Then we’ll also add boys soccer in the fall of 2019 and we’ll play a one-year JV schedule there.

Of course, there’s always a lot of talk about football and that would be the ultimate goal. But we’re also looking to add some other smaller sports like golf as soon as we get an opportunity.

The Twin Peaks boys basketball team is 8-4, which puts the Timberwolves boys on pace for the first winning season in the sport, boys or girls. Could you please talk a bit about how the season is going?

I keep telling people it’s a culmination of three years of work. The sophomores that I started with are now seniors. They’ve grown in their skills and they’re bigger and strong. The transfer from Longmont, David Jarvis, has been a huge lift. We do expect to have a winning season and we feel like we’re capable of winning a playoff game, which is one of our goals. We also hope that it’s not a one-and-done thing and we hope that we can keep it going and get to the point where we’re competitive year-in and year-out. It has been a rallying cry for our school, our gym is packed on Friday night and it’s been a joy so far.

David Jarvis is leading the boys with 16.0 point per game. What have you seen out of the senior transfer this season?

He came in with a lot of pre-acquired skill when he got to me so he has played a lot of basketball and you can see it. He and Jake Dawson are probably the guys with the most basketball experience. David is everything you could ask for. He’s coachable, he does everything you ask and the boys have grown to trust him and he has accepted that offensive leadership role. We don’t have anything special or any set plays for him, necessarily, but the boys have decided that if we swing the ball around and make the right plays, he’s the guys we’d love to have taking the last shot at the end of a game.

In each successive season, the Twin Peaks girls basketball team has produced higher win totals the Timberwolves girls are currently on pace to win more games than in any previous season yet again. How do you think the season in going on the girls’ side?

We switched coaches and they’re implementing a lot of the things we put in a couple years ago with the boys that have been really successful. They’re five or six points away from a couple more wins, too. They’re senior-led but they also have some really talented young players. Natalie Schauer is probably our go-to girl right now and she’s only a sophomore, plus freshman Erika Haan is a real nice player. They’ll be young for a couple years but they’ve got the talent coming up and the right guy in place to lead them. I expect them to just keep getting more and more competitive in 2A.

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