Dunivan: Jones, Nederland still trying to support Pancoast in every way

I heard the voice on the phone from a good distance, but I instantly had a feeling of who it was. So I asked the woman holding the phone towards the football field as Nederland was battling Rocky Mountain Lutheran this past Saturday.

“Excuse me, are you Miles’ mom?” I asked.

“Yes, I am!” she replied.

Bee Brogan was on FaceTime with Miles Pancoast, the NHS football player who suffered a severe spinal cord injury in a car accident a couple weeks ago. Through the phone, he was able to watch the Panthers for a little bit of their game in Northglenn from a bed at Craig Rehabilitation Hospital.

How cool is that?

All things indicated Pancoast was in good spirits, and he was able to talk to a handful of his teammates and coaches during halftime, too. While it may have been the first time he’d been able to see some game action from his team since the accident, it wasn’t the first time he’s seen his schoolmates and coaches.

“His teammates have been awesome, and a lot of them have been able to come down and see him,” Brogan said. “A lot of them are going down to see him (Saturday). His coach (Aaron Jones) has been down there almost every single day from the beginning.

“The first time Miles was put into a wheelchair, his coach was right there. It was very scary for him, as it would be for anyone because you’re so dependent on someone for moving, and his coach was there for him.”

Brogan said all his teammates wrote letters to him, and that’s lifted his spirits tremendously, too. The hope is that Pancoast will be able to return to school after the 90-day in-house rehabilitation stay at Craig.

“That was one of the first questions he asked, was when do I get to go back to school,” Brogan said. “The school has had very good support for all the kids who have been impacted by this. It’s affected everyone, and they’ve really been helpful.”

For coach Jones, a 46-20 loss at the hands of Rocky Mountain Lutheran was quite disappointing, considering the Panthers may have been in position to gain a playoff seed had they won. But Jones also downplayed the outcome of the game and more so acknowledged how important it was to support Pancoast in the near future.

“We’re real emotional right now. We’re always thinking about him, and keeping him in our spirits. He’s got a battle of a lifetime right now. We always talk about being a tight-knit family … We have to rally around him now.”