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NORTHGLENN — After recording her first varsity invitational victory at the Pat Amato Invitational two weeks ago at the Northwest Open Space Park, and then making a repeat run for gold at the same venue Thursday, one would think Monarch junior Holly Bent has an affinity for the course.

Naturally, that assumption would be wrong. It’s a love-hate relationship at best, though Bent concedes she can’t argue with the results whenever she hits this particular course.

Bent picked up her first varsity title two weeks ago at the Pat Amato Classic in Northglenn, and on Thursday she recaptured that magic — on an even bigger stage at the same venue.

The Monarch sophomore won her first regional title, leading the Coyotes to the team title at the Class 5A Region 3 meet. Boulder, led by Satchel Caldwell’s third-place finish, captured top team honors on the boys side.

In a successful run for the local teams, Monarch, Fairview and Boulder all will be sending their entire boys and girls teams to next week’s state finals. The Legacy girls squad, led by Emma Gee’s second-place finish, will join their Front Range League rivals at state.

“Actually, I don’t like (the course). I really don’t,” Bent said. “But I guess this course and I have something in common.”

Bent clocked in at 18 minutes, 20.4 seconds to outpace Gee by nearly 12 full seconds. Bent was just one of five Coyotes runners to finish in the top 11, followed by Karina Mann (fifth), Elissa Mann (seventh), Audrey Lookner (ninth), and Liz Hogan (11th).

Boulder freshman Claudia Burgess placed third and Fairview, which finished second in the team standings, turned in a consistent effort that saw all eight Knights runners finish between 14th and 29th.

“Two races ago I started to do really well and I’ve just kind of kept with it,” Burgess said. “Today, a little before the second mile I started to break away. About a quarter-mile from the end I started to feel bad and I tried to catch (Gee). I didn’t, but that’s OK.”

In the boys race, though Caldwell was outpaced by Monarch’s Isaac Green for the No. 2 spot behind runaway winner Marcelo Laquera of Pomona, it was the Panthers who captured the top team prize behind additional top-12 finishes from Tristan Santos (seventh) and Sean Riedel (12th).

“We were around the two-mile mark when we hit our surge,” Caldwell said. “I was hoping to PR, which did not happen. But I’m glad I was able to hang with Isaac, because he’s a very good runner. For me, mentally (at state) I have to stay relaxed and try not to feel the pressure.”

Green finished less than a second ahead of his rival from Boulder, yet he remained 21.1 seconds behind the pace set by Laquera. Green was prepared for such a scenario, having watched Laquera abolish the field similarly at the Pat Amato Invitational two weeks ago, but the personal runner-up finish, combined with the fact the Coyotes secured a spot for their entire squad at state, dulled any notion of disappointment.

“The last race we did, the exact same thing happened, almost down to the same foot where (Laquera) went off,” Green said. “Today, I wanted to win of course, but it was more about getting the team to state, because that’s the race that really matters.

“Our team last year, we had the most ridiculous time with injuries. At state, it’s about running has hard as you can through that seventh man.”

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Class 5A Region 3

At Northwest Open Space Park


Team scores (top five advance to state) — Boulder 53, Monarch 68, Fairview 75, ThunderRidge 82, Pomona 126, Ralston Valley 178, Lakewood 182, Rangeview 249, Legacy 254, Greeley West 287, Hinkley 289, George Washington 344.

Individual state qualifiers — 1. Marcelo Laquera, Pomona, 15:47; 2. Isaac Green, Monarch, 16:08.90; 3. Satchel Caldwell, Boulder, 16:09.70; 4. Gavin Mason, Pomona, 16:22.60; 5. Paul Moore, ThunderRidge, 16:26; 6. Chandler Jenson, ThunderRidge, 16:27.60; 7. Tristan Santos, Boulder, 16:29.40; 8. Adam Lund, Fairview, 16:30.60; 9. Preston Cates, Fairview, 16:33.30; 10. Ben Hogan, Monarch, 16:39.30; 11. Noah Riley, Lakewood, 16:41.80; 12. Sean Riedel, Boulder, 16:43.50; 13. Fred Austin, Monarch, 16:45.10; 14. Emil Graf, Fairview, 16:46.70; 15. David Rieder, Boulder, 16:48.50.

