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4A Northern League

First team:
Connor Clancy, No. 3 singles, Greeley Central 
Spencer Lang, No. 1 singles, Niwot
Allen Fu, No. 2 singles, Niwot 
Carter Pentz, No. 1 doubles, Niwot
Matthew Chavez, No. 1 doubles, Niwot
Isaac Ng, No. 2 doubles, Niwot
Peter Graham, No. 2 doubles, Niwot
Aaron Liu, No. 3 doubles, Niwot
Abhi Das, No. 3 doubles, Niwot
Luke Thomas, No.4 doubles, Niwot
Sudarshian Pillai, No. 4 doubles, Niwot 
Second team:
Jake Fell, No. 1 singles, Longmont
Daniel Crews, No. 1 singles, Greeley Central 
Joseph Martinez, No. 2 singles, Greeley Central
Michael Nagus, No. 3 singles, Silver Creek
Walker Uyemura, No. 1 doubles, Greeley Central
Alex Adams, No. 1 doubles, Greeley Central
Jarod Mose, No. 2 doubles, Greeley Central
Zach Sanford, No. 2 doubles, Greeley Central
Cody Laxton, No. 3 doubles, Silver Creek
Scott Sparks, No. 3 doubles, Silver Creek 
Jared Neilson, No. 4 doubles, Silver Creek
Isaac Sawvel, No. 4 doubles, Silver Creek
Noel Carde, No. 4 doubles, Greeley Central
Will Hunter, No. 4 doubles, Greeley Central
Adam Brubaker, No. 4 doubles, Thompson Valley
Tyler Kelly, No. 4 doubles, Thompson Valley 
Player of the year: Spencer Lang, Niwot
Coach of the year: Kay Hanson, Northridge 

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