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Cochi: Dawson School cracks top 10 in Mile High Sports rankings

Founded in 1970, the Dawson School motto has always been “Nothing Without Labor.”

Following that mantra has paid off for the Mustangs in recent years, especially in the realm of athletics. When Mile High Sports Magazine released its annual rankings of Colorado’s top prep sports programs on Tuesday, Dawson was listed at the No. 10 spot.

“Our students take that motto to heart and they realize that it takes hard work and perseverance to succeed in the classroom, in activities and it sports, in anything” Dawson athletic director Mike Jacobsma said. “The kids are all motivated and very driven. It’s just great to see our kids be rewarded for that hard work.”

Current Mustangs athletes Hannah Isenhart and Seth Clemente were also featured on the Mile High Sports Magazine cover. Clemente helped lead the Dawson boys to the school’s ever baseball championship last spring while Isenhart helped lead the Dawson girls soccer team to the Class 2A state title game.

The Mustangs are also in the midst of impressive runs of success in boys lacrosse, boys golf, boys and girls tennis, and others. Particularly for a program that didn’t crack the top 50 last year, or the top 150 the year before that, the Mustangs were understandably proud to skyrocket up the Mile High Sports list the way they have.

“Two years ago we were 164 and last year we were 72,” Jacobsma said. “Now we’re 10th this year. It’s just a credit to the great kids we have. What’s great about being in a small-school environment is that our kids are multi-sport athletes. They bring that competitiveness and that drive and they’re used to winning at a bunch of different sports.”

Regardless of classification, the Mile High Sports Magazine staff uses the following formula for its rankings:


(No. of Team State Qualifiers / Total Sports Participated In) x 25


(No. of Team State Runner-Up Finishes / TSPI) x 75


(No. of Team State Champions / TSPI) x 200


(No. of Individual State Champs + First-Team All-State Athletes / TSPI) x 20


Team’s score


Dawson scored a 52.92.

Broomfield was 17th with a score of 43.18. Fairview was 22nd with a score of 38.57.

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