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Fairview's Brittney Beetcher completes her second-place effort in the 500 freestyle Saturday at the Class 5A state finals.
Steve Stoner / Loveland Reporter-Herald
Fairview’s Brittney Beetcher completes her second-place effort in the 500 freestyle Saturday at the Class 5A state finals.

FORT COLLINS — Just one look at Fairview coach Bob Smartt on Saturday afternoon at Edora Pool Ice Center told you everything you needed to know about how the Knights performed in the pool.

One day after a difficult preliminary round of swims, Fairview bounced back with a vengeance to finish with 226.5 points, good enough for third place behind champion Fossil Ridge (347) and runner-up Regis Jesuit (277).

“We had a lot stronger day today, and I am very pleased,” said Smartt, whose team opened the meet with a school-record swim in the 200-yard medley relay (1:45.73). “We swam about 25 points better than yesterday, so we are very pleased with that.

“Seniors Julia Box and Sidney Andrew made a huge contribution.”

Sophomore Brittney Beetcher had a tall task on her hands in both the 200 and 500 freestyle races against Arapahoe’s state champion senior Ella Moynihan.

In the 200, Moynihan’s splits were just a hair faster each length of the pool and it added up to a 2.5-second edge at the wall. Moynihan won her second straight 200 title in 1:48.29 to Beetcher’s 1:50.87.

“She’s a great competitor and we’ve known each other for a while. We met a couple of years ago and I love racing her, she is one of my favorite people to race,” said Beetcher, who was a part of both of the Knights’ 200 and 400 free relay teams. “I respect her a lot and she is going to do great things next year (at Notre Dame).”

Beetcher qualified first in the 500 free, one second better than Moynihan, and the two waged an impressive duel for 20 lengths. They were never separated by more than 0.6 seconds and in the end Moynihan’s second victory came via a touch at the wall by .28 seconds — 4:54.92 to 4:55.20.

But Beetcher was not about to play the could’ve-should’ve-ould’ve game and instead chalked it up to a lesson learned.

“I try to focus on the future and not what is in the past, it happened and I’m proud of my swims,” she said. “Second is great and Ella is great. I can’t think of anything I could have done more.”

Freeman finished fifth in the 200 IM in school-record fashion. Her 2:05.70 breaks her own record she set last year.

“It is always exciting to make it again,” Freeman said. “I felt really good this afternoon and I just love the feeling of dropping (time), it’s just so exciting.”

Freeman also made the final in the 500, but couldn’t improve on her prelim time of 5:06.15, yet was still able to move up two spots to fifth overall.

Box finished fourth in the 100 butterfly in a brisk 56.11 seconds and she came back later to win the consolation heat of the 100 backstroke. Her consolation time of 56.77 would have been sixth in the championship heat. Diver Julia Benz placed sixth with a score of 458.90 points. Andrew moved up to fourth in the 100 breaststroke with time of 1:06.70.

Boulder’s Josie Valette moved up a spot in the 50 freestyle to nab sixth place in 24.02 seconds. After just missing a chance to swim in the championship heat of the 100 free — she lost in a preliminary swim-off to Heritage’s Kylie Andrews — Valette came back to win the consolation heat in her third 51-second swim of the event in two days.

Monarch’s Sidney Trimm, like Valette, made the finals in 50 and missed in the 100. The Coyotes sophomore was more than pleased to be back swimming on Saturday, but feels like she left a little bit in the water.

“I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t represent my team as much as I would have hoped,” said Trimm, who finished seventh behind Valette in the 50 at 24.18 seconds. “It’s a learning experience and I feel like this meet will help me next year.”

Trimm’s teammate Courtney Roeber was in the finals of the 100 breaststroke and finished eighth in a race where the difference between eighth and fifth place was under a second.

“I was a little frustrated and maybe I psyched myself out a little too much,” Roeber said. “It was really hard to get up and go, but honestly, I’ve never made it back to finals, so I was pretty excited with what I came up with.”

In their first year at the Class 5A level, Broomfield was able to advance Elizabeth Peterson and its 400 free relay team to the consolation finals. Peterson just missed winning her heat of the 100 butterfly by .01 seconds to Mountain Vista freshman Natalie Arky. The relay team of Madelaine McClain, Kate Peterson, Grae Roda and Elizabeth Peterson finished 12th.

