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Rooney: Slight changes coming to Athlete of the Week features

There will be some changes regarding the publication date of our Athletes of the Week features beginning this week.

Up until now, our Athletes of the Week section for the Longmont Times-Call and Boulder Daily Camera have been posted on Wednesday night, with the items appearing in the Thursday morning newspapers. Beginning this week, those items will now be posted Monday night and appear in the Tuesday papers. There are several reasons for this change:

• In today’s increasingly busy 24-hour news cycle, publishing Athletes of the Week on Thursday for achievements that occurred the previous week is beginning to feel a little like “old news.” By moving these items earlier in the week, the information does not become convoluted by additional results and statistics, as was sometimes the case with a Thursday print publication.

• As our readers have noted for years, our Thursday prep sections have always included the Athletes of the Week alongside a feature, prep notes, and a message board in addition to whatever live coverage we may have that day. Unfortunately with our space in the print editions getting ever smaller, it has become increasingly difficult to get all of this information out in the Thursday papers. Moving the Athletes of the Week to the Tuesday papers will give us a little more flexibility with our Thursday prep sections.

• Given there typically are fewer live events for us to cover on Monday evenings, the Athletes of the Week can be featured a little more prominently without competing with our weekly feature stories or live events.

As always, we appreciate feedback on this issue, and coaches can still submit nominations the same manner they always have. They will just have to do it a little more quickly after the weekend.

This is a new move and hopefully there will be few glitches as we make the transition. We only hope to continue profiling the best of the best each week as the school year continues.

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