Girls swimming: Fairview adds to growing state roster at BoCo Invite

David R. Jennings / Daily Camera
Fairview’s Brittney Beetcher races toward a second-place finish in the 500 freestyle Saturday at the annual Boulder County Invitational.


THORNTON — With all the numbers Bob Smartt has to deal with on a regular basis as the coach of the Fairview girls swim team, there has really only been one that continues to set itself apart from the others.

While the number 33 may feel very random to the common spectator, that’s a huge digit for the Knights. Since the beginning of the season, that’s the number of individual state qualifiers the team has been looking to get.

Fairview took a huge chunk out of that goal on Saturday afternoon, with seven new qualifiers in various events at the 27th Boulder County Invitational — bringing to 30 the amount of FHS representatives having punched their tickets to the 5A state meet on Valentine’s weekend.

The Knights will have plenty of company from the local squads after this 11-team meet at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center produced an incredible 176 state cuts overall. Fairview dominated with depth to win the meet as a team, but Boulder, Monarch, Centaurus (4A) and Broomfield all saw productive swims with the closing to the regular season approaching rapidly.

“That was the best news today for us, picking up (seven) new state qualifiers,” said Smartt, whose team scored 902 points. “Our goal was 33 … and with a good league meet, we can round that out nicely because we had some other girls that were extremely close today.”

While some of Fairview’s top swimmers posted great-but-not-season-best times, Lauren Adler (200 individual medley), Logan Tidstrom (50 free, 100 free), Victoria Felton (50 free), Sadie Matthews (100 fly), Greta Dunn (100 fly), Lucie Majeticova (100 breast) and Sarah Dalgleish (100 free) all assured themselves a trip to Edora Pool Ice Center in mid-February for the Knights.

“The rank and file came through very nicely for us,” Smartt added. “I mean, in the 200 free relay, we had five teams today that got the state cut. At the top of the mountain, we were off a little bit, but we still had some nice victories.”

Every little bit helps for a state title-contending team, and Fairview saw event wins from all three relay teams, Brittney Beetcher (1 minute, 54.10 seconds in the 200 free), Julia Box (100 fly, 57.09) and Julia Benz (diving, 461.55 points). While some of Fairview’s other better-known swimmers did well, senior Olivia Phillips provided another example of a teammate excited to see new girls get state cuts even in the midst of a great day individually.

Phillips dropped nearly four full seconds in her 200 free time to finish sixth, and then followed that up with a near 11-second drop in the 500 free. Both results put her into the mix at state in those events.

“It just makes everybody on the team so happy when you see a freshman or a sophomore get their first state cuts,” Phillips said, her time in the 200 free being 2:01.97. “I saw some of my sophomore friends get close to their cuts last year at this meet, and I was super happy for them. And then to see them come in this year and blow that time out of the water … it brings everyone together.

“It’s nice to go into state and leagues with that (200 time) under my belt.”

Saturday was filled with performances both expected and unexpected. Monarch’s Sidney Trimm won both the 50 and 100 freestyle events (24.35 and 52.64, respectively), and Centaurus’ Haley Rowley won both the 200 IM and the 500 free.

Rowley has been on fire of late, and her 500 freestyle time of 4:56.38 set a meet record. Coming off an Arena Pro Series meet last weekend in Austin, Texas, where she hit three Olympic Trials cuts (800 free, 400 IM, 200 back), Rowley had been training hard but still glanced at the records in her two events with determination.

“We weren’t tapered (for Austin) but that meet went really well, and we came back and started training really hard this week, and so I’m happy with my races,” Rowley said. “I felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest … I was nervous because my goal was those meet records. I felt good (in the 500) because when I get ahead it just makes me a little more confident.”

Rowley’s former teammates at Boulder also put in quality work. The Panthers were once again paced with Josie Valette’s finishes in the 100 backstroke (second, 59.49) and 200 IM (third, 2:11.04) but BHS also qualified its 200 free relay team (Mia Dorris, Hannah Varner, Sydney Stone, Valette) and got a tough swim out of Miranda Sullivan as she targeted the state cut in the 500 free.

“Josie swam some different events and did really well,” Boulder coach Curt Colby said after a third place team finish. “We had our best kids that were here today do the 200 knowing that we needed to get that one. It gives us all three relays for state, and now we continue to work on some individuals. We’re seeing a lot of time drops, so it’s a good time of year.”

Monarch finished second as a team thanks to big time drops in the 200 medley relay and 200 free relay, and also Grace Newell’s second-place effort in diving. Courtney Roeber and Brie Yost sprinkled in standout performances all day long for the Coyotes.

Broomfield, making the jump to 5A this year, saw top-eight individual finishes from Madelaine McClain (200 free, 100 free) and Elizabeth Peterson (200 IM, 50 free) and Katie Conn (diving).

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Team Scores — Fairview 902, Monarch 567, Boulder 439, Loveland 367, Broomfield 277, Centaurus 258, Silver Creek 253, Skyline 201, Niwot 201, Denver North 59, Longmont 42.

200 medley relay — 1. Fairview (Julia Box, Sidney Andrew, Sienna Stonesmith, Maggie Hearn), 1:50.33*; 2. Monarch A, 1:54.65*; 3. Fairview B, 1:54.76*; 4. Silver Creek A, 1:54.96^; 5. Boulder A, 1:55.12*; 6. Loveland A, 1:57.53*; 7. Broomfield A, 1:58.40*; 8. Fairview C, 1:59.58*.

