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5A Front Range League
Girls first team:
Claudia Burgess, Boulder
Regan Vandepol, Broomfield
Katia Beggan, Fairview 
Ashley Bock, Fossil Ridge
Lauren Gregory, Fort Collins
Heather Holt, Fort Collins
Megan Mooney, Horizon
Madison Mooney
Emma Gee, Legacy
Ashlyn Brent, Loveland
Kristina Ritschard, Loveland 
Luna Slater, Poudre
Allysa Warling, Poudre
Girls second team:
Lauren Neugeboren, Boulder
Emily Mitchem, Broomfield
Katelyn Mitchem, Broomfield
Josie Russell, Fairview
Hailey Leader, Fairview
Sarah King, Fairview 
Maya Browning
Claire Hooker, Fort Collins
Samantha Muller, Fort Collins
Kiri Michell, Fort Collins
Devynn Miller, Fort Collins
Kate Leatherman, Fossil Ridge
Girls honorable mention:
Lauren Jortborg, Boulder
Laura Thompson, Broomfield
Promise Butler, Fossil Ridge 
Sydney Teslow, Fossil Ridge
Marah Guzman, Fossil Ridge
Ellie ewer, Fossil Ridge
Alyssa Flores, Greeley West 
Natalie Platil, Horizon
Abby Cohen, Legacy 
Daisy Fuchs, Monarch 
Boys first team: 
Satchel Caldwell, Boulder
Daniel Alvarez-Chao, Broomfield
Jacob Mitchem, Broomfield 
Emil Graf, Fairview  
Preston Cates, Fairview
Adam Lund, Fairview
Cam Dimas, Fort Collins
Joe Krafsur, Fort Collins
Keaton Schelir, Fossil Ridge 
Henry Raymond, Poudre
Bryan Hird, Rocky Mountain 
Boys second team:
Luke Zacharias, Boulder
Sean Riedel, Boulder
Zach Westman, Boulder
Jacob Naber, Fairview
Omar Ridinger, Fairview
Henry Briggs, Fort Collins
Black Salvador, Fort Collins 
Antonio Calderon, Fort Collins
Dylan Ko, Fossil Ridge
Marcus Quere, Loveland
Nick Hodges, Poudre
Theo Champ, Rocky Mountain
Dylan Hird, Rocky Mountain  
Boys honorable mention:
Tristan Santos, Boulder
Sam Primovich, Boulder
Evan Westman, Boulder 
Jared Durney, Broomfield
Joshua Schoep, Broomfield
Josh Krafsur, Fort Collins
Joshua Morse, Fossil Ridge
Kyle Brinkman, Loveland 
Jannik Weissm Rocky Mountain
Girl’s athlete of the year: Lauren Gregory, Fort Collins 
Boy’s athlete of the year: Bryan Hird, Rocky Mountain
Girl’s coach of the year: Mike Callor, Fort Collins
Boy’s coach of the year: Mike Callor, Fort Collins 

4A Northern League

Boys First team: 
Brooks MacDonald, Centaurus 
Sean Kilcullen, Longmont
Peter Franklin, Mountain View 
Jacob Fisk, Niwot
Brock Dykema, Silver Creek 
Jarrett Thollot, Thompson Valley
Kaleb Simington, Thompson Valley
Boys Second Team:
Ben Patzer, Centaurus
Elliot Minor, Niwot
Niels Snow, Niwot 
Joe Plunkett, Niwot 
Isaac Flores, Niwot 
Logan Simington, Thompson Valley
Nik Clinton, Thompson Valley 
Girls First Team:
Maggie Moline, Centaurus
Olivia Rogers, Centaurus
Riley Cooney, Mountain View
Lauren Offerman, Mountain View
Jenna McCaffrey, Niwot
Mikayla Gaffney, Silver Creek
Kendra Larson, Thompson Valley 
Girls Second Team:
Alyssa Sexton, Mountain View
Christa Boettiger, Niwot
Emily Cranny, Niwot
Niki Marshall, Niwot
Emilt Leidig, Thompson Valley
Kacie Kaufman, Thompson Valley
Ellie Colpitts, Thompson Valley
Head Coach of the Year: Matt Norton, Thompson Valley
Boys Athlete of the Year: Jarrett Thollot, Thompson Valley
Girls Athlete of the Year: Riley Cooney, Mountain View 

3A Metro League
Boys second team:
Isaac Ruble, Peak to Peak
Alexander Mowery, Peak to Peak
Boys honorable mention:
Benjamin DeYoung, Peak to Peak 
Girls first team:
Dallas Frisbie, Peak to Peak
Girls second team:
Alice Oveson, Peak to Peak 
Girls honorable mention:
Rachael Metzler, Peak to Peak 

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