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3A Metro League

First team
Alex Well, St. Mary;s Academy, No. 1 singles
Savannah Mease, Colorado Academy, No. 2 singles 
Maggie Berry, Dawson School, No. 3 singles 
Claudia Morse/Sage Lochhead, Colorado Academy, No. 1 doubles
Anna Beeck/faith Rankin, Dawson School, No. 2 doubles
Hope Cherubini/Amanda Funk, Colorado Academy, No. 3 doubles
Quin Ramos/Alexa Rinard, Dawson School, No. 4 doubles
Second team
Tara Edwards, Colorado Academy, No. 1 singles
Isha Banerjee, Dawson School, No. 2 singles
Morgan Bullen, Colorado Academy, No. 3 singles 
Becky O’Brien/Jenny O’Brien, St. Mary’s Academy, No. 1 doubles
Amelia Lochhead/Sammy Kelley, Colorado Academy, No. 2 doubles
Allie Blank/Maddie Fagundo, Dawson School, No. 3 doubles
Christine Bear/Grace Ingebretsen, Colorado Academy, No. 4 doubles 
Senior of the year: Fiona Bell, Dawson School
Coach of the year: Kathy Benninghoff, Dawson School 

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