BOULDER — In swim programs that compete for state titles year after year, girls who do not swim year-round for club programs are rare.

By Fairview head coach Bob Smartt’s count, the Knights will have “a few” prep-only girls who will qualify for the Class 5A state meet. Count senior Sienna Stonesmith among them. On Friday at the season-opening Fairview Invitational, Stonesmith won the 100 butterfly in 1 minute, 0.69 seconds, demolishing the field by over five seconds and missing a meet record by under four-hundredths of a second.

Making the 5A state meet cut in the first meet of the season, Stonesmith got her short swim winter campaign started off right.

“I tried club swimming for a while and it just wasn’t for me,” Stonesmith said. “We have a huge team with a lot of really competitive girls on it and we have a lot of girls who also swim for credits or to hang out with their friends or to get good exercise. My goal today was to make the state time so knowing that I did feels great.”

Stonesmith was an All-American on two relays last season, which is unusual for a non-club swimmer. On Friday, she was part of winning teams on the 200 and 400 freestyle relays, as well as the 200 butterfly relay, all of which she swam for the Fairview Knights A team that swept all but two of the 12 events to win the meet with 516 points.

Though she only swims competitively during the winter high school season, don’t count Stonesmith out when it’s time to get in the pool and race. She’s made a good enough impression to draw attention from several Division III collegiate programs.

“Sienna has great focus and when it comes meet time, she’s a great competitor,” Fairview head coach Bob Smartt said. “She’s great when it’s important. Between now and the state meet, she’ll be very serious and get it done. This was the first meet so there were a lot of things that we need to improve on as a team.”

In a meet that lacked most of the teams’ top club swimmers, who were competing in a major club meet in Denver, the Monarch A team took second without star swimmer Sidney Trimm.

In the Broomfield Eagles’ debut at the 5A level, junior Kate Peterson won the 100 backstroke in 1:04.50. Another non-club swimmer, Peterson’s debut performance after missing most of last season with an illness was a pleasant surprise for Eagles head coach Emily Austin. In fact, Austin was happy with much of the day’s efforts.

“It was better than expected,” Austin said. “Our team is bigger than I’m used to, so trying to watch so many people is tough. Some of our new girls have been flying under the radar and I got to see what they’re actually capable of. I now know that we all need to push ourselves harder because they have more in them than I thought.”

Boulder High finished fourth in the team scoring behind the Fairview Black team.

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Fairview Invitational

At South Boulder Recreation Center

Team scores — Fairview A 516, Monarch A 288, Fairview Black 225, Boulder 199, Fairview Red 144, La Junta 141, Arvada West 108, Broomfield Blue 106, Monarch Gold 22.

200 medley relay — 1. Fairview A (Aza Verhoven, Lucie Majeticova, Sadie Matthews, Victoria Felton), 1:58.21*; 2. Fairview A2, 2:03.09; 3. La Junta, 2:03.17; 4. Arvada West, 2:05.25; 5. Fairview Black, 2:06.07; 6. Boulder, 2:06.18.

100 freestyle — 1. Alex Guthrie, Fairview A, 58.55; 2. Grae Roda, Broomfield Blue, 59.59; 3. Clare Lupo, Fairview Black, 59.83; Sarah Dalgeish, Fairview A, 59.95; 5. Lauren Proctor, La Junta, 1:00.13; 6. Gabi Hamm, Fairview Black, 1:01.07.

200 breaststroke relay — 1. Fairview A (Chloe Vincent, Elyssa Hofgard, Hannah Freeman, Lucie Majeticova), 2:14.90; 2. Fairview Black, 2:25.91; 3. Monarch A, 2:28.39; 4. Monarch A, 2:32.81; 5. Arvada West, 2:35.10; 6. Fairview A, 2:36.44.

100 butterfly — 1. Sienna Stonesmith, Fairview A, 1:00.69*; 2. Sydney Stone, Boulder, 1:05.45; 3. Rain Wlad-Mengering, Boulder, 1:06.89; 4. Sedona Sanders, Fairview Red, 1:07.30; 5. Sadie Matthews, Fairview A, 1:07.32; 6. Sydney Morgenstein, Monarch A, 1:07.33.

200 backstroke relay — 1. Fairview A (Sierra Szeto, Olivia Hess, Courtney Carter, Aza Herhoven), 1:59.61; 2. Monarch A, 2:04.75; 3. Broomfield Blue, 2:07.91; 4. Boulder, 2:08.46; 5. Fairview Red, 2:10.67; 6. Monarch A, 2:17.83.

50 freestyle — 1. Maggie Hearn, Fairview A, 26.35; 2. Savannah Tice, La Junta, 26.7; 3. Chloe Vincent, Fairview A, 27.30; 4. Victoria Felton, Fairview A, 27.61; 5. Kilian Beggan, Fairview Black, 27.96; 6. Jennifer Young, Broomfield Blue, 28.30.

400 medley relay — 1. Fairview A (Olivia Pfeiffer, Arie Wright, Hailey Leader, Julia Smith), 4:32.99; 2. La Junta, 4:36.84; 4. Monarch A, 4:40.16; 4. Boulder, 4:43.09; 5. Monarch A, 4:48.50; 6. Arvada West, 4:50.13.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Fairview A (Sienna Stonesmith, Maggie Hearn, Chloe Vincent, Victoria Felton), 1:45.73*; 2. Monarch A, 1:50.27; 3. Fairview A, 1:51.80; 4. Monarch Gold, 2:52.75; 5. Fairview Black, 1:53.11; 6. Fairview Red, 1:53.62.

100 backstroke — 1. Kate Peterson, Broomfield Blue, 1:04.50; 2. Aza Verhoven, Fairview A, 1:05.60; 3. Courtney Carter, Fairview A, 1:06.93; 4. Olivia Ellis, Arvada West, 1:06.95; 5. Hannah Varner, Boulder, 1:07.51; 6. Sierra Szeto, Fairview A, 1:08.60.

100 breaststroke — 1. Leah Roberson, La Junta, 1:12.41; 2. Lucie Majeticova, Fairview A, 1:13.47; 3. Hannah Freeman, Fairview A, 1:14.58; 4. Elyssa Hofgard, Fairview A, 1:17.38; 5. Iva Majeticova, Fairview Black, 1:17.71; 6. Lilly Valentine, Boulder, 1:18.27.

400 free relay — 1. Fairview A (Sarah Dalgleish, Victoria Felton, Aza Verhoven, Sienna Stonesmith), 4:01.13; 2. Fairview A, 4:04.37; 3. La Junta, 4:04.50; 4. Monarch A, 4:09.06; 5. Fairview Black, 4:12.83; 6. Fairview Red, 4:16.52.

200 butterfly relay — 1. Fairview A (Alex Christiansen, Maggie Hearn, Brooke Jewell, Sienna Stonesmith), 1:58.83; 2. Monarch A, 2:00.45; 3. Boulder, 2:00.63; 4. Fairview Black, 2:01.10; 5. Fairview Black, 2:05.81; 6. Fairview A, 2:06.00.

* — denotes state-qualifying mark