200 freestyle — 1. Brittney Beetcher, Fairview, 1:54.10*; 2. Brooke Hansen, Loveland, 1:55.04*; 3. Adee Weller, Fairview, 1:57.06*; 4. Madelaine McClain, Broomfield, 2:00.56*; 5. Aiden Ausley, Fairview, 2:00.68*; 6. Olivia Phillips, Fairview, 2:01.97*; 7. Hannah Dorris, Boulder, 2:04.95*; 8. Merritt Shepherd, Centaurus, 2:05.65^.

200 IM — 1. Haley Rowley, Centaurus, 2:05.23^; 2. Sandra Freeman, Fairview, 2:10.13*; 3. Josie Valette, Boulder, 2:11.04*; 4. Sidney Andrew, Fairview, 2:11.32*; 5. Elizabeth Peterson, Broomfield, 2:11.87*; 6. Lauren Adler, Fairview, 2:19.21*; 7. Alec Haukeness, Boulder, 2:19.85; 8. Hannah Svendsen, Skyline, 2:20.04^.

50 freestyle — 1. Sidney Trimm, Monarch, 24.35*; 2. Courtney Roeber, Monarch, 24.56*; 3. Jessie Li, Fairview, 24.80*; 4. Sienna Stonesmith, Fairview, 25.44*; 5. Elizabeth Peterson, Broomfield, 25.46*; 6. Logan Tidstrom, Fairview, 25.65*; 7. Victoria Felton, Fairview, 25.72*; 8. Jennica Kelm, Monarch, 25.88.

Diving — 1. Julia Benz, Fairview, 461.55*; 2. Grace Newell, Monarch, 456.00*; 3. Maddie Barkow, Niwot, 447.35^; 4. Megan Oldham, Skyline, 425.70^; 5. Savannah Magness, Monarch, 408.60*; 6. Logan English, Loveland, 359.15*; 7. Katie Conn, Broomfield, 341.55*; 8. Samantha Scarano, Centaurus, 338.90^.

100 butterfly — 1. Julia Box, Fairview, 57.09*; 2. Aiden Ausley, Fairview, 1:01.38*; 3. Brie Yost, Monarch, 1:02.36*; 4. Sadie Matthews, Fairview, 1:02.70*; 5. Sara Findley, Silver Creek, 1:02.95^; 6. Greta Dunn, Fairview, 1:02.96*; 7. Molly Box, Fairview, 1:03.51; 8. Miranda Sullivan, Boulder, 1:03.56.

100 freestyle — 1. Sidney Trimm, Monarch, 52.64*; 2. Madelaine McClain, Broomfield, 54.12*; 3. Jessie Li, Fairview, 54.85*; 4. Logan Tidstrom, Fairview, 55.53*; 5. Cailen Chinn, Fairview, 55.57*; 6. Sarah Dalgleish, Fairview, 56.46*; 7. Grace Payton, Loveland, 56.78; 8. Brandi Vu, Silver Creek, 57.00^.

500 freestyle — 1. Haley Rowley, Centaurus, 4:56.38^#; 2. Brittney Beetcher, Fairview, 5:04.92*; 3. Adee Weller, Fairview, 5:09.46*; 4. Sandra Freeman, Fairview, 5:14.95*; 5. Brie Yost, Monarch, 5:24.02*; 6. Miranda Sullivan, Boulder, 5:26.12*; 7. Hannah Svendsen, Skyline, 5:28.36^; 8. Olivia Phillips, Fairview, 5:28.89*.

200 free relay — 1. Fairview A (Michaela Mullison, Sidney Andrew, Jessi Li, Brittney Beetcher), 1:39.97*; 2. Monarch A, 1:41.45*; 3. Centaurus A, 1:42.72^; 4. Fairview B, 1:43.22*; 5. Loveland A, 1:44.67*; 6. Boulder A, 1:46.44*; 7. Silver Creek A, 1:47.14^; 8. Fairview D, 1:47.18*.

100 backstroke — 1. Brooke Hansen, Loveland, 58.60*; 2. Josie Valette, Boulder, 59.49*; 3. Lizi Bolles, Fairview, 1:00.33*; 4. Aza Verhoenven, Fairview, 1:00.87*; 5. Julia Box, Fairview, 1:01.02*; 6. Cailen Chinn, Fairview, 1:01.66*; 7. Kiana Junior, Fairview, 1:02.26*; 8. Jenna Hattendorf, Fairview, 1:02.36*.

100 breaststroke — 1. Brandi Vu, Silver Creek, 1:07.34^; 2. Sidney Andrew, Fairview, 1:07.50*; 3. Courtney Roeber, Monarch, 1:08.51*; 4. Chloe Vincent, Fairview, 1:09.55*; 5. Hannah Dorris, Boulder, 1:10.39*; 6. Quinn Adams, Fairview, 1:10.77*; 7. Amelia Nadelson, Fairview, 1:10.99*; 8. Lucie Majeticova, Fairview, 1:11.93*.

400 free relay — 1. Fairview A (Jessie Li, Brittney Beetcher, Adee Weller, Julia Box), 3:40.62*; 2. Fairview B, 3:43.52*; 3. Centaurus A 3:47.96^; 4. Fairview C, 3:53.51*; 5. Monarch A, 3:53.86*; 6. Fairview D, 3:57.27*; 7. Boulder A, 3:57.53*; 8. Fairview E, 3:59.10*.

* — denotes 5A state-qualifying mark. ^ — denotes 4A state qualifying mark. # — denotes meet record.