The sand in the hourglass was funneling down quickly on Rich Affleck and the administration within the Boulder Valley School District when it came to hiring a football coach for the Centaurus Warriors for 2015.

The logistics of hiring a coach who could also fill a teaching position placed hurdles in the process, and that’s when Bob Carskie decided he could step in to serve as the Warriors’ head coach in 2015 after Chad Senseney resigned this past offseason.

Senseney was one of three longtime coaches at Centaurus to resign after years of service, and Affleck has been busy filling the positions of head volleyball coach and head boys soccer coach, too. Kacey Koonce will replace Bev Sanders, and Affleck is in the final stages of filling Ken Ebersole’s shoes for boys soccer.

As far as the football team goes, Carskie stepped forward having been an assistant with the Warriors for the past several seasons. He has a strong relationship with the kids already, and it should provide for a seamless transition as they head into summer workouts.

“I’ve been involved in the past in the hiring process, and as we were going through this one it just became clear that it wasn’t going to be as simple as one might think,” Carskie said. “There was a lot of things involved … and I was already planning to be a mentor of sorts to whoever came in. There came a point in time where it got too far along in the school year, and I just told Rick and (BVSD athletic director) Michele (DeBerry), let me just do this.

“From Christmas on, we had a good group of 20 seniors in the weight room, and I think they deserved to have a football coach. I decided I needed to step up and do this.”

The process of hiring was especially tough this year for Affleck. A number of qualified candidates came into the mix, but for a variety of reasons placement within the school district never came to fruition.

But Carskie’s background and knowledge of the systems in place made him an easy choice once Carskie said he would be interested in handling the operation in 2015.

In addition to his years with Centaurus already, Carskie was the head coach at Boulder and also served as BHS athletic director. Prior to arriving in Colorado, Carskie served various roles at Iowa State, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Louisville.

Carskie will be considered an interim coach because the position will have to be opened up for applicants again after the season.

“To have somebody like Bob in your building … he was a natural person to look to and lead the program,” Affleck said. “Bob is just great with the kids, and he is super excited about getting this opportunity to work with them.

“We will have to open the position again, but if (Carskie) wants to continue on he will be given every consideration to do that.”

After winning eight games in 2010, Centaurus has won a total of 11 games the past four seasons including a 3-7 mark last year playing in the Class 3A Metro North League.

Carskie is a firm believer in a lot of the things Senseney installed on the field over the past 11 years, and the Warriors will still implement plenty of the same.

“We’re in good shape moving forward into the summer,” Carskie said. “We’ve always had a good young staff at CHS and I wanted to keep that in place. We’re going to use a lot of Chad’s template, but it’s going to have my twist and my personality.”

Moving indoors, Koonce will lead the Warriors varsity squad after serving as a junior varsity coach last year and having experience at Holy Family, too. She will inherit a CHS squad that actually had its best year in a while, going 12-13 overall while competing in the 3A Metropolitan League.

“She did a great job last year with us, and she’s just been involved in so many things athletically,” Affleck said. “She’s super competitive, and she has a lot of energy and passion for the game. She’s done a great job building relationships with the students and she’ll make that program her own.”

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