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Senior Tyler Lis capped his stellar Silver Creek career by finishing second in the butterfly and third in the IM at the 4A boys swimming state finals.
Steve Stoner / Loveland Reporter-Herald
Senior Tyler Lis capped his stellar Silver Creek career by finishing second in the butterfly and third in the IM at the 4A boys swimming state finals.

THORNTON — Just a quick note to Angie Banning, you have approximately five days to get the Silver Creek record board changed.

On Saturday at the Class 4A state swimming and diving championships at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center, the 2015 Raptors rewrote the school record book with five top times and a fourth place team finish.

“I’m pretty excited. That is my third highest placing at state and I was just so excited to see where all the guys fell,” Silver Creek swim coach Debbie Stewart said. “My lucky number with all the guys coming back as fourth place qualifiers, and if you are a gambling type of person, four was out lucky number.”

When all was said and done, Silver Creek set school records in the 200-yard medley relay, 200 IM, 100 butterfly, 100 breaststroke and the 400 free relay.

The Raptors started out the meet with a quick swim in the 200 medley relay. The quartet of Tyler Lis, Samuel Willett, Morgan DuBois and Noah Jepson touched in 1 minute, 37.16 seconds. The team from Air Academy broke their one-day old state record in the event with a time of 1:32.90.

In the 200 free relay, Silver Creek again finished fourth in 1:30.10, getting a speedy final leg of 21.83 seconds from Noah Jepson.

The Raptors broke away from the fourth place thing in the final event of the meet, going 3:10.65 in the 400 free relay to take second behind the team from Cheyenne Mountain (4A state record 3:06.60). Jepson was the constant on all three relay teams, something the Niwot junior was proud to do for his team.

“It wasn’t really a sacrifice, it was and idea I put out to Debbie and if it worked out in terms of points, then I was all up for it,” said Jepson, who came back with a 22.62 50 split in the first 50 of his final 100. “I can swim any individual event anywhere and at any time, but I only get a handful of chances to swim with the guys on my team, especially these seniors like Morgan and Tyler.

“There was really no second thought about it.”

The Raptors were just as impressive in their individual events, too. Lis, already a two-time state champion, knew it was going to be tough to get No. 3, especially in the 200 IM against talented Cheyenne Mountain sophomore Daniel Carr and Thompson Valley’s Jack Thorne.

Lis swan a school-record time of 1:52.81, good enough for third place behind Carr (4A state record 1:48.93) and Throne.

“I was a little more disappointed with that, I was about a second off my best time and with my backstroke, I usually attack, and I kind of relaxed a little bit on that,” said Lis, who will likely room with Thorne next year at Northwestern. “But still not bad.”

Lis had one more try individually in the 100 butterfly and even though he made up a lot of ground on Air Academy’s Caleb Hicks under the water off the walls, couldn’t catch the Kadets junior, who touched in a 4A state record time of 49.65 to Lis’ 50.19.

“I’m sad to be done. What I love about high school is just the team and how we all rally together,” Lis said. “You’ve got kids who just started swimming and kids that have been swimming for 10 years of their life and everything in between and we are all there together and that’s what I love about it.”

Willett finished seventh in the fly with a time of 52.31 and had a legitimate chance to do something special in the 100 breaststroke. He was right on D’Evelyn senior Daniel Graber’s shoulder after the first 50, but couldn’t gain on him and finished tied for second in 57.76 seconds with Air Academy’s Caleb Hicks.

The only other Raptors swimmer to make the championship final was freshman Christopher Wingfield in the 50 free. After just sneaking into the final heat, Wingfield improved two spots and finished tied for sixth with a nifty 22.30 second swim.

The lone Longmont representative to compete on Saturday afternoon was senior diver Nick Vaughn.

Vaughan finished the morning preliminaries in sixth place and had a chance to make a move up the board with two challenging dives to close out his competition.

“That was the plan of attack. We back stacked our list and tried to rely on those heavy hitters to get me up there,” said Vaughan, who just missed his penultimate dive, an inward 2.5 with a degree of difficulty at 3.1. “If I would have kicked out a little faster it would have gone a little bit better.”

With the guys from Silver Creek cheering him on, Vaughan held his ground and finished sixth overall with 416.90 points. That total was just 15 points off the total by winner Kyle Pape of Thompson Valley, who scored 431.60.

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Team scores —
Cheyenne Mountain 354, Air Academy 319.5, Thompson Valley 199, Silver Creek 180, D’Evelyn 163.5, Discovery Canyon 137, Valor Christian 117, Green Mountain 99, Greeley Central 91, Estes Park 88, Golden 82, Montrose 72.5, Glenwood Springs 59.5, Mountain View 50, Thomas Jefferson 46, Mullen 43, Pueblo West 33, Denver South 32, Standley Lake 30, Pueblo County 29, Wheat Ridge 29, Littleton 21, Evergreen 17, Windsor 15, Longmont 13, Pueblo Centennial 1.

200 medley relay — 1. Air Academy 1:32.90*A; 2. Cheyenne Mountain 1:34.49C; 3. D’Evelyn 1:36.74; 4. Silver Creek (Tyler Lis, Samuel Willett, Morgan DuBois, Noah Jepson) 1:37.16; 5. Discovery Canyon 1:40.98; 6. Green Mountain 1:41.16; 7. Valor Christian 1:42.99; 8. Montrose 1:43.21.

