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LAFAYETTE — After a short hiatus, Peter Chandler is officially back in the coaching game.

The athletic director at Peak to Peak Charter School, Chandler found himself in need of a boys soccer coach for next season after current coach Joseph Swanson accepted a new job and could not continue coaching. While considering a replacement, Chandler simply decided to reprise his role as head coach and take over the boys.

After all, Chandler was boys and girls coach before Swanson arrived two years ago.

“I was informed last week that Joe took a full-time job and that the time commitment wasn’t conducive to with coaching soccer in the fall,” Chandler said. “When he said that, I thought, ‘Oh, shoot,’ because at least for the last few years, I’ve been on a hiatus from coaching. But when it was all said and done, I got kind of jazzed up about the players that are returning in the fall. So now I’m pretty excited about coaching that talented group.”

Swanson took a job with Boulder County scheduling the mowing of the area’s roadways, which has greater time demands during the fall. Under Swanson, who will remain at Peak to Peak to coach the girls soccer team for a third season next spring, the boys soccer team went 9-9 last season and reached the Class 3A state quarterfinals.

With Swanson as head coach the past two seasons, the Peak to Peak girls soccer team went 13-17-2. Last season, Peak to Peak went 10-6-1 and reached the state quarterfinals. Given his track record, Chandler said he’s hoping that Swanson will remain with the school beyond this next season.

“Joe was my assistant for seven years and last year he took both programs to the quarterfinals at state,” Chandler said. “We’re hoping he’ll be able to stay around long-term.”

Before Swanson took over, Chandler coached the girls for 11 years and the boys for 12 years. In 2012 the Peak to Peak girls defeated Colorado Academy 2-1 to win the 3A state championship. In 2013, the girls won a second title, defeating The Classical Academy 1-0 in the title game.

With all the excitement of coaching a back-to-back championship team and his responsibilities as athletic director, Chandler found himself growing weary and overwhelmed. He resigned to get a break from the action but that short break is not over.

“The reason I resigned from coaching in the first place was that it was too much of a time commitment with all my other responsibilities and I was running low on energy,” Chandler said. “But I do have a passion for it so I’ll make it work.”

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