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Veteran Bob Carskie, a former coach and athletic director at Boulder, hopes to turn around the fortunes of the Centaurus Warriors.
Jeremy Papasso / Staff Photographer
Veteran Bob Carskie, a former coach and athletic director at Boulder, hopes to turn around the fortunes of the Centaurus Warriors.

LAFAYETTE — In the few-month gap between coaches, Colton Oglesbee could have kicked back.

He could have waited for Chad Senseney’s replacement — eventually Bob Carskie — to be named before he even thought about football activities. It was the offseason, after all.

But that’s not Oglesbee’s style. The Warriors standout linebacker and tight end wasn’t about to breeze into his senior season, so he went a bit further than holding himself accountable. He held everyone else accountable too, and organized weight room sessions for the team while the coaching post was vacant.

“We started out with just a little bit of guys,” Oglesbee said. “But if a couple people are getting and there and getting stronger, others are going to follow. So we didn’t have too much trouble with that. Of course there are going to be a couple that don’t come, but yeah, we had a great turnout all offseason leading to the summer.”

Carskie, a longtime assistant with the Warriors who previously served as the head coach and athletic director at Boulder, was appreciative of Oglesbee’s efforts to keep the ship afloat during the limbo period.

It should serve as no surprise that Oglesbee is part of the Warriors’ chief strength entering the season: their corps of linebackers. With athletes such as Matthew Axelrod, Mac Post and Felipe Cruz also in the mix at the position, Centaurus hopes to be buoyed by the bunch as it aims to improve on a 3-7 season and a mere 11 wins over the past four.

“That’s going to be the strength of our defense, and we’ll need to take care of business and make some great plays out there,” Oglesbee said.

Offensively, Carskie is implementing more of a spread-based attack to utilize the talents of quarterback Ryan Cotter and up-and-coming receivers such as Nick Lanier and Mike Torrez.

That has led to a new vigor in preparation for the season opener Aug. 28 at Fort Lupton.

“It’s a totally different vibe,” Cotter said. “We’ve been a lot more pumped up for this season, changing some of the offense around, changing some of the defense around. You can tell people are more excited and we have more numbers than we did last year.”

Naturally, Cotter is a fan of the offense.

“Just throwing the ball more, spreading it around and varying up the tempo a little bit, I’m excited for that,” he said.

Cotter said an abundance of injuries and poor play after a solid start led to some “disconnect” within the program last season, but the positive vibes are fully restored now.

Carskie, a 40-year coach who spent time as an assistant with Iowa State and Wisconsin, will do his best to cultivate that atmosphere. He has signed on as a one-year replacement, but isn’t ruling out staying longer if the situation beckons it.

“I’m having a lot of fun, so we haven’t thought about it and the team hasn’t talked about it,” Carskie said. “I’m their coach and we’re building things. We’re going to go out and have a football team this year and do as well as we can.”

The incorporation of a spread offense, featuring a zone running scheme, bubble screens and quick-hit passes, hasn’t been exclusively operated at Centaurus since the 2010 Evan Erickson-led squad. But the Warriors realized they had the personnel to make the transition after competing in an abundance of 7-on-7 camps during the offseason.

“We want to do the 60/40 run thing, but we want a really balanced offense,” Carskie said. “I think Cotter is a guy who has a chance to be a playmaker and get the ball out to a bunch of different kids.”

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