Legacy’s Mary Lombardi finished 14th in the 500 free with a time of 5:13.93.

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At Edora Pool Ice Center

Team scores — Fossil Ridge 347, Regis Jesuit 277, Fairview 226.5, Cherry Creek 170, ThunderRidge 153, Arapahoe 129, Loveland 92, Mountain Vista 87, Rampart 79, Grandview 79, Rock Canyon 77, Heritage 75.5, Lewis-Palmer 53, Legend 48, Mountain Range 41, Monarch 40, Chaparral 36, Ralston Valley 36, Smoky Hill 36, Fort Collins 34, Pomona 30, Greeley West 26, Castle View 26, Boulder 22, Broomfield 17, Chatfield 17, Eaglecrest 16, Rocky Mountain 14, Pine Creek 10, Legacy 3, Horizon 3, Lakewood 1.

200 medley relay — 1. Fossil Ridge (Bayley Stewart, Bailey Kovac, Bailey Nero, Lesley-Ann Knee) 1:43.04; 2. ThunderRidge 1:45.49; 3. Fairview (Julia Box, Sidney Andrew, Sienna Stonesmith, Michaela Mullison) 1:45.73; 4. Regis Jesuit 1:47.10; 5. Cherry Creek 1:48.61; 6. Mountain Vista 1:48.98; 7. Rampart 1:51.15; 8. Rock Canyon DQ.

200 freestyle — 1. Ella Moynihan, Arapahoe, 1:48.29; 2. Brittney Beetcher, Fairview, 1:50.87; 3. Shelly Drozda, Mountain Range, 1:51.52; 4. Zarena Brown, Pomona, 1:52.54; 5. Quinn Fawcett, Fossil Ridge, 1:52.80; 6. Riley Hoffman, Fossil Ridge, 1:53.15; 7. Lindsay Painton, Regis Jesuit, 1:53.35; 8. Kaylyn Flatt, Cherry Creek, 1:54.62; 12. Adee Weller, Fairview, 1:54.61.

200 IM — 1. Bailey Nero, Fossil Ridge, 1:59.20; 2. Brooke Hansen, Loveland, 2:01.58; 3. Bailey Kovac, Fossil Ridge, 2:03.11; 4. Morgan Rosas, Cherry Creek, 2:05.04; 5. Sandra Freeman, Fairview, 2:05.70; 6. Kelly Hatanaka, Loveland, 2:06.87; 7. Jayden Glover, Fossil Ridge, 2:08.49; 8. April Wood, Grandview, 2:09.77; 14. Sidney Andrew, Fairview, 2:11.72.

50 freestyle — 1. Annie Ochitwa, ThunderRidge, 22.86; 2. Abigail Kochevar, Rock Canyon, 23.36; 3. Lauren Moden, Legend, 23.57; 4. Zoe Bartel, Fossil Ridge, 23.73; 5. Taylor Wilson, Regis Jesuit, 23.75; 6. Josie Vallette, Boulder, 24.02; 7. Sidney Trimm, Monarch, 24.14; 8. Laurel Eiber, Arapahoe, 24.25; 13. Courtney Roeber, Monarch, 24.44.

Diving — 1. McKensi Austin, Regis Jesuit, 540.30 pts. (Class 5A state record; previous was Jess Andrus, Poudre, 533.15 in 2005); 2. Averly Hobbs, Chatfield, 490.45; 3. Indiya Williams, Eaglecrest, 474.15; 4. Kellyn Toole, Regis Jesuit, 468.55; 5. Hailey Nelson, Fossil Ridge, 465.25; 6. Julia Benz, Fairview, 458.90; 7. Becca Hetrick, Lewis-Palmer, 456.65; 8. Tori Ritter, Rock Canyon, 450.25; 12. Grace Newell, Monarch, 423.05.

