Girls swimming: Fairview wins competitive Boulder County Invite

THORNTON — Despite the fact local schools were still wrapping up the holiday break from their respective classrooms, it became instantly obvious on Saturday that area swimmers did their athletic ‘homework’ with due diligence at the Boulder County Invitational.

The proof? Dropped times, new state cuts all over the place, and even a couple of meet records at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center in Thornton — where the event was moved to in recent years to accommodate the growing participation.

Just as basketball players may go to a local gym to play some pickup hoops during the layoff, swimmers have ample opportunity to keep their bodies fresh away from their teammates, and for the most part, they are expected to.

“I actually went to Indiana over the break and it was really hard to find time to train, but I did it,” Boulder senior Alexa Warner said, “And I personally went two personal bests today, so that’s pretty cool to finally feel like what I’ve been doing is working.”

Warner wasn’t alone in that sentiment.

“These two weeks are super tough and we do train through both (the Coaches Invite and the BoCo), and it’s been tough to get up early and want to swim fast,” Fairview’s Kim Lanaghen said. “But it’s great to see these girls on our team do that, and it’s encouraging to see fast times when we’re coming off that kind of training.

“This meet’s a lot of fun to see girls we don’t get to see all the time, just to see how they did over break, too.”

For Fairview’s part, the day started off with a bang as the host Knights won the first of all three relays with a meet record time of 1 minute, 47.85 seconds. Lanaghen was on that foursome, which also included Riley Tapley, Isabel Rich and Kaia Reznicek, and it was the start of a stacked front end of the meet for the junior Lanaghen.

“We got to pick our events, and I kind of just didn’t choose very wisely in that regard,” she said. “That’s OK. I was stacked up pretty early but I just wanted to see how it went. I needed to swim the 200 free at some point … so I got that one out of the way. Just trying to push through.”

The Knights got a push from Regis Jesuit and a very good showing from Colorado Springs schools Rampart and Lewis-Palmer also sparked Fairview to be at its best. The depth overall gave Fairview the meet victory, with Mya Drost-Parra’s 200 individual medley win (2:10.14) and Amelie Lessing’s first place time in a heavy-hitting butterfly (56.97) adding big points.

Karla Lessing, a freshman for FHS, finished second in the 500 and third in the 200 free, as well.

After missing the Coaches Invitational because of elbow bursitis infection, Monarch sophomore Katey Lewicki made a huge impression as far as what to expect over the second half of the season. The Coyotes had a fantastic finish to place fourth on Saturday, but Lewicki put her stamp on the meet with a record swim in the backstroke — her winning time of 56.27 more than three full seconds ahead of second place.

Lewicki then anchored the 400 free relay team to a fifth place finish coming out of the second-to-last heat (3:47.44). Lewicki has had to deal with the bursitis since March, and it’s led to a couple of stretches of missed time in the pool.

“I am just getting back into things after missing two weeks out of the pool, so I was really happy with the results today,” said Lewicki, finished 11th in the event at state last year in the 58-second range. “(Recovery) is a slow process … it’s really frustrating but it makes you work a lot harder and appreciate races like today.”

Broomfield, Legacy and Boulder all finished within a few points of each other in the middle of the pack, but both Broomfield coach Emily Austin and Boulder coach Jay Turner were encouraged with quite a few performances.

Eagles freshman Mairead Powers swam back-to-back 200’s and finished sixth and 11th, respectively.

Boulder saw Bena Koehn get her state cut in the 50 freestyle, and the Panthers 200 free relay team (Ella Kipfer, Ella Riccio, Jordan Pederson and Koehn) put together an eighth-place swim.

Legacy’s effort was led by Kandice Chandra, who placed sixth in the butterfly and seventh in the IM.

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Boulder County Invitational

At Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center

Team scores — Fairview 774.50, Regis Jesuit 585, Rampart 388, Lewis-Palmer 334, Monarch 257.5, Loveland 167, Arvada West 156, Valor Christian 154, Columbine 150, Broomfield 138, Legacy 127, Boulder 103, Pueblo Sputh 68, Manitou Springs 50, Centaurus 16, Cherokee Trail 15, Heritage 7, Standley Lake 5.

200 medley relay — 1. Fairview (Riley Tapley, Isabel Rich, Kim Lanaghen, Kaia Reznicek), 1:47.85; 2. Rampart, 1:47.86; 3. Regis Jesuit, 1:50.97; 4. Fairview ‘B’ (Kirsten Lee, Alex Nadelson, Mya Drost-Parra, Heather Maclachlan), 1:52.14; 5. Monarch (Katey Lewicki, Sydney Atkinson, Quinn Webster, Anna Barjenbruch), 1:52.28; 14. Broomfield, 2:00.95; 15. Boulder, 2:01.76; 18. Legacy, 2:03.18; 20. Centaurus, 2:04.06.

200 freestyle — 1. Meredith Rees, Lewis-Palmer, 1:56.44; 2. Catriona Clarke, Rampart, 1:57.62; 3. Karla Lessing, Fairview, 1:57.92; 5. Una Forsythe, Fairview, 2:00.67; 6. Mairead Powers, Broomfield, 2:01.17; 8. Kim Lanaghen, Fairview, 2:01.58; 9. Helen Sun, Fairview, 2:02.25; 10. Robin Cruz-Abrams, Fairview, 2:02.28; 16. Alexa Warner, Boulder, 2:04.16; 18. Ella Kipfer, Boulder, 2:05.83.

200 IM — 1. Mya Drost-Parra, Fairview, 2:10.14; 2. Ella Kirschke, Valor Christian, 2:10.21; 3. Isabel Rich, Fairview, 2:11.35; 7. Kandice Chandra, Legacy, 2:15.79; 11. Mairead Powers, Broomfield, 2:17.73; 12. Natalie Brent, Fairview, 2:18.11; 17. Alex Nadelson, Fairview, 2:22.03; 18. Kaylee Wu, Fairview, 2:23.12.

50 freestyle — 1. Jada Surrell-Norwood, Regis Jesuit, 24.31; 2. Lainee Jones, Pueblo South, 24.87; 3. Lindsey Immel, Rampart, 24.88; 4. Jillian Martin, Broomfield, 25.04; 5. Cailen Chinn, Fairview, 25.09; 6. Jenna Reznicek, Fairview, 25.12; 12. Julianna Haensly, Fairview, 25.61; 14. Bena Koehn, Boulder, 25.70; 15. Riley Tapley, Fairview, 25.71; 17. Anna Barjenbruch, Monarch, 25.95.

Diving — 1. Savana Trueb, Lewis-Palmer, 446.25; 2. Anna Kemper, Lewis-Palmer, 433.50; 3. Gabrielle Peltier, Rampart, 430.45; 10. Angeline Settle, Monarch, 362.75; 11. Rya Muller, Fairview, 354.70; 19. Bryce Spencer, Broomfield, 290.85.

100 butterfly — 1. Amelie Lessing, Fairview, 56.97; 2. Meredith Rees, Lewis-Palmer, 57.91; 3. Una Forsythe, Fairview, 58.14; 5. Kim Lanaghen, Fairview, 59.23; 6. Kandice Chandra, Legacy, 59.98; 7. Jillian Martin, Broomfield, 1:00.55; 9. Heather Maclachlan, Fairview, 1:00.61; 10. Isabel Rich, Fairview, 1:00.83; 11. Quinn Webster, Monarch, 1:01.35; 13. Helen Sun, Fairview, 1:01.81; 16. Peyton Tran, Legacy, 1:02.44; 17. Samantha Mosier, Fairview, 1:02.65.

100 freestyle — 1. Jada Surrell-Norwood, Regis Jesuit, 52.76; 2. Allana Clarke, Rampart, 54.17; 3. Lindsey Immel, Rampart, 54.44; 4. Amelie Lessing, Fairview, 54.55; 8. Jenna Reznicek, Fairview, 55.27; 10. Kirsten Lee, Fairview, 55.42; 13. Cailen Chinn, Fairview, 56.00; 14. Julianna Haensly, Fairview, 56.32.

500 freestyle — 1. Lainee Jones, Pueblo South, 5:07.56; 2. Karla Lessing, Fairview, 5:07.65; 3. Robin Cruz-Abrams, Fairview, 5:19.06; 8. Katey Lewicki, Monarch, 5:31.21; 9. Erin Keown, Fairview, 5:31.95; 14. Sedona Sanders, Fairview, 5:41.42; 15. Kaylee Wu, Fairview, 5:42.15; 17. Kirsten Kerwin, Broomfield, 5:51.10.

200 free relay — 1. Fairview (Kaia Reznicek, Amelie Lessing, Una Forsythe, Jenna Reznicek), 1:38.79; 2. Regis Jesuit, 1:39.07; 3. Rampart, 1:39.36; 4. Fairview ‘B’ (Julianna Haensly, Kim Lanaghen, Helen Sun, Riley Tapley), 1:42.34; 7. Monarch (Quinn Webster, Randi Rens, Gillian Beauchamp, Megan Mitchell), 1:45.31; 8. Boulder (Ella Kipfer, Ella Riccio, Jordan Pederson, Bena Koehn), 1:45.95; 10. Fairview ‘C’, 1:46.52; 12. Monarch, 1:48.17; 13. Legacy, 1:48.20; 15. Broomfield, 1:48.39; 20. Centaurus, 1:52.26.

100 backstroke — 1. Katey Lewicki, Monarch, 56.27; 2. Mya Drost-Parra, Fairview, 59.29; 3. Kaia Reznicek, Fairview, 59.79; 4. Anna Barjenbruch, Monarch, 1:00.08; 4. Kirsten Lee, Fairview, 1:00.08; 9. Bella Walters, Legacy, 1:00.59; 11. Annika Bachman, Fairview, 1:03.06; 12. Randi Rens, Monarch, 1:03.22; 13. Lizi Bolles, Fairview, 1:03.32.

100 breaststroke — 1. Edenna Chen, Rampart, 1:05.49; 2. Joey Miller, Rampart, 1:10.15; 3. Courtney Vale, Regis Jesuit, 1:10.46; 4. Natalie Brent, Fairview, 1:10.54; 5. Sydney Atkinson, Monarch, 1:10.59; 6. Lauren Rutherford, Fairview, 1:10.90; 7. Alex Nadelson, Fairview, 1:11.04; 9. Erin Keown, Fairview, 1:11.63; 10. Amelia Heckman, Fairview, 1:11.72; 11. Kira Rimstidt, Fairview, 1:12.42; 15. Laura Zhang, Monarch, 1:13.26; 16. Lauren Schlageter, Fairview, 1:13.42; 20. Charli Dolan, Legacy, 1:13.68.

400 free relay — 1. Fairview (Kaia Reznicek, Mya Drost-Parra, Cailen Chinn, Amelie Lessing) 3:37.79; 2. Regis Jesuit, 3:38.18; 3. Fairview ‘B’ (Una Forsythe, Julianna Haensly, Heather Maclachlan, Kirsten Lee), 3:40.99; 5. Monarch (Anna Burjenbruch, Paige DiFronzo, Megan Mitchell, Katey Lewicki), 3:47.44; 8. Fairview ‘C’, 3:51.08; 9. Broomfield, 3:51.57; 11. Fairview ‘D’, 3:53.91; 12. Boulder, 3:54.14; 18. Legacy, 4:06.99.