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Dunivan: Boulder boys swimming projected to win 5A team title

Boulder High's PJ Stapleton, center in orange suit, is among several Panthers who could help the team take its highest placing ever at the boys Class 5A state meet in a few weeks.
David R. Jennings / Staff Photographer
Boulder High’s PJ Stapleton, center in orange suit, is among several Panthers who could help the team take its highest placing ever at the boys Class 5A state meet in a few weeks.

Yes, the prognosticators are alive and well even in the realm of high school boys swimming and diving. And as far as right now, the Boulder High boys swim team is projected to win the pool at the Class 5A state meet in a few weeks.

Rob Nasser (contributor to does a bang up job of compiling the top 20 times for each event for both Class 4A and 5A and putting it together for everyone to see, and the team standings are then projected based on those current seed times.

Boulder is looking for its first ever top-three finish, and the Panthers appear at this point to be very much in line for that at least. Swimmers Christian Feiler, PJ Stapleton, Nathan Rock, Mick Bartholomew and Chris Nicholson lead the BHS troops and could deliver many medals for the team according to where they are placed in individual events and relays (see below), and Boulder has 235 projected points in the pool to Cherry Creek’s 230.

Fairview is also in the mix for a top three finish, with Justin Li and Michael Zarian sitting high in a couple of events. Just a few points separate FHS from Fossil Ridge and Regis.

In 4A, Silver Creek is projected out at 182 points, which would be good for fourth should everything play out accordingly (of course it never does). Not surprisingly, Tyler Lis will be in the hunt for a couple of medals, with Sam Willett also expected to contend for medals in individual events.

Take it for what it’s worth, but here’s a breakdown of locals and where they sit in the top 20 as of Tuesday:


Class 5A

Christian Feiler, Boulder: 1st in 50 free (21.02); 1st in 100 free (45.74); 6th in 100 backstroke (53.13).

PJ Stapleton, Boulder: 3rd in 100 butterfly (51.69); 12th in 200 free (1:46.69).

Chris Nicholson, Boulder: 2nd in 100 backstroke (52.07); 4th in 100 butterfly (51.76); 7th in 100 free (47.11); 9th in 200 individual medley (1:59.33); 20th in 200 free (1:48.11).

Mick Bartholomew, Boulder: 4th in 200 individual medley (1:57.70); 6th in 100 breaststroke (59.95).

Nathan Rock, Boulder: 4th in 500 free (4:43.21); 10th in 200 free (1:46.50).

Boulder relays: 1st in 200 medley (1:34.19); 1st in 400 free (3:10.33); 13th in 200 free (1:31.00).

Justin Li, Fairview: 5th in 50 free (21.78); 14th in 100 free (47.77).

Michael Zarian, Fairview: 2nd in 100 butterfly (50.86); 2nd in 200 individual medley (1:55.55); 4th in 100 backstroke (52.94); 9th in 500 free (4:51.77); 9th in 100 breaststroke (1:00.35).

Daniel Hendricks, Fairview: 7th in 200 individual medley (1:58.89); 10th in 500 free (4:51.82).

Caleb Van Boven, Fairview: 18th in 50 free (22.24).

Kieran Lenssen, Fairview: 16th in 100 breaststroke (1:01.34).

Duncan Lester, Fairview: 7th in diving (475.40).

Fairview relays: 4th in 400 free relay (3:13.58); 5th in 200 medley (1:38.51); 6th in 200 free (1:28.33).

Austin Crump, Broomfield: 5th in 100 butterfly (52.12).


Class 4A

Tyler Lis, Silver Creek: 1st in 200 individual medley (1:53.29); 2nd in 100 butterfly (51.08); 6th in 100 backstroke (54.49); 8th in 500 free (5:01.90); 10th in 100 free (48.47); 12th in 200 free (1:49.05); 17th in 100 breaststroke (1:04.98).

Sam Willett, Silver Creek: 5th in 100 breaststroke (59.68); 14th in 100 butterfly (54.65); 14th in 200 individual medley (2:04.30); 19th in 500 free (5:12.70); 19th in 100 backstroke (57.47).

Chris Wingfield, Silver Creek: 20th in 50 free (22.91).

Noah Jepson, Silver Creek: 11th in 100 backstroke (56.23); 18th in 100 free (50.05).

Silver Creek relays: 3rd in 200 medley (1:38.82); 4th in 200 free (1:32.62); 4th in 400 free (3:17.19).

Nick Vaughan, Longmont: 2nd in diving (477.35).

Longmont relays: 16th in 200 free (1:39.35); 20th in 400 free (3:45.64).

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