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5A Front Range League
First team:
Gabrielle Eyl, Boulder
Brenna Fankell, Broomfield
Callie Kaiser, Broomfield
Audrey Cheng, Fairview
Caroline Schmiedeler, Fairview
Rachel Guiberson, Fort Collins
Bridgette Lococo, Fossil
Abby De’Agosta, Fossil 
Shannon Lanza, Fossil
Makenna Rockman, Legacy
Angela McGownd, Loveland
Taira Cottingham, Rocky
Second team:
Christine Schmiedler, Fairview
Victoria Norwood, Fort Collins
Anna Breidr, Fossil
Bailey MacInnis, Fairview
Kayla Uyemura, Greeley West
Sarah Clinkenbeard, Loveland
Ette Flock, Loveland
Madison Bradley, Poudre 
Macie Linne, Rocky
Ashley Yeager, Rocky
Morgan Weatherwax, Rocky
Honorable mention:
Cassidy Evans, Boulder
Tate Todea, Boulder
Emma Chow, Boulder 
Madi Rademacher, Broomfield
Tori Biggerstaff, Broomfield
Mari Jewell, Fairview
Hannah Emerson, Greeley West
Nakiya Myrant, Greeley West
Ellie Davidson, Greeley West
Courtney Richardson, Horizon  
Simone Borelli, Legacy
Kalliope Loudenburg, Legacy
Jayve Moore, Loveland
Madison Oatsvall, Loveland
Kennedy Selby, Monarch
Libby Bell, Monarch
Jessy Hibl, Monarch
Stephanie Grosser, Monarch 
Maria Agazio, Mountain Range
Olivia Seng, Poudre
Morgan Bowles, Rocky
Maddie Brooks, Rocky 
Athlete of the year: Bridgette Locco, Fossil
Coach of the year: Brooke Simmons, Fairview 

4A Northern League
First team:
Megan Graefe, OH/DS, 12, Greeley Central 
Katie Hanson, OH, 12, Mountain View
Joscelyn Wind, MH, 12, Mountain View
Cori Kirschling, OH, 12, Niwot
Jenny Townsend, S, 12, Niwot
Liz Potter, OH, 12, Silver Creek 
Second team:
Kendra Steffen, S, 12, Greeley Central
Sydney Wetterstrom, OH, 11, Longmont
Jessica Kusbel, MH, 12, Longmont
Sammi Watson, S, 11,  Mountain View
Brooke Paxton, MH./OH, 11, Northridge 
Taylor Axelson, L, 12, Thompson Valley 
Honorable mention:
Alana Antoine, OH, 12, Greeley Central
Mallory Page, L, 12, Longmont
Morgan Harrison, L, 12, Mountain View
Mackenzie Fidelak, RS, 9, Niwot
Brittany Frank, OH/MH, 11, Northridge
Alexa Jayne, S, 12, Silver Creek
Katelyn Smith, RS, 11, Thompson Valley 
Player of the year: Cori Kirschling, Niwot
Coach of the year: Preston Brown, Niwot 

4A Tri-Valley League
Maddie Uilk, Mead
Hannah Atkinson, Berthoud
Farel Garcia, Roosevelt
Makayla Morton, Mead
Sequoya Bertron, Roosevelt
Katia Fitzgerald, Erie
Monica Williams, Windsor
Alyssa Peacock, Berthoud
Mackenzie DiGesualdo, Frederick
Alyssa Steed, Skyline
Jessa Megenhardt, Berthoud
Macy Bourn, Mead
Player of the year: Maddie Uilk
Coach of the year: Daisha Agho

3A Metro League
First team:
Elizabeth Jensen, S, 12, Bishop Machebeuf
Felicia Hernandez, OH/MB, 12, Bishop Machebeuf
Marin McCoy, OH, 12, Colorado Academy
Danyle Duprey, OH, 12, Faith Christian
Linneah Dozer, S, 12, Faith Christian
Charner Ramsey, S/MH, 10, Kent Denver
Chandler Sturms, OH, 12, Lutheran
Maddie Arnell, S, 11, Luthern
Kaelyn Powers, OH, 12, Peak to Peak
Monique Hansen, MN, 12, St. Mary’s Academy
Second team: 
Rabecca Haven, RS/S, 12, Bishop Machebeuf
Haley Kilday, OH, 10, Centaurus
Emilee Scates, RS/S, 10, Centaurus
Aide Marquez, L, 12, Colorado Academy
Chrystina Meador, MH, 12, Faith Christian
Emma Anderson, OH, 12, Jefferson Academy
Beth Vanderhyde, L, 11, Lutheran
Allie Hankey, OH, 12, Peak to Peak
Marie Spence, L, 12, Peak to Peak
Maddie Bredehoft, OH, 12, St. Mary’s Academy
Honorable mention: 
Myranda Weakland, MB, 12, Bishop Machebeuf
Gabby Spino, OH, 12, Bishop Machebeuf
Monica Medrano, MH, 12, Centaurus
Hannah Wood, OH, 12, Faith Christian
Sarah Yocum, MH, 10, Faith Christian
MyKenna Nichols, L, 11, Faith Christian
Samantha Lewis, MH, 10, Jefferson Academy 
Amanda Smiley, MH, 12, Kent Denver
Kailee Yano, S, 10, Peak to Peak
Claire Hodgkins, S, 12, SkyView Academy
Sophia Helsing, OH, 10 SkyView Academy
Senior of the year: Elizabeth Jensen
Coach of the year: Chris Powers, Faith Christian 

2A Mile High League

First team:
Taylor Ingram, 11, Dayspring Christian 
Malia Papineau, 11, Denver Christian 
Gracyn Voggesser, 11, Liberty Common 
Jessica Buxrud, 11, Lyons
Erica Ivkov, 11, Lyons
Preston Lienemann, 12, Resurrection Christian
Madison Webb, 12, Resurrection Christian 
Kaycee Veik, 11, Union Colony
Second team:
Mikayla Donoho, 12, Dayspring Christian
Katie Kurz, 9, Dayspring Christian 
Cami Ciesielski, 12, Front Range Christian
Lexi Fisher, 12, Heritage Christian
Ashlyn Christiansen, 11, Lyons
Maegan Keen, 11, Lyons
Maddy Janzen, 11, Resurrection Christian
Abby Skipworth, 11, Resurrection Christian 
Honorable mention:
Libbey Porrey, Dawson School
Kelsi Donoho, Dayspring Christian
Makayla Bell, Dayspring Christian
Kathryn Klima, Front Range Christian 
Brelynn Smith, Heritage Christian
Jamie Clawson, Highland
Sarah Schaffer, Liberty Common
Julia Book, Liberty Common
Sofia Forcatto, Liberty Common
Madison Maguire, Lyons
Bekah Reeser, Resurrection Christian
Jessia Meyer, Resurrection Christian
Grace Ostdiek, Twin Peaks
Madeline Melsness, Union Colony
Lauryn Arnold, Union Colony
Brenna McWhorter, Union Colony 
Senior of the year: Madison Webb, Resurrection Christian
Coach of the year: Caleb Howard, Resurrection Christian 

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