Other Boulder results — 16. Zach Westman, 16:50.60; 18. Evan Westman, 17:04.20; 19. Luke Zacharias, 17:05.60; 23. Sam Primozich, 17:20.30; 30. Eli Fournier, 17:38.70.

Other Monarch results — 20. Charlie Perry, 17:08.80; 24. Greg Hibl, 17:20.80; 38. Declan Stone-Murphy, 17:52.10; 39. Zach Litoff, 17:57.30; 40. Will Dixon, 17:58.00; 43. Max Liles, 18:04.60.

Other Fairview results — 17. Jacob Naber, 17:00.70; 28. Omar Ridinger, 17:34.70; 35. Greg Lund, 17:45.90; 52. Zach Morrisey, 18:21.60; 60. Skylar Sherman, 18:46.40.

Legacy results — 37. Nick Gonzales, 17:51; 46. Mark McNabb, 18:15.20; 62. Alex Dupper, 18:50.20; 65. Dylan Haines, 19:08.90; 69. AJ Von Colln, 19:16.70; 70. Alex Montoya, 19:17.40; 73. Jon Toomey, 19:21.40; 77. Colten Bonnet, 19:27.70; 78. Chris Romero, 19:30.30.


Team scores (top five advance to state) — Monarch 33, Fairview 85, Boulder 99, Ralston Valley 117, Legacy 129, ThunderRidge 130, Greeley West 188, Lakewood 192, Pomona 246, Hinkley 309, George Washington 319, Rangeview 321.

Individual state qualifiers — 1. Holly Bent, Monarch, 18:20; 2. Emma Gee, Legacy, 18:32.10; 3. Claudia Burgess, Boulder, 18:32.50; 4. Cami Kennedy, Pomona, 18:56.50; 5. Karina Mann, Monarch, 19:12.20; 6. Olivia Hayden, Lakewood, 19:22.70; 7. Elissa Mann, Monarch, 19:27.00; 8. Katie Bearup, Ralston Valley, 19:27.40; 9. Audrey Lookner, Monarch, 19:27.70; 10. Lauren Neugeboren, Boulder, 19:32.20; 11. Liz Hogan, Moanrch, 19:34.20; 12. Emily Waters, ThunderRidge, 19:37.00; 13. Abby Cohen, Legacy, 19:37.80; 14. Josie Russell, Fairview, 19:42.50; 15. Katia Beggan, Fairview, 19:43.00.

Other Monarch results — 31. Abby Hein, 20:29.00; 32. Daisy Fuchs, 20:34.10; 43. Alden Gruidel, 21:04.10; 51. Kate Brunette, 21:29.10.

Other Fairview results — 16. Kelly Gilbert, 19:46.40; 19. Sarah King, 19:53.40; 21. Tatjana Kunz, 20:01.10; 24. Haley Leader, 20:11.00; 28. Sadie Cotton, 20:24.10; 29. Hannah Freeman, 20:25.60.

Other Boulder results — 25. Ali O’Donnell, 20:14.50; 26. Lauren Jortberg, 20:15.60; 36. Amanda Worthy, 20:48.50; 44. Alysa Rogers, 21:15.40; 48. Kristin Thomas, 21:19.30; 61. Lily Valentine, 21:56.90; 71. Avivah Malin, 22:30.00.

Other Fairview results — 16. Kelly Gilbert, 19:46.40; 19. Sarah King, 19:53.40; 21. Tatjana Kunz, 20:01.10; 24. Haley Leader, 20:11.00; 28. Sadie Cotton, 20:24.10; 29. Hannah Freeman, 20:25.60.

Other Legacy results — 22. Cheney Singer, 20:01.40; 46. Emma Connely, 21:18.50; 50. Rachel Gonzales, 21:21.90; 63. Brittney Kocman, 22:07; 64. Mayzie Moore, 22:11.60; 65. Haley Gottschalk, 22:13.30; 76. Autumn Domsch, 22:44.20.