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There is a lot of excitement surrounding the summer baseball program of Boulder High School, Diamond Baseball of Boulder.

Renovations to their home field at Scott Carpenter Park, another installment of the prestigious Boulder NIT and, perhaps most important, being given the opportunity to host the Legion baseball Western Regionals in August is brewing plenty of hype.

For all that and more, Colt Sedbrook is thankful for the Panthers’ supporting organization.

In terms of the baseball program the second-year coach wants to implement for his current and future BHS players, though, there just wasn’t enough agreement for him to feel comfortable being the Legion A head coach in 2015.

So instead, Sedbrook and the staff he worked with in the spring season — including JV coach Ari Lemieux-Mack and Tyler Porritt — are going to supplement the Panthers’ game schedule with camp work and hope it all proves beneficial in the end.

“The baseball decisions that were being made, we just weren’t seeing eye-to-eye,” Sedbrook said. “To give our kids an opportunity and to really have an impact on them, (the Boulder High coaching staff) felt like we needed to do some different things, and that’s kind of where it went.

“The reason why I came to be involved with Boulder was to bring it to a high level of baseball, and to ultimately do that, we needed to have some autonomy and make some decisions ourselves.”

Sedbrook coached the summer team in 2014 and also has been the BHS varsity coach the past two years. This past spring, the Panthers went 10-9 for their first winning mark since the 2009-10 season and just missed the Class 5A playoffs.

On Wednesday, Sedbrook explained that he was hoping to get his players, especially incoming freshmen, into a rhythmic pattern of baseball work and weight training so as to compete with the better-hitting teams in the Front Range League.

“One thing I am proud about is the steps we’ve taken at Boulder High and I want to continue to pursue that,” Sedbrook said. “With that vision and responsibility of being the head coach there, I feel like it’s our responsibility to take certain steps. Some people might not like those steps but I feel like I have support from the new athletic director and the new principal at Boulder.

“Our kids are going to have the opportunity to do both (camps and playing for Diamond Baseball). That’s my hope.”

Kent Dinkel, president of Diamond Baseball, described the difference of opinion as “a tough situation” but also did not comment as to why the two sides could not agree on a plan that would retain Sedbrook for the summer.

Bob Bote, formerly a longtime coach at Niwot who has been involved in the summer programs in the past, will coach the Legion A team this summer. The team, which automatically receives a bid into the Legion Western Regional as host, begins regular play Thursday.

“We support Boulder High baseball, and we are encouraging kids that when it’s possible to go to the camps and maintain that relationship with the head coach,” Dinkel said. “We have made some changes to our practice and game schedule to allow for that.

“In general, what Diamond Baseball is trying to do is become somewhere between a club and a booster club in terms of running the program. Our plan is to include the Boulder High coaches in that, and hopefully we’ll be able to do that in the future. We will talk weekly with the coaches to keep the conversation moving forward.”

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