BROOMFIELD — It was something Holy Family athletic director Ben Peterson didn’t really see coming.

One year after hiring Diane Johannsen to head up the Tigers’ volleyball team, he will have to start the process all over again after she stepped down from her position.

“She and I had a good, long, end of the year coaches meeting and I am a big fan of Diane Johannsen and I have been ever since I have been here,” Peterson said. “When we hired her last year, I was ecstatic.

“But being in 4A, we had some bumps in the road and it was tough for a lot of people involved.”

Holy Family’s initial venture into Class 4A volleyball and the Tri-Valley League ended with a 8-15 record and just 5-9 in league play.

Peterson pointed to the stress of Johannsen working a day job and then coming to practice every day and trying to balance everything that may have been the deciding factor.

At Holy Family, the hiring process is a little bit different and not only will Peterson be involved in the hiring process but so to will parents, students and other faculty members.

“I’ve asked for them all to give me some help because I’m just not plugged in to the outside volleyball community,” Peterson said. “Whatever help they can provide in terms of getting names to me and applications to me, the better off we are going to be.

“Last year we started our search in April and this year we get to start in December, so hopefully that four month period will give us a few more names work with.”

Whoever the new coach may be will inherit a roster that is largely intact from this season and one that only graduates two seniors. The loss of senior Katie Weerstra will sting a little bit, but Abigail Hodell and Kelsie Torczynski combined for 220 kills this season and Hodell is a ferocious blocker.

“We have good kids and you can see that with all of our sports, our kids are going to compete,” Peterson said. “It’ll just be a matter of getting that person in there that is the right fit for Holy Family.”

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