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Steve Shelton was presented with an opportunity he just couldn’t pass up.

The Broomfield athletic director will be moving on to a different role inside the Boulder Valley School District alongside district AD Michele DeBerry, and the search for the next Eagles AD is already underway.

“They have kind of created a second district AD position and so for me it is a chance to limit my nights and spend more time with my kids while they are still young and I think I need to take advantage of it,” said Shelton, who ends a wildly successful two-year tenure at Broomfield. “I’m going to step back and do something different for the district and if I want to get back in the building in a few years when my kids are in high school I can.

“But right now I feel like I need to be with them while I have a chance to.”

Over the last two school years under Shelton’s watch, the Eagles won three state titles (wrestling, boys soccer and girls basketball) and earned four other state runner-up finishes (gymnastics, girls basketball, and two in girls soccer).

Those facts are not lost on Shelton, who came over from Heritage High School in Littleton.

“Broomfield is the kind of place you have to love because you are so good at everything and every season runs into the next and there really is no down time,” he said. “In other buildings I have been in as an AD, there is that time in between sports where you do your teacher evaluations, you do your coaching evaluations and you do that stuff to catch up and at Broomfield, the time is not there to do that.

“It creates a unique animal and I tell people you’ve got to love it to do it at Broomfield because it is a ton of hours, time away from your family and all those things, but the fun part of the job is being there to support kids that are having success and watching them grow is part of why ADs stay with this job.”

Shelton said that the initial plan is for him to oversee the athletics and discipline in the district’s middle schools, while DeBerry will stick with the high schools.

Shelton also said the search for his successor is already in the works, with plans set to interview candidates on Thursday. A decision could be made as early as next week. The open search will likely bring in an outside figure.

“I really don’t think that there is anybody in-house who is interested,” Shelton said. “I don’t think that anybody that is there is either ready or wants to do it. There are some coaches that could do it, but they still have some coaching to do before they do, so I think it will be a wide open search.”

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