Boys soccer: Conner Peskin forging his own path at Silver Creek

  • Lewis Geyer / Staff Photographer

    Silver Creek's Conner Peskin lead the team with 13 goals last season.

  • Lewis Geyer / Staff Photographer

    Silver Creek's Conner Peskin works the ball forward during practice on Monday.



LONGMONT — It is something little brothers all over the world have had to deal with for a long time.

The constant comparisons and expectations that seem to come with the territory, especially when the older sibling has had success.

Such is the case for Silver Creek senior striker Conner Peskin, whose older brother Sean graduated as the single-season goal scoring leader for the Raptors in 2015 with 20.

An enormous shadow?

Yes. But one he began to step out of midway through his breakout junior year that saw him lead the team with 13 goals.

“My entire life, he has always been two years older than me and he was a great player. He set all those records and to an extent, I’ve been in his shadow for a while,” said Conner Peskin, who helped guide Silver Creek to their best regular season record, 13-3-1, last year. “My goal this year is to break that barrier, score more goals than he did.

“We play the same position, but we are very different players. His main thing was his physicality; I use my speed and my technical skills.”

Sean, now a member of the Colorado State ultimate frisbee team, is still close to home in Fort Collins and has been able to keep tabs on his little brother by both attending games and staying in contact with Raptors coach Rob Johnson.

Johnson knew the older Peskin through club soccer and on occasion, Sean would show up at Niwot, where Johnson used to coach, and join some of the teams kick arounds. Every now and then Conner would tag along with his brother, and Johnson got to know him too and knew what to expect when he took over at Silver Creek last fall.

Johnson knew he had a natural goal scorer, and he did the best he could to make it as easy as possible for Conner to succeed.

“I told him that our main goal is for you to be our leading goal scorer, but we are going to have to build and they are going to see Peskin, know you are Sean’s brother and they are going to mark you,” Johnson said. “Instead of playing center forward, we had him playing out wide and at times can be faster than Sean and he plays a little differently from the wing instead of so central.”

Conner Peskin is one of the team captains for the Raptors this season and in addition to scoring, Johnson is now asking even more of his striker.

“Can he get his team motivated? I think a lot of last year was about himself, in a good way not in any negative way. Now he is going to be a captain and one of the things he can do is inspire the younger players,” said Johnson, whose team won the Northern League title last season. “We are going to have a lot of sophomores, so he really wants to set an example. Conner is pumped up and wants to have a great year and go out with a bang.”

Conner Peskin has set lofty goals for himself and his team that is looking to build off the most successful season in school history.

“(Rob) has really brought our team together in a way that we feel comfortable playing together. He’s one of the best coaches I’ve ever had,” Conner said. “I’m going for more than 10 assists and 20 goals on the spot. I think that would be a pretty good accomplishment and if I work hard enough in the 14 or 15 games (hopefully more) that I can definitely get there. I’ve been working all summer (going to camps), the hardest I have ever worked before the soccer season, and I’m really dedicated to it. I want to help us get past the second round of the playoffs as well.”

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