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Girls swimming: Fairview freshman Haensly makes impact in debut

Freshman Julianna Haensly of Fairview competes in the 100 yard freestyle finals during the Fairview Invitational at the South Boulder Recreation Center on Friday. More photos:
Paul Aiken / Staff Photographer
Freshman Julianna Haensly of Fairview competes in the 100 yard freestyle finals during the Fairview Invitational at the South Boulder Recreation Center on Friday. More photos:

BOULDER — One reason the Fairview girls swim team has placed top three in Class 5A for three straight seasons is the program’s ability to draw young swimmers to the program and help them reach their potential.

At the early-season Fairview Invitational on Friday at South Boulder Recreation Center, the Fairview Knights got a chance to show off their young talent and depth. One young swimmer who Knights head coach Bob Smartt is particularly excited about made her debut at the meet.

That swimmer was freshman Julianna Haensly, who placed second in the 100 freestyle with a time of 1:00.33.

“I felt pretty good about that race,” Haensly said. “It’s my first year but I really want to make it to state. I don’t know if I will get there but today was a pretty good start.”

The Knights ninth-grader swam just one event, setting a mark around four seconds above the 5A state meet cut line, but it was still a full day for Haensly. She spent the morning training in the pool, where Smartt said she swam side-by-side with the Knights’ top swimmers. After warming up and swimming the 100 freestyle, Haensly left immediately for synchronized swimming practice.

While she doesn’t swim year-round for a club program, Haensly’s raw talent and multi-sport athleticism have Smartt and the Knights coaches excited about her apparent high ceiling and potential to contribute for the Knights as a freshman.

“This shows us 101 things we have to work on,” Smartt said. “We’re grappling with almost 130 athletes this year so we’re struggling to get organized. Big meets are coming up so we’re definitely pleased with our individual winners and relays tonight. This does show us that we have a lot of depth, especially in the strokes, but we’ve got to go to work.”

Emma Perkins swam a state cut time in the 100 backstroke. Amelia Nadelson (1:12.30) swam a state cut in the 100 breaststroke.

The top swimmers for Fairview, Monarch and Broomfield did not compete in the Fairview Invitational. Aces the likes of reigning Fairview’s 5A 500-yard freestyle state champion Brittany Beacher and Monarch standout freestyler Sidney Trimm were busy competing in Denver at the CSI Pioneer Open, one of the biggest annual club swim meets in Colorado.

Fairview’s seven separate split teams combined to win 10 of 12 events at its own invitational, which kicks off the season by mixing in some different events. Monarch was third. Broomfield was fourth.

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Fairview Invitational

At South Boulder Recreation Center

Team scores —
Fairview Knights 524, Fairview Black 323, Monarch 308, Broomfield 182, ThunderRidge 156, Fairview Red 144, Pueblo South 114.

200 medley relay —
1. Fairview Knights A (Sierra Szeto, Chloe Vincent, Greta Dunn, Maggie Hearn), 1:59.34; 2. Fairview Knights B, 2:00.27; 3. Fairview Black B, 2:07.88; 4. Fairview Black A, 2:08.88; 5. Monarch A, 2:09.60; 6. Broomfield, 2:10.16.

100 freestyle —
1. Alex Guthrie, Fairview, 59.76; 2. Julianna Haensly, Fairview, 1:00.33; 3. Erin Jaynes, Fairview, 1:00.41; 4. Squid Morgenstein, Monarch, 1:00.67; 5. Quinn Webster, Monarch, 1:00.70; 6. Sarah Dalgleish, Fairview, 1:00.78.

200 breaststroke relay —
1. Fairview Knights A (Natalie Brent, Amelia Heckman, Amelia Nadelson, Chloe Vincent), 2:13.65; 2. Monarch A, 2:23.10; 3. Fairview Knights B, 2:24.60; 4. Monarch B, 2:34.45; 5. Broomfield A, 2:36.31; 6. Fairview Red A, 2:36.33.

100 butterfly —
1. Lainee Jones, Pueblo South, 1:00.46*; 2. Sayer Guerrero, Pueblo South, 1:08.52; 3. Alex Christensen, Fairview, 1:08.76; 4. Kathryn Bach, ThunderRidge, 1:08.91; 5. Elyssa Hofgard, Fairview, 1:09.47; 6. Greta Dunn, Fairview, 1:09.47.

200 backstroke relay —
1. Fairview Knights A (Erin Jaynes, Ingrid Peterson, Jenna Hettendorf, Emma Perkins), 2:01.40; 2. Broomfield A, 2:06.69; 3. Fairview Black A, 2:07.24; 4. ThunderRidge A, 2:08.45; 5. Monarch A, 2:12.59; 6. Fairview Black C, 2:14.31.

50 freestyle —
1. Lainee Jones, Pueblo South, 25.42*; 2. Maggie Hearn, Fairview, 26.91; 3. Chloe Vincent, Fairview, 27.00; 4. Clare Lupo, Fairview, 27.09; 5. Stephanie Tymoszuk, Monarch, 27.39; 6. Natalie Reck, Fairview, 27.86.

400 medley relay —
1. Fairview Knights A (Amelia Nadelson, Emma Perkins, Sierra Szeto, Natalie Brent), 4:36.61; 2. Fairview Knights B, 4:45.31; 3. Monarch A, 4:48.95; 4. Pueblo South, 4:50.18; 5. Fairview Black A, 4:51.83; 6. Fairview Black B, 4:59.38.

200 freestyle relay —
1. Fairview Knights A (Gabi Hamm, Alex Christiansen, Maggie Hearn, Erin Jaynes), 1:49.62*; 2. Fairview Knights B, 1:55.26; 3. Fairview Black A, 1:57.99; 4. Monarch A, 1:58.30; 5. Broomfield, 1:58.65; 6. Fairview Black B, 2:00.19.

100 backstroke —
1. Emma Perkins, Fairview, 1:05.08*; 2. Jenna Hattendorf, Fairview, 1:07.42; 3. Kathryn Boselli, Fairview, 1:09.08; 4. Sofija Andrew, Fairview, 1:09.08; 5. Chloe Carlstrom, Monarch, 1:09.81; 6. Anna Coney, ThunderRidge, 1:10.17.

200 butterfly relay —
1. Fairview Knights A (Sedona Sanders, Clare Lupo, Gabi Hamm, Alex Christiansen), 2:03.10; 2. Monarch A, 2:04.24; 3. Broomfield A, 2:07.40; 4. ThunderRidge, 2:08.83; 5. Fairview Red A, 2:08.90; 6. Fairview Black A, 2:09.59.

100 breaststroke —
1. Amelia Nadelson, Fairview, 1:12.30*; 2. Sydney Atkinson, Monarch, 1:14.54; 3. Amelia Heckman, Fairview, 1:15.16; 4. Natalie Brent, Fairview, 1:16.06; 5. Elyssa Hofgard, Fairview, 1:17.71; 6. Cassidy Waldrip, Fairview, 1:19.70.

400 free relay —
1. Fairview Knights A (Emma Perkins, Sarah Dalgleish, Maggie Hearn, Alex Guthrie), 3:59.33; 2. Monarch A, 4:09.66; 3. Fairview Knights B, 4:11.52; 4. Pueblo South, 4:15.74; 5. Fairview Black A, 4:19.03; 6. Broomfield A, 4:24.11.

* — denotes state-qualifying mark

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