100 butterfly — 1. Bailey Nero, Fossil Ridge, 53.22 (Colorado state record; previous was Kelly Naze, Cherry Creek, 54.25 in 2010); 2. Amy Lenderink, Regis Jesuit, 55.28; 3. Elise Forzley, Fort Collins, 55.52; 4. Julia Box, Fairview, 56.11; 5. Patricia Van Law, ThunderRidge, 56.57; 6. Morgan Rosas, Cherry Creek, 56.60; 7. Kaylie Breslin, Regis Jesuit, 56.87; 8. Morgan King, Greeley West, 56.94; 10. Elizabeth Peterson, Broomfield, 57.74; 12. Sienna Stonesmith, Fairview, 57.90.

100 freestyle — 1. Annie Ochitwa, ThunderRidge, 49.60; 2. Brooke Hansen, Loveland, 49.97; 3. Lauren Moden, Legend, 51.03; T4. Zoe Bartel, Fossil Ridge, 51.22; T4. Kylie Andrews, Heritage, 51.22; 6. Taylor Wilson, Regis Jesuit, 51.28; 7. Lindsay Painton, Regis Jesuit, 51.31; 8. Samantha Smith, Regis Jesuit, 52.50; 9. Josie Valette, Boulder, 51.72; 15. Sidney Trimm, Monarch, 53.61.

500 freestyle — 1. Ella Moynihan, Arapahoe, 4:54.92; 2. Brittney Beetcher, Fairview, 4:55.20; 3. Rose Saya, Cherry Creek, 5:02.78; 4. Mia Wood, Grandview, 5:05.91; 5. Sandra Freeman, Fairview, 5:06.40; 6. Kelly Hatanaka, Loveland, 5:07.34; 7. Zarena Brown, Pomona, 5:12.68; 8. Bayley Stewart, Fossil Ridge, 5:24.94; 11. Adee Weller, Fairview, 5:08.73; 14. Mary Lombardi, Legacy, 5:13.93.

200 free relay — 1. Regis Jesuit (Lindsay Painton, Jennae Frederick, Amy Linderink, Taylor Wilson) 1:34.71; 2. Fossil Ridge 1:36.25; 3. ThunderRidge 1:37.29; 4. Cherry Creek 1:37.54; 5. Arapahoe 1:37.67; 6. Fairview (Jessie Li, Logan Tidstrom, Sienna Stonesmith, Brittney Beetcher) 1:37.84; 7. Heritage 1:38.08; 8. Gandview 1:38.73; 14. Monarch (Courteny Roeber, Jennica Kelm, Jordin Simmons, Sidney Trimm) 1:41.12.

100 backstroke — 1. Abigail Kochevar, Rock Canyon, 54.17; 2. Patricia Van Law, ThunderRidge, 55.58; 3. Shelly Drozda, Mountain Range, 55.80; 4. Elsa Litteken, Castle View, 56.01; 5. Elise Forzley, Fort Collins, 56.63; 6. Bayley Stewart, Fossil Ridge, 56.87; 7. Samantha Smith, Regis Jesuit, 57.01; 8. Natalie Arky, Mountain Vista, 57.33; 9. Julia Box, Fairview, 56.77.

100 breaststroke — 1. Bailey Kovac, Fossil Ridge, 1:03.03; 2. Mackenzie Atencio, Ralston Valley, 1:05.73; 3. Jayden Glover, Fossil Ridge, 1:06.68; 4. Sidney Andrew, Fairview, 1:06.70; 5. Mason Dahman, ThunderRidge, 1:07.06; 6. Jordyn Richey, Smoky Hill, 1:07.44; 7. Delaney Smith, Arapahoe, 1:07.80; 8. Courtney Roeber, Monarch, 1:07.97; T13. Amelia Nadelson, Fairview, 1:08.84; 15. Quinn Adams, Fairview, 1:08.87.

400 free relay — 1. Fossil Ridge (Zoe Bartel, Riley Hoffman, Bailey Kovac, Bailey Nero) 3:25.26; 2. Regis Jesuit 3:25.49; 3. Cherry Creek 3:30.91; 4. Fairview (Jessie Li, Cailen Chinn, Brittney Beetcher, Julia Box) 3:31.04; 5. Arapahoe 3:31.85; 6. Rampart 3:33.39; 7. Mountain Vista 3:35.36; 8. Gandview 3:35.78; 12. Broomfield (Madelaine McClain, Kate Peterson, Grae Roda, Elizabeth Peterson), 3:40.72.


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