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Monarch middle infielder Kyle Scholtz has made his presence known at football and basketball games this year as a member of the Monarch Militia.
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Monarch middle infielder Kyle Scholtz has made his presence known at football and basketball games this year as a member of the Monarch Militia.

When Monarch senior Kyle Scholtz isn’t playing infield for the Coyotes baseball team, he’s likely in the stands watching another of the Louisville-based school’s athletic squads. We recently caught up with him for a Q & A.

1. You are one of the key members of the athletic fan base at your school, the Monarch Militia. What types of things do you do to organize the white-outs and draw the big crowds?

Scholtz: We do a lot of marketing, send out a lot of tweets and talk about it at school. We just try to get as many kids aware of the game as soon as possible, because we realize not every kid is as into it as us and knows when every game is.

2. Your school newspaper, The Howler, recently unveiled an editorial imploring fans to fill the stands at girls games as much as they do at the boys. What was your personal take on the piece?

Scholtz: I was kind of upset that they took shots at us and they used the word “sexist.” That was kind of upsetting. But I agree there should be more people at girls games, and I’ve been to a bunch. You’ve seen us. We traveled down to Highlands Ranch. The best solution would be to make guys games on opposite nights of girls games, or doubleheaders, so we could go to them all.

3. What would it take to get a basketball-like crowd to one of your baseball games?

Scholtz: First of all, we’d definitely have to start winning like the boys and girls are doing this year. It’s more fun to go watch a team that’s winning. But I think there will be a lot of people coming to baseball games this year, especially the athletes that we’ve supported.

4. In your four years at Monarch, who are the freakiest athletes you’ve witnessed on each the boys and girls side?

Scholtz: Girls probably was freshman year, Alexus Johnson for basketball. I just remember in the final four she came out and hit four straight 3s against Regis. I don’t think I’ve seen a performance like that. It was pretty insane. Guys, my favorite athlete to watch has been Sam Fredricksmeyer. I love the passion he brings the game, and I grew up with him and have been really good friends with him.

5. As far as the Major Leagues, who is a player you model your approach after?

Scholtz: It’s either Tulo or CarGo, but mostly I’d say Tulo because he’s an infielder. I love his defensive mindset. He had a quote in the news where he said he’d rather have a web gem than hit a home run. I’ve tried to use that as a model and really work on my defensive side.

6. What concert would it pain you to miss?

Scholtz: I found out today that J. Cole is coming to Red Rocks. I’d like to go to that one.

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