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Rooney: Race is on between Broomfield, Fairview for 2015 Cup

Attention Broomfield and Fairview: With roughly two-plus months remaining in the 2014-15 prep sports slate, the race is on.

After compiling the results from the winter sports season, Broomfield has put itself in position to reclaim the Cup at the end of the 2014-15 school year.

The trophy, formerly known as the Camera Cup, is awarded annually to the athletics program in our coverage area that displays the greatest overall level of team success throughout the school year. It was won by Broomfield for the first six years of its inception before Holy Family claimed the honor the past two years.

Broomfield held a narrow lead over Niwot and third-place Fairview following the fall slate. But while the Eagles won the Class 5A girls basketball championship, and with the Fairview Knights reaching the girls basketball state quarterfinals in addition to finishing third at the 5A girls swim finals, those two schools have built a cushion over third-place Niwot.

Through the winter slate, Fairview checks in with an aggregate score of 54.5 and sits in a virtual tie with Broomfield (54.3). Niwot dropped to third at 48.2 followed by Boulder (40.0), Monarch (39.3), Lyons (36.0) and Longmont (33.9).

After a tough fall for two-time Cup champion Holy Family, the Tigers led the way in the winter sports slate with a score of 64.5 for the season, followed by Monarch (56.8) and Longmont (55.3), which sent both of its basketball teams into the 4A Final Four.

The Cup standings are derived through a points system in which up to 100 points are awarded based on how far a team advances in the postseason. The system is based solely on team outcomes instead of individual results. Each school’s total is calculated by dividing the total number of points earned by the number of sports that school participated in.

Could the 2015 champion be crowned through direct competition, perhaps on the girls soccer pitch between Broomfield and Fairview? Or could it come down to which team achieves greater success at the state track and field finals?

In less than three months, we’ll find out.

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Overall team standings (through winter season) — Fairview 54.5, Broomfield 54.3, Niwot 48.2, Boulder 40.0, Monarch 39.3, Lyons 36.0, Longmont 33.9, Peak to Peak 32.6, Silver Creek 28.9, Jefferson Academy 27.5, Nederland 27.1, Legacy 25.9, Dawson School 25.9, Mead 25.8, Holy Family 25.3, Centaurus 22.0, Erie 16.9, Shining Mountain 14.6, Frederick 9.0, Skyline, 7.9, Longmont Christian 0, Twin Peaks 0.

Winter BVSD standings (plus Legacy) — Monarch 56.8, Fairview 50.3, Nederland 48.0, Broomfield 42.5, Legacy 32.9, Centaurus 24.8, Boulder 19.0, Peak to Peak 0.

Overall BVSD standings (plus Legacy; through winter season) — Fairview 54.5, Broomfield 54.3, Boulder 40.0, Monarch 39.3, Peak to Peak 32.6, Nederland 27.1, Legacy 25.9, Centaurus 22.0.

Winter St. Vrain standings — Longmont 55.3, Silver Creek 46.5, Mead 38.2, Niwot 24.8, Erie 24.3, Lyons 24.3, Skyline 11.3, Frederick 0, Twin Peaks 0.

Overall St. Vrain standings (through winter season) — Niwot 48.2, Lyons 36.0, Longmont 33.9, Silver Creek 28.9, Mead 25.8, Erie 16.9, Frederick 9.0, Skyline 7.9, Twin Peaks 0.

Winter private school standings (plus Jefferson Academy) — Holy Family 64.5, Jefferson Academy 35.0, Dawson School 12.5, Longmont Christian 0.

Overall private school standings (plus Jefferson Academy; through winter season) — Dawson School 25.9, Holy Family 25.3, Shining Mountain 14.6, Longmont Christian 0.


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