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4A Northern League
First team
#1 Singles: Julia Pentz, Niwot
#2 Singles: Jessica Herold, Longmong
#3 Singles: Rachel Drake, Niwot
#1 Doubles: Emma Lerner & Amanda Duquette, Niwot
#2 Doubles: Erin O’Neill & Jewel Ng, Niwot
#3 Doubles: Kyra Foote & Melanie Reeves, Longmont
#4 Doubles: Tanna Carson & Natalie Garcia, Longmont
Second team
#1 Singles: Elsa Erickson, Silver Creek
#2 Singles: Taylor Thulson, Niwot
#3 Singles: Sophie Pell, Greeley Central
#1 Doubles: Claryssa Rynder & Katie Seja, Thompson Valley
#2 Doubles: Taleah Toso & Abby Parsons, Thompson Valley
#3 Doubles: Katie Ziel & Sophie Vandenberghe, Niwot
#4 Doubles: Yui Ishikawa & Sreeya Kairamkonda, Niwot
Coach of the year: Mike Merz
Player of the year: Elsa Erickson & Julie Pentz

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