200 freestyle —
1. Tommy Baker, Air Academy, 1:40.71C; 2. Kyle Leach, Cheyenne Mountain, 1:40.81C; 3. Liam Gately, Thompson Valley, 1:41.20C; 4. Chris Eddy, Thompson Valley, 1:43.18; 5. Westin Stieglitz, Cheyenne Mountain, 1:44.72; 6. Jonah Staton, Standley Lake, 1:47.03; 7. Blayze Jessen, Mullen, 1:47.24; 8. Harrison Buckley, Cheyenne Mountain, 1:47.26.

200 IM —
1. Daniel Carr, Cheyenne Mountain, 1:48.93*A; 2. John Thorne, Thompson Valley, 1:50.80A; 3. Tyler Lis, Silver Creek, 1:52.81C; 4. Daniel Graber, D’Evelyn, 1:53.17C; 5. Daric Sundeen, Golden, 1:56.84; 6. Drake Manuello, Greeley Central, 1:59.51; 7. Jonathan Donehower, Discovery Canyon, 2:01.30; Wyatt Kartvedt, Cheyenne Mountain, 2:06.07.

50 freestyle — 1. Hunter Doerr, Air Academy, 20.42A; 2. Blake Lawrie, Discovery Canyon, 21.01C; 3. Jack Dangremond, Air Academy, 21.07C; 4. Keegan Bundy, Denver South, 21.18; 5. Austin Park, Estes Park, 21.56; T6. Kaiden Kimball, Cheyenne Mountain, 22.30; T6. Christopher Wingfield, Silver Creek, 22.30; 8. Matt Skinner, Wheat Ridge, 22.46.

Diving —
1. Kyle Pape, Thompson Valey, 431.60 points; 2. Collin Williams, Thompson Valley, 427.30; 3. Tristan Gess, Green Mountain, 424.20; 4. Seth Niko, Thompson Valley, 423.35; 5. Luke Soguero, Estes Park, 423.25; 6. Nick Vaughan, Longmont, 416.90; 7. Colin Soguero, Estes Park, 405.00; 8. Quetzal Gallagher, Pueblo County, 401.60.

100 butterfly —
1. Caleb Hicks, Air Academy, 49.65*C; 2. Tyler Lis, Silver Creek, 50.19C; 3. Hunter Doerr, Air Academy, 50.64; 4. Brayden Love, Cheyenne Mountain, 51.35; 5. Devin Trujillo, Pueblo West, 51.38; 6. Samuel Willett, Silver Creek, 52.31; 7. Westin Stieglitz, Cheyenne Mountain, 52.92; 8. Ethan Schick, Green Mountain, 54.05.

100 freestyle — 1. Daniel Carr, Cheyenne Mountain, 44.67*A; 2. Blake Lawrie, Discovery Canyon, 45.74C; 3. Tommy Baker, Air Academy, 46.32; 4. Keegan Bundy, Denver South, 47.07; 5. Jack Dangremond, Air Academy, 47.17; 6. Alexander Moreland, D’Evelyn, 47.27; 7. Austin Park, Estes Park, 47.86; 8. Jerry Birnbaum, Cheyenne Mountain, 47.93.

500 freestyle —
1. Liam Gately, Thompson Valley, 4:34.22A; 2. Chris Eddy, Thompson Valley, 4:36.33C; 3. Kyle Leach, Cheyenne Mountain, 4:37.89; 4. Jonah Staton, Standley Lake, 4:49.46; 5. Blayze Jessen, Mullen, 4:50.16; 6. Jonathan Donehower, Discovery Canyon, 4:55.13; 7. Zack Carder, Evergreen, 4:57.36; 8. Harrison Buckley, Cheyenne Mountain, 4:58.84.

200 free relay —
1. Air Academy 1:23.24*A; 2. Cheyenne Mountain 1:27.64; 3. D’Evelyn 1:27.75; 4. Silver Creek (Christopher Wingfield, Skyler Jordan, Morgan DuBois, Noah Jepson) 1:30.10; 5. Green Mountain 1:30.52; 6. Greeley Central, 1:32.23; 7. Valor Christian 1:31.67; 8. Estes Park 1:32.00.

100 backstroke — 1. John Thorne, Thompson Valley, 48.30*A; 2. Daric Sundeen, Golden, 52.55; 3. Jerry Birnbaum, Cheyenne Mountain, 52.74; 4. Alexander Moreland, D’Evelyn, 52.75; 5. Gradon Kraeski, Valor Christian, 53.64; 6. Conner Langeberg, Thomas Jefferson, 53.65; 7. Zebulon Thorsen, Glenwood Springs, 54.87; 8. Eric Pannell, Discovery Canyon, 55.13.

100 breaststroke — 1. Daniel Graber, D’Evelyn, 55.35; T2. Samuel Willett, Silver Creek, 57.76; T2. Caleb Hicks, Air Academy, 57.76; 4. Michael Loyd, Air Academy, 58.59; 5. Wyatt Kartvedt, Cheyenne Mountain, 1:00.90; 6. Drake Manuello, Greeley Central, 1:01.19; 7. Elliott Shupe, Greeley Central, 1:01.28; 8. Korban Christianson, Montrose, 1:02.19.

400 free relay —
1. Cheyenne Mountain 3:06.60*A; 2. Silver Creek (Tyler Lis, Christopher Wingfield, Samuel Willett, Noah Jepson) 3:10.65; 3. Thompson Valley 3:11.48; 4. Air Academy 3:13.02; 5. Discovery Canyon 3:15.39; 6. Valor Christian 3:17.75; 7. Montrose 3:23.73; 8. D’Evelyn 3:24.58.

* — denotes Class 4A state record

A — denotes Automatic All-American

C — denotes All-American consideration

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