Photo courtesy of Alan Scheuermann
Recent Fairview graduate Alan Scheuermann poses with his mom, Vickie Stubbs, and Bruce Wilson after completing Sunday’s Ironman Boulder.

Alan Scheuermann is well known on the pages of the Daily Camera and as the most recent starting goalkeeper for Fairview High’s stellar boys soccer team.

The kid is quite fun to watch on the pitch, and he’ll be taking his talents to Concordia (Minnesota) this fall.

On Saturday, while doing research for the Ironman Boulder, I saw his name on the bib sheets as a competitor. It stuck out because A) I had covered the Knights soccer team a few times, B) because his name is always hard to spell, and C) because there weren’t but a handful of athletes in the 18-24 age bracket.

Turns out, he’s more than just a soccer guy. He and his mother Vickie have been participating in triathlons for quite some time now.

“That was my first Ironman, but I’ve been doing other smaller triathlons for three of four years probably,” he said on the phone Tuesday morning. “Most of the races I’ve done, she has has also done. It’s something kind of unique that we get to do together.”

Of all the athletes out there on Sunday, I found myself constantly keeping track of Scheuermann, hoping he would finish. You have to be 18 to compete in the Ironman, so the already graduated Scheuermann isn’t going to be able to walk the halls of FHS with the medal around his neck or anything. The more and more I watched athletes cross the finish line, though, the more it appeared to be an extraordinary accomplishment.

His swim in Boulder Reservoir went 1 hour, 18 minutes and 59 seconds; the 112-mile bike ride he finished in 6 hours; and the 26.2-mile run he did in 5:11.44. All told, he finished in 12 hours and 50 minutes.

That’s almost 10 full soccer games of pushing his body to the limit.

Even though some of the middle miles of the marathon went slow, Scheuermann was confident he’d finish. He got some help along the way at an aid station, and he finished the final three miles at about the same pace as the first seven.

“About mile 23 I ran into someone who has helped me with my nutrition, so he got me some extra salt and good nutrition at the last station,” Scheuermann said after placing 13th in his age group and 625th out of the 2,304 who actually started the race. “I was able to use that, but also I knew I just had to go up (Boulder Creek). I’ve done that run plenty of times in training, and knew comparatively to the other 12 hours that I was close. I just had to get done, and after that I could fall down.”

Scheuermann is not exactly sure when his next Ironman will be, but he said it’s something he’d likely pursue in the future.

“Nothing really unexpected, but the biggest thing was just how long it really was,” he said. “I knew it was going to hurt and be awful toward the end.

“It was kind of an experimental thing … it might be a lot harder to train starting college soccer, but I think it’s definitely something for later in life.”

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