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ASPEN — On Day 1 of the Colorado state skiing championships at Aspen Highlands on Thursday, it was the girls giant slalom where the Nederland Panthers shined the brightest.

In the first downhill event of the two-day, four-event state championships, the Panthers landed two girls in the top 10.

Sophomore Delany Pratt, who placed 10th as a freshman last year, placed sixth in the giant slalom with a two-run time of 1 minute, 38.2 seconds. Junior Cassidy Donohue, who placed 14th in 2015, took ninth with a time of 1:39.5.

“It went really well,” Panthers alpine coach Montana Fels said. “I’m really proud of the way they skied today. We were really focused and the course was a really difficult and technically hard course. I’m proud of the way they handled state and took it to the next level, which is what I wanted to see.”

In the boys giant slalom, the Nederland Panthers placed a pair of skiers in the top 15. Panthers junior Roland Bailey placed 13th in 1:36.8 and senior Trig Campbell placed 15th in 1:38.2. Senior Quinn Kuechenmeister placed 16th in 1:38.2.

In the team scoring, the Nederland girls finished Day 1 in ninth with 150 team points in the giant slalom and 43 in the Nordic classic. The Panthers boys finished in eighth with 142 points in the giant slalom and 92 in the Nordic classic. Aspen leads both team competitions.

“We were worried about the conditions but it went beautifully,” Panthers Nordic coach Jen Lavely said. “The course was beautiful, the competition was unrivaled and our kids were in a great head space. They competed wonderfully.”

The Panthers’ lone qualifier in the girls Nordic classic on Thursday, Sarah Davidson placed 23rd with a time of 20:58.1. Kiernan McClish was Nederland’s highest male placer in the Nordic classic, coming in 47th out of 72 racers with a time of 18:56.7.

On Friday, the Panthers will compete in the slalom and Nordic skate events.

“I’m looking forward to seeing them out on skate skis,” Lavely said. “They are slated to perform well and the course is hilly, which is where our kids perform the best.”

After their early performances at state, Lavely added that she wouldn’t be surprised if Mueller and fellow freshman Scout Edmondson emerge as contenders for the Skimeister award as they mature. The title of Skimeister is awarded to the best all-around skier across all four events.

The Nederland girls team finished fourth at last year’s state championships. The Panthers boys finished sixth.

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Colorado state skiing championships

At Aspen Highlands


Team scores (GS-classic-total) —
Aspen 136-176-312, Battle Mountain 159.5-138-297.5, Steamboat Springs 166-128-294, Summit 125-152-277, Vail Mountain 85-165-250, Middle Park 91-154-245, Eagle Valley 118-117-235, Nederland 142-92-234, Evergreen 159.5-66-225.5, Colorado Rocky Mountain 67-126-193, Clear Creek 85-81-166, Lake County 0-110-110, Platte Canyon 0-0-0.

Giant slalom top 10 —
1. Quintin Cook, Battle Mountain, 1:27.7; 2. Britt Walton, Steamboat Springs, 1:29.3; 3. Colin Suszynski, Evergreen, 1:30.0; 4. Luke Vickerman, Battle Mountain, 1:30.0; 5. Cole Riccio, Middle Park, 1:30.9; 6. Alexander Coffey, Steamboat Springs, 1:31.1; 7. Owen Tallmadge, Evergreen, 1:31.3; 8. Mike Skladanowski, Clear Creek, 1:32.9; 9. Andrew McCawley, Steamboat Springs, 1:33.2; 10. Reed Beidleman, Aspen, 1:33.9.

Nederland finishers —
13. Roland Bailey, 1:36.8; 15. Trig Campbell, 1:38.2; 16. Quin Kuechenmeister, 1:38.2; 34. Jacob Scheiffler, 1:44.1; 37. Adler Mueller, 1:45.4; 39. Talus Lantz, 1:46.4; 43. Decla Stone-Murphy, 1:47.1; 53. John Irwin, 1:50.3; 54. Cole Skilbred, 1:50.8; 55. Scout Edmondson, 1:51.5; 73. Alden Soto, DNF; 80. Bryce Nesmith, DNF.

Nordic classic top 10 —
1. Nick Sweeney, Aspen, 13:49.2; 2. Graham Houtsma, Aspen, 14:35.1; 3. Cameron Wolfe, Vail Mountain, 14:50.3; 4. Jack Sweeney, Aspen, 14:55.8; 5. Logan Miyauchi, Middle Park, 15:03.9; 6. Peter Littman, Vail Mountain, 15:29.8; 7. Franklin Reilly, Battle Mountain, 15:29.9; 8. Peter Haynes, Summit, 15:38.1; 9. Eric Zdechlik, Vail Mountain, 15:50.0; 10. Theo Loo, Middle Park, 15:52.7.

Nederland finishers —
47. Kiernan McClish, 18:56.7; 53. Adler Mueller, 19:24.9; 62. Bryce Nichols, 20:29.3.


Team scores (GS-classic-total) —
Aspen 150-159-309, Battle Mountain 149-138-287, Summit 140-146-286, Evergreen 157-125-282, Vail Mountain 95-174-269, Steamboat Springs 119-108-227, Middle Park 84-138-222, Eagle Valley 112-104-216, Nederland 150-43-193, Lake County 65-126-191, Clear Creek 81-87-168, Colorado Rocky Mountain 64-101-165, Platte Canyon 116-0-116.

Giant slalom top 10 —
1. MacKenzie Gansamann, Steamboat Springs, 1:32.0; 2. Mallorie Miller, 1:33.3; 3. Whitney Merriman, Vail Mountain, 1:34.0; 4. Giselle Thompson, Summit, 1:35.3; 5. Haley Frischholz, Battle Mountain, 1:36.2; 6. Delaney Pratt, Nederland, 1:38.2; 7. Brianna Bond, Evergreen, 1:29.4; 8. Abby Davidson, Battle Mountain, 1:39.4; 9. Cassidy Donohue, Nederland, 1:39.5; 10. Pacale Augspurger, Aspen, 1:39.7.

Other Nederland finishers —
19. Natalie Platt, 1:43.7; 34. Brita Luscher, 1:47.0; 39. Taylor Folwell, 1:49.0; 72. Hannah Isenhart, DNF.

Nordic classic top 10 —
1. Ruthie Boyd, Summit, 18:01.0; 2. Bridget Donovan, Vail Mountain, 17:25.6; 3.Maddie Donovan, Vail Mountain, 17:27.7; 4. Annie Blakslee, Vail Mountain, 17:37.0; 5. Natalie Bohlmann, Steamboat Springs, 18:21.1; 6. Logan Mcnamee, Aspen, 18:30.5; 7. Emma Blakslee, Vail Mountain, 18:33.6; 8. Nina Biedleman, Aspen, 18:37.7; 9. Noelle Resignolo, Summit, 18:58.7; 10. Annika Malacinski, Steamboat Springs, 19:00.6.

Nederland finishers —
23. Sarah Davidson, 20:58